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Meals Under $10


Universal Fact: The recession sucks, and not everything is affordable these days. Everyone is budgeting and watching out for frivolous spending. However, don't let eating out be a killjoy. Luckily, here are some places that can give you a full belly, a happy feeling in your wallet, and a smile on your face.

Cool Al's (4654 McWillie Drive, 601-713-3020): Not having a meal over $10 makes the choices endless. Well, 32 items and 12 side items is close to endless.

Las Margaritas (1625 E. County Line Road, 601-957-7672): Want a chimichanga or veggie chimichanga, tons of food and very affordable? This is your place.

Beagle Bagel Cafe (898 Avery Blvd. N., Ridgeland, 601-956-1773): With a wall full of bagels with loads of toppings, you will be leaving with a full stomach full and wallet.

China Belle (18855 Lakeland Drive, 601-368-9588): Sushi bar, buffet and dessert, all you can eat.

O.E.C Japanese Express (multiple locations): Vegetable to steak hibachi with a drink and side salad all for under $10.

Keifer's (120 N. Congress St., 601-353-4976; 705 Poplar Blvd., 601-355-6825): Pick up a falafel and a side of fries with fast and easy service.

Pizza Shack (1220 N. State St., 601-352-2001): Get any small pizza any way you want, for around $8.

Que Sera (2801 N. State St., 601-981-2520): Order the red beans and rice, and be shocked at the amount of beans and rice you get for $7.50.

Majestic Burger (4943 Old Canton Road, 601-899-8822): Three types of patties, six types of bread, eight types of cheeses and 16 toppings on a burger with sweet potato fries on the side. Yum.

Broad Street Bakery (4465 Interstate 55 N., Suite 101, 601-362-2900) Delicious breakfast items all under $10. If you are not a morning person, get the veggie quiche.

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