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Getting Paid or Really Hurt


The National Football League might have found its way to win the concussion lawsuit that more than 4,000 former players have brought against the league. Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL might want to send a thank-you card to former West Virginia University and Miami Dolphins quarterback Pat White.

White, who was suing the NFL over concussions, dropped his name from the lawsuit last week after getting back into the league with the Washington Redskins.

Washington Times sports writer Nathan Fenno blogged that White claimed he "continues to suffer from permanent injuries including severe headaches, speech issues, memory loss and diminished self-esteem."

Many people felt some of the players suing the NFL were actually attempting litigation in a money-grab endeavor. Now with White returning to football and dropping his lawsuit, expect the NFL to pound that thought into the jury members' minds.

Two other players have re-signed with NFL teams as well since suing the league. The Seattle Seahawks signed Patrick Chukwurah before the playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons, and Brett Romberg signed with the Falcons.

Chukwurah has not dropped his lawsuit against the league, but I found no clear information one way or the other about Romberg. In fact, many more players may have returned to the league after jumping into the concussion lawsuits after their playing career ended for a short time.

If, as White claimed, you suffered from the types of physical, emotional and mental aliments described, would you go back to playing football? Why would Chukwurah or Romberg return as well if they felt that their health had been damaged by playing?

It doesn't matter if the three players drop out of the lawsuit against the NFL or stay in the fight--it still gives the NFL a big bullet to fire in the court room.

It gives the idea that concussion lawsuits were just a money grab even more backing. Players who are truly suffering from the effects of playing football and getting concussions just got stabbed in the back by White and other players going back to the NFL.

What happens if White gets cut by the Redskins before, during or after the 2013-14 season? Will he jump back into the concussion lawsuits?

How laughable would that be? How clear White's motives would become if he rejoined 
the lawsuit.

I'm not saying guys aren't suffering effects from concussion. White's moves just make me wonder how many guys are truly damaged from football and how many guys just want to get paid.

I know which idea the NFL lawyers are going point out. ...

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