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[Kamikaze] Hold the School Board Accountable

I'm a proud product of Jackson Public Schools. I attended Boyd Elementary and Chastain Middle schools up until the 9th grade. I then went to St. Joseph Catholic School because ...


[Kamikaze] Rich in Life

My oldest daughter graduated from high school this past Friday. It was a proud moment indeed, as she also finished as her class valedictorian. This fall, she'll be attending Jackson ...


[Kamikaze] Keep Us Informed

Transparency, good communication, access to information, assurances, being proactive—these are a few traits I'm sure citizens expect out of those who hold leadership positions. Whether elected or appointed, a certain ...


[Kamikaze] Enemies of Progress

When the check writers determine who the law writers are, the system never changes. When bureaucrats are allowed to govern with impunity, the system never changes. In or out of ...


[Kamikaze] Still Racial

So, you're tired of hearing folks talk about race, right? Tired of reading about it? Sick of seeing all the articles and all the pieces on CNN? You could do ...


[Kamikaze] Your Child or Mine

It's frustrating to think that what happened to Trayvon Martin will probably happen again somewhere. It's even more unsettling to think that Jackson is primed for similar incidents to occur ...


[Kamikaze] Healing Starts at Home

So, #STOPKONY is a new trending topic in social media. If you're not familiar, the "Stop Kony" movement refers to Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. Kony lived in relative anonymity before ...


[Kamikaze] Behind the Curtain

It appears the culture wars of 2008 have returned for a sequel in 2012. You can attribute some of it to the Republican presidential candidates. Sure, gas prices are rising, ...


[Kamikaze] Politics, as Usual

We are a nation of extremes. And as we've been inundated with debate after debate in this Republican primary season, it has been even more prevalent. I watched as Republicans ...

[Kamikaze] Embracing Who I Am

I'm a fan of MSNBC's "Morning Joe." At the end of every show, in a segment called "What have we learned today," each of the hosts tells one thing new ...


[Kamikaze] Parental Sanity

Our children are our greatest commodities. It is our responsibility as parents, as teachers and adults to protect and nurture them so they can grow to be productive citizens.

[Kamikaze] The War Outside

"There's a war going on outside no man is safe from." —Prodigy of Mobb Deep


[Kamikaze] Just the Messenger

Mississippi, and Jackson particularly, suffers from "shoot the messenger" syndrome. You know: If you don't like the message, just attack the person(s) delivering it. If the message could possibly upset ...


[Kamikaze] Let's Talk, Dems

Hey, Mississippi Democratic Party: Can we talk? We've heard some pretty strong accusations that you aren't as powerful as you used to be. In fact, a few folks are whispering ...

[Kamikaze] Good Food for Good Work

There's not much going on in Jackson that I don't know about. I try to stay up to speed on all of the good things that the city has to ...


[Kamikaze] Address Causes, not Symptoms

When is enough going to be enough? When will be fed up? No, better yet, when will we get mad? It's these times that challenge the passion in positive Jacksonians.


[Kamikaze] The Green Light

I remember making my transition from doing music full time to more community-oriented exploits. I like to categorize it as maturation. It was about seven or eight years ago, and ...


[Kamikaze] Stop Waiting; Start Working

In past columns I've spoken about what has been coined the "savior complex," the tendency of a group, party or race to expect one individual to be the answer to ...


[Kamikaze] I'm Angry

I try not to write when I'm angry. They say some of the best writing comes out of emotion. But some of the most regrettable pieces have come when penned ...


[Kamikaze] What We've Learned

It's frustrating. Those of us who preach progression, who practice tolerance, see it daily. Despite the Herculean efforts of most of us, we still have some among us who are ...


[Kamikaze] Professional Politicians

I cringed when I heard the president utter the words. As his quote was continuously bandied about the Internet, I became even more disappointed. Barack Obama had become the very ...

Domestic Violence

[Kamikaze] Here's to You

My youngest daughter is now 15 months old. Though it's been fun to share all her adorable moments with you guys via Facebook, my thoughts often turn to more serious ...


[Kamikaze] The Propaganda Machine

Let me explain the difference between Eric Bolling and Jon Stewart. One guy is on a fake news show on Comedy Central. The other is on a real news network ...


[Kamikaze] Yet Another Distraction

So, another politician has gotten caught with his finger on the "send" button, or in this case, the "tweet" button. We all know how this movie plays out. Politician has ...


[Kamikaze] Trash Talking

Let's put some accurate information onto the turnpike, shall we? Crime in Jackson is down. Dropping. Heading south. It's a slow decline, yes, but a decline, nonetheless. For those of ...

[Kamikaze] Freedom and Responsibility

Ah, the First Amendment: freedom of speech—that little inalienable right that we all have and that we all have invoked. Clearly some of us don't really understand what it means. ...


