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Mosaic Masterpieces

My wife, ShaWanda, and I spent an afternoon being creative at the Mosaic Shop in Jackson for our Valentine’s date.

My wife, ShaWanda, and I spent an afternoon being creative at the Mosaic Shop in Jackson for our Valentine’s date. Photo by Courtesy Mike Jacome

One way to decide if an activity is worth your time is if it challenges you in unexpected ways and leaves you wanting more. When my mom flew 2,000 miles to visit me and my family this spring, I knew I had to find something that met these expectations. Using all of my vast intellect, I brainstormed ways for us to have fun and give her a taste of what Mississippi has to offer.

Obviously, my male brain came up with paintball. Wisely, my wife suggested a calmer activity. The Mosaic Shop (1625 E. County Line Road, Suite 201, 601-397-6579) gave us all the chance to create something special.

The process begins with choosing a wood pattern: Options include dragons, pirates, butterflies, initials, the Mississippi State bulldog or Ole Miss' Colonel Reb. From there, you walk the shop, searching through tubs and bins to select various types of glass, beads, buttons and other what-nots to use to craft your personalized masterpiece. Some artists (and you will be an artist by the time you finish) decide to go the route of choosing pieces of glass in various shades of yellow and orange to create a lion. Others might use various shades of blue, green and purple to create an ocean view—there really is no limit to what you can create.

Along the way, artist and owner Wanda Hendrix is available to guide and assist you as little or as much as you'd like. Hendrix moved to Mississippi from Texas with her husband when their daughter, Julie, and her grandkids relocated here after selling their shop in Waxahachie.

The shop itself is very impressive, and I was inspired the moment I walked through the door. Being in presence of so many mosaics (including three-dimensional ones) can have the unintended effect of stirring up inspiration for your next project. The Mosaic Shop, open since 2006, is perfect for groups or individuals looking for something different—even if it isn't paintball.

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