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Justice Dept. Narrows Focus Of Melton Trial


Mayor Frank Melton cuts up on a "raid" in 2006.

(PDFs imbedded below.)

Prosecutors filed three motions yesterday aimed at preventing irrelevant defense arguments in the upcoming federal trial of Jackson mayor Frank Melton. Melton and two bodyguards, Michael Recio and Marcus Wright, were indicted in July on civil rights charges stemming from their involvement in the Aug. 2006 partial demolition of a duplex on Ridgeway Street. Melton, Recio and Wright were acquitted on state charges related to the incident in April 2007.

In public statements before the state trial, Melton and his attorney both alleged that the Ridgeway street house had been a "drug house." Defense attorneys repeated the allegation of drug activity in their opening statements.

Justice Department attorneys argue, in one motion (PDF), that any evidence of alleged drug activity at the Ridgeway Street house is irrelevant to charges that Melton, Recio and Wright violated the owner's civil rights. Furthermore, they argued, allegations that the house was a "drug house" would predispose the jury to find justification in Melton's actions.

Prosecutors want to exclude evidence of the defendants' good behavior (PDF) and any reference to their acquittal in state court (PDF) for similar reasons, under federal rules of evidence.

Melton's trial begins Nov. 12. U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Jordan has not ruled on the prosecution's three motions.

Relevant motions:
Melton's juror questionnaire
Motion to exclude drug allegations
Motion to exclude good conduct
Motion to exclude state acquittal

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Good Behavior!!! Melton is trying to convince the jurors that he is a good person show make all of us sick. Melton is two faced and a liar he always try to get other to attack his foes while he hide behind the title mayor. Melton decided to use a person property to barge in and show how he fights drug problem, with no warrant, no drug found, and no proof that drug activity had been going on in the residence prior to his sledge hammer and Jack Daniels fit on the house. Melton knew that the person living their had special needs and had mental issues that he was dealing with and he ordered a person to point a gun in his face and remove the man. I seen this same type of justice before, back then they were called the KKK, now we have the MMM.

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