[Kamikaze] Eliminate Vulnerability

Sports fans, the NFL Draft is upon us. If you're like me, you anxiously wait to see which college players will become millionaires on the next level. Of course, I'm ...


[Kamikaze] Political Drama

The federal government was able to avert shutdown. Whether or not you actually believed it would happen, it stands to reason that all of us should take pause at how ...

[Kamikaze] Jackson, Waking Up

Some of you may be familiar with the tale "The Emperor's New Clothes." It's a short story written in the 1800s by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen that gives ...


[Kamikaze] Do the Right Thing

Let's be honest. I'm sure all parents agree that kids need discipline. Kids need to learn respect; kids need to learn tolerance. But what happens when a kid feels like ...


[Kamikaze] Spring Cleaning Jackson

Babies change you. They change the way you think, the way you act, even your outlook on life. It's funny how something so small can loom so large when you're ...


[Kamikaze] A Jackson Reality Check

It's time for some hard truth. Some Jackson detractors may have taken my ProJack stance as blind love for our fair city. Some have accused me of selling hype over ...


[Kamikaze] Jackson Schools in Crisis

I am a proud product of Jackson Public Schools. I spent nine years in that system. My mother was a long-time educator in JPS. My brother currently teaches in JPS. ...


[Kamikaze] Taking a Stand

I've always said if change were going to come in Jackson, it wouldn't come easy. I've known for years that some folks would have be dragged kicking and screaming into ...

[Kamikaze] A Fresh Start

2010 could be described as "the best of times and the worst of times" for the Franklin family and me. We always have high hopes and expectations, but sometimes life ...

[Kamikaze] Same Place, Different Memories

As the years pass, I find it hard to accurately remember each and every detail of my life. It's easy for stories to be skewed, embellished or just plain forgotten. ...


[Kamikaze] It's About People

Let's be honest. This town needs an enema. There are some leadership voids that indicate it's time for our city to turn a page—or three.


[Kamikaze] Race, Again

My late mother always encouraged me to face problems head on. To this day, I've never let issues fester. Problem? You're going to know about it immediately, and I'm going ...

[Kamikaze] Take the ‘I' Out of Team

I'm not a Democrat or Republican. Nor am I liberal or conservative. I shun the two-party mindset, believing that there's no either/or scenario when it comes to politics. I'm more ...

[Kamikaze] Re-Shaking Things Up

Even I get discouraged. As much as I champion Jackson, there are times that its outdated vestiges rear their ugly heads. There are times when the corporate status quo takes ...

[Kamikaze] Getting Control of Our Kids

I watched a piece on "The Today Show" a few days back that really bothered me. As the days have passed, it has still stuck with me.

[Kamikaze] Madison: Beware the Karma

So, what do we do? Do we just lie down and concede defeat? Do we turn a deaf ear to the detractors? Or do we say nothing and become what ...

[Kamikaze] Do It for Bralynn

Bralynn Jamila Franklin turned 6 months old this past week. And as her mother and I prepare to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, I've found my thoughts have turned more ...


[Kamikaze] Old Wounds

It's five years post Hurricane Katrina, and I'm still angry. Old images of the disaster dominated my TV screen and the Internet this past weekend: old images of Mother Nature ...

[Kamikaze] We Are Jackson

It appears my latest JFP blog post stirred up some emotions. It's no secret that crime and the perception of crime are push-button issues for many of us.

[Kamikaze] Regular Folks and Common Sense

Recently, President Barack Obama appeared on an episode of ABC's "The View." I don't consider myself a fan of the show. Although it doesn't necessarily speak to my demographic, no ...

[Kamikaze] The Key Ingredient to Growth

Every growing city has major problems. Jackson is no different. It is a blossoming metropolis, but is not without its issues: crumbling infrastructure; old water pipes; bad roads; understaffed police ...

[Kamikaze] The New Mississippi Musicians

I often brag to out-of-state friends and colleagues that all the genres of music were either birthed or perfected on Mississippi soil. From Jimmie Rodgers to Faith Hill, B.B. King ...

[Kamikaze] Superman Married to Superwoman

Frequent readers of my column know I often write about my mother. She was a great woman—indeed, one of the finest to walk the Earth. Her passing has left a ...

[Kamikaze] Relearning Riding the Bike

I haven't been on a bike in years. Not because the desire isn't there. Well, kind of. I haven't been bike shopping longer than I have actually ridden one; I'll ...


[Kamikaze] Transfer the Power

This city is on the brink of greatness, with more than a billion dollars worth of new development downtown. Young professionals, black and white, are choosing to live, work, and ...


[Kamikaze] New Breed of Renaissance Man

If you're an avid fan of the NFL, then you were probably glued to your TV this past weekend as the 2010 draft unveiled America's newest millionaires. The draft always ...


