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[Sue Doh Nem] Livin' in the Last Days

Dr. Peanut: "Welcome to the premiere bootleg broadcast of 'Meet the Ghetto Science Team Press.' Tonight I want to talk 'brother to brother' with Big Roscoe, owner of the Clubb Chicken Wing Multi-Purpose Complex. He is also the newly published author of 'Global Warming, Nuclear Holocaust and Ghetto Underground.'

"Brother Roscoe, your book has a thought-provoking title and discusses an alarming issue. The inquiring minds of concerned ghetto-dwellers want to know. Talk to me, so we (the people) can see what's goin' on! What's happenin', brother?"

Big Roscoe: "Well, Dr. Peanut, my first book, 'Global Warming, Nuclear Holocaust and Ghetto Underground' reflects on how humanity has gone buck wild. Hundreds of years of industrial progress seems to have messed up our environment. One moment we are witnessing tsunamis, floods and hurricanes, and the next moment Atlanta is drought-ridden and California is burning. And folk around the world talk about blowing each other up.

About 30 years ago, when I was a Lil' Roscoe, my Big Grandma Roscoe said, 'We're livin' in the last days!' It looks like the world is headed for self-destruction. In the event of nuclear holocaust or environmental decay, my book also contains a plan to take the Clubb Chicken Wing Multi-Purpose Complex underground."

Dr. Peanut: "So when kingdoms and nations finish blowing each other up and destroying the environment, those who endure the destruction can chill with Big Roscoe and friends at Ghetto Underground."

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