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Jxn’s Drinking Laws

Drink local, drink legal.

Drink local, drink legal. Photo by Melanie Boyd.

The occasional drink is always appreciated. However, the driving under-the-influence and alcohol-vending laws in Mississippi are strict and not to be taken lightly.

• The legal age for drinking and purchasing alcohol is 21.

• Those between ages 18 and 21 can consume beer on private property and in the presence of a parent or guardian at their consent.

• Vendors can sell liquor from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

• While driving, one's blood alcohol content must be under .02 percent if younger than 21 and under .08 percent if older than 21.

• For a first DUI offense, penalties can include up to 48 hours of jail time, a $250-$1,000 fine, a 90-day license suspension, completing an alcohol safety education program and attending a victim impact panel.

• Second-time DUI-offender penalties can include jail time ranging from 5 days to a year, a fine of $600-$1,500, a two-year license suspension, impoundment of registered vehicles or 10 days to a year of community service. A third DUI offense is treated as a felony.

• Mississippi has a zero-tolerance policy for minors driving drunk and convicts them as adults.

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