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My Daily Karaoke

Matt Collette is karaoke king.

Matt Collette is karaoke king. Photo by Trip Burns

When it comes to karaoke, DJ Matt Collette knows best. Here's his advice on what to do and not to do to keep the DJ and audience happy.

DO be adventurous with your song choices.

DO have a good time.

DO show support for all performers.

DO learn microphone control. If you're going to scream or belt a certain part of the song, pull the mic away from your face a bit.

DON'T drop the mic.

DON'T scream into the mic.

DON'T hit the mic. They are expensive.

DON'T spin the mic by the wire. It can short out or become unattached.

DON'T tear up or write in the song books.

DON'T use the song books as drink coasters.

DON'T go on stage unless you are called up.

DON'T start talking into the mic while the karaoke DJ is making an announcement.

DON'T use the mic stand as a prop.

DON'T turn on a song and then leave without letting the karaoke DJ know.

If you itch to karaoke every night, here's where to go:


Fenian's Pub

Burgers & Blues

University Place Sports Bar & Grill


Martin's Lounge

McB's Restaurant


Ole Tavern

Last Call Sports Bar

Club Magoo's

Philip's on the Rez

Shucker's Oyster Bar


Club Magoo's

Hot Shots

Metropolitan Bar Sports Grill

McB's Restaurant

Last Call Sports Bar

Friday and Saturday

Club Magoo's

Debo's Lounge

Hot Shots

For addresses, phone numbers and karaoke times, visit

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