[Kamikaze] Open the Dialogue

My father and I are the only non-educators in my immediate family. My mother and my siblings were once or are all teachers. And since my father sees every conversation ...

[Kamikaze] Wrangle the Crazies

OK, I get it. There are varying opinions on the new health-care bill. You have some who are staunchly in favor of the resolution. Others are none too fond of ...

[Kamikaze] A Work in Progress

You'll have to excuse me. I'm writing this column in somewhat of a sleepy haze. You see, sleep has devilishly escaped me for the past few days. I wish it ...

[Kamikaze] Take It Back

Being a born and bred Jacksonian, I can say I've lived on every "side" of this city. I've seen the good and the bad up close, met some treasures, and ...


[Kamikaze] Give a Damn

Remember Haiti. In whatever you do this week, respect the fragile nature of life. Remember Katrina. This week embrace the positive things around you. Recognize the blessings you've been given.

[Kamikaze] Crap In a Pretty Box

They are all exactly the same.

[Kamikaze] Milestones

The year 2009 marked a few interesting milestones in my personal and professional life, including significant highs and some unceremonious lows. These developments are steps on my path of maturation ...


[Kamikaze] Spread the Projack Love

I'm what you call a ProJack. I steadfastly support anything in Jackson—community, music and business. If you operate or reside firmly within this city's borders, I pray for your success.

[Kamikaze] Show. Me. Some. Passion.

I call myself a moderate for a reason. I find myself shying away from the lunacy that lurks on the outer fringes of both parties.

Health Care

[Kamikaze] To Our Health

I have to shamefully admit that it's been over a decade since my last trip to a doctor's office. That's any doctor's office, anywhere, for any kind of checkup.

[Kamikaze] The ‘Balloon Boy' Story

Sometimes I think we live in a bizarro world—a place where logic and reason don't always win out. Up is down. Left is right. Its like we're in an alternate ...


[Kamikaze] Thinking Big

Momentum can be described as the impetus of a non-physical process, a process that could be either an idea or a course of events. Any time you have momentum, there ...

[Kamikaze] Don't Be A Jerk

We have become a society that applauds bad behavior. We have become a nation that shuns decorum and champions those who break rank with tact. We have become a country ...

[Kamikaze] Blindsided by the Sun

You'd think some newspaper editors would at least have taken the time to do a little more research.


[Kamikaze] ‘Their America'

When faced with overwhelming adversity, you often discover what some people are made of. When under great duress from fear of the unknown, you can also find out what people ...

[Kamikaze] Let Vick Play

After a maturation that included a confession, sentencing and then jail time, it seems that Michael Vick will once again be allowed to ply his trade on the gridiron.

[Kamikaze] Black America's Real Heroes

Throughout history, the African American community has had its share of stellar athletes—men who have transcended sport and race.


[Kamikaze] Jackson's Savior Complex

Everyone seems to be an expert on crime these days. Sit around any barbershop or bar, and you'll hear all the "pundits" explain how they would handle crime.


[Kamikaze] Time for the Pink Slip

Many of you work a regular 9-to-5 job. Even those who work part-time, odd hours or odd days understand the premise of hustling for a paycheck.

[Kamikaze] Heal and Move On

I'm glad the Democratic primary is finally over, but the wounds this election has inflicted are deep.

[Kamikaze] Brothers Behind the Badge

I began my life in the shadows of Christian Brotherhood Apartments, where I developed a latent fear for law enforcement. Back then, the sound of police sirens was constant, and ...

[Kamikaze] My Mother, My Hero

My mother passed last week. The feeling is still surreal for me. It's the first time I've lost someone close to me, someone in my immediate family.


[Kamikaze] The Dark Side of Elections

Election years are always bittersweet for me, especially in Jackson. This city is abuzz with frenetic energy—some good, some bad.

[Kamikaze] Seizing Jackson's Moment

My daily affirmation is, as taken from the movie "Talladega Nights": "Here's the deal. I'm the best! I wake up in the morning, and I piss excellence. Nobody can hang ...

[Kamikaze] Shut Up and Listen

I went to "The Vagina Monologues" last weekend, and it turns out that it wasn't that bad after all. After I was "told" I would be going, I prepared myself ...

[Kamikaze] Battling the Holidays

Living in the greatest country in the world has its obvious advantages, but sometimes it's difficult living with the utter intolerance of some of its citizens. This is most evident ...

[Kamikaze] Stop Bragging, America

America is arrogant. But before you right-wingnuts paint me with the "anti-American'' brush, observe a more practical scenario: Close your eyes and imagine your workplace. Now picture one of your ...

[Kamikaze] Prom Night

Yep, race in your face. Again. In this new round of race discussions, I've found the antibody to be none other than our young people.


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