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Vol. 9, No. 44

<b>The Rose of South Jackson</b>

Why me? Why did I have to bear the brunt of racial hatred? ("Mixed in Mississippi," by Rose Pendleton, June 29-July 5, 2011). The simple answer is that you were selected out of millions of little wiggly things to fertilize an egg. But more importantly, after that fact you were unprepared to confront the realities of living in the southern U.S., where mythologies die hard, if at all.

One of those myths is race. We humans are the only creatures to have a brain accommodating vivid imaginations, and since different groups of us look differently and have developed different cultures, some have come to believe they are separate and better than others. And there are aliens about, and gods living on Mount Olympus.

When a young girl is confronted with rejection by some of her peers and others, she tends to begin to face the possibility that she might actually be inferior, and become angry at those responsible for her characteristics as well as those who treat her with disdain. It is so hard to develop an attitude of superiority to those people and ignore their stupidity.

You might want to keep in mind that all of we humans originally came from the same place: East Africa, though some tribes migrated through the levant to Europe and Asia over 50,000 years ago, and their "skin tone" and other characteristics began to change from dark brown to different shades based on their new environments and isolation from one another. Those coming from Africa only within the past few hundred years to northern latitudes still retain their darker pigments. So "race" is an unscientific myth held by many of all "skin tones." Being "mixed" only has significance in the mind of the beholder.

You went through a long period of being hurt by others, which is unfortunate and due to your youth and vulnerability. It appears that the conclusion of your writing you seem to have adjusted to some extent and found friends who are real people. it's all about character. You are the only Rose you will ever be, so be a proud Rose and productive in your life, foregoing the weak, the mean and the dumb. You have good genes.

Pat Gregory, Jackson

About the Chick Ball (from our Facebook page)
Abbott Jewelry JFP, we were honored to be included in your Chick Ball again this year. Crew, we are blessed to have you and all your hard work to take care of families that can't take care of themselves. You are God Sent! Really, don't kid yourself or think you are not making a difference. Even one family is saved is one that would not have been saved if not for you! Period! Just the facts.

Pam Johnson It was just amazing! I can't say enough about what an uplifting and joyous event that was last night.

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