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Cry Me a River, NFLPA

Is it just me, or does NFL news never stop anymore? When someone says it is NFL offseason, I have to ask, "What offseason?"

Since the season ended, we've seen the draft, player and coach suspensions, and lawsuits for defamation of character and collusion. Heck, it's still May, and sportswriters are tweeting about Tim Tebow throwing two interceptions in New York Jets OTAs, aka organized team activities.

Folks, it is May and we are blowing up the Internet over OTA news. Sure, Hakeem Nicks broke his foot, but the season is four months away. He will be good to go by September.

Still, there is something to discuss about the NFL. Last week, the NFL mandated that players must wear knee and thigh pads in 2013. They should mandate that players use mouthpieces as well.

You would think everyone would be happy to have more safety equipment required by the league, but no. The NFL Players Association is already balking and complaining about having to wear more pads.

This comes after the association has fought the NFL about the New Orleans Saints' bounty gate the entire way. The NFLPA is still fighting the league on human growth hormone testing.

I understand the players don't want an 18-game season, but if the player's association is worried about their health, why have they fought the NFL over safety issues? The players scream that concussions are bad, but complain about wearing more protection, testing for performing-enhancing drugs, and please, don't punish us for putting bounties on each other.

Lawsuits are mounting over concussions, but how sorry can you feel for former players if the mindset is to balk at rule changes and punishment aimed at making football safer? How many of former players current problems were caused by not wearing proper padding, using PEDs and putting bounties on other players?

I am not against the NFLPA. Professional football players should have a voice to fight the league over big issues. But when they fight against every issue, the association looks like a spoiled child upset because it's not getting its way.

Fight the NFL over suspensions—as a union, that's in the job description. Stop fighting about drug testing and wearing more protective padding. If your union fights against safety improvements, players, don't sue the league after your careers are over, and you're a mess.

NFL players are grown men, not spoiled children. I wish they would act like it.

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