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Legislature Status: Bills We're Watching

Mississippi lawmakers had until Feb. 3 to push bills through their assigned committees.

Here are some that have passed and could be discussed on the floor:

House Bill 130: Creates exemptions from vaccinations for conscientious beliefs.

Senate Bill 2161: Creates new academic standards to replace Common Core.

Senate Bill 2695 and House Bill 394: Creates scholarship program for students with special needs.

Senate Bill 2519: Repeals Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Law.

Here are some of the bills that failed to meet yesterday's committee deadline:

House Bill 449: Penalizes educators for engaging in political activity while on school grounds or during work hours.

House Bill 1261: Equates pit bulls to "dangerous dogs," makes failing to restrain dangerous dogs a criminal act.

House Bill 534: Revises state hate crime law to increase penalties for crimes committed against people based on sexual orientation.

House Bill 750 and Senate Bill 2474: Anti-bullying bills.

House Bill 1279: Requires police officers to wear body cameras while on duty.

House Bill 814: Creates a separate line item in the state budget for special education funding.

House Bill 649: Creates legal advocacy counsel for parents of students with special needs.

Senate Bill 2767: Prohibits abortions based on race or gender.

Senate Bill 2138: Increases waiting period for women seeking abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours.

House Bill 714: Creates rebuttable presumption that placing child in custody of a homosexual parent is not in the child's best interest.

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