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Inside the Abortion Clinic

JFP photographer Trip Burns was given full access to the Women's Health Organization Clinic.

This Week in Pictures: 11/21-11/27

The photos and artwork of Issue 11.

This Week in Pictures: 12/5 - 12/11

Photos and artwork from Vol. 11, No. 13.


Photos of the characters and places in R.L. Nave's story REBEL LAND: A Racial History …

Guys We Love

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Robert St. John: The Unlikely Chef

To say Robert St. John is modest about what led to his success is to put it lightly. The Hattiesburg, Miss., native insists he "sort of fell backward" into the …

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What Is ‘Common Core’ All About?

The Common Core, a set of math and English language arts standards that spells out what skills students are expected to master in kindergarten through 12th grade, will be rolled …

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Transparency in the City

Several new technology additions to the City of Jackson will hopefully open up the records of a municipality that has of late been plagued by what some city leaders called …

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Politicians for Sale? State’s Consumer Finance Association PAC Spends Big on State Officials

Payday and small business lenders are not always welcome business development on the municipal level, in no small part because of the cycles of poverty easy-to-obtain, high-interest loans can feed.

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‘Great State’ Campaign Finance

Rep. Karl Oliver, R-Winona, made waves last week when he told a Mississippi resident that he "could care less" about her concerns about budget cuts, suggesting she leave Mississippi, in …

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Mississippi Consumer Finance Association Lobbyist’s Client Reports

In 2015, the association spent more than $13,000 to send nine lawmakers and the state's banking commissioner to the convention.

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Needed: A More Open Mississippi

Legally, under federal and state law, taxpayers are entitled to full access to what governments employees are doing at pretty much all times, and with few and specific exceptions.

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The Doo Dah Day Planner: Your Guide to the 2016 Zippity Doo Dah Weekend

With the sheer number of events set for Fondren's Zippity Doo Dah Weekend, which takes place Friday, April 1, and Saturday, April 2, this year, it's tough to commit it …

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Amazing Teens 2016

A major part of our mission at the Jackson Free Press is to highlight the positives in the metro area. These 14 teens plus this week's Jacksonian are part of …

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Junior Jail: Surviving Mississippi’s Juvenile Justice System

Many juvenile "offenders" are routinely sent into a separate labyrinth from adult offenders in the justice system, one with its own complex problems, remedies and slowly changing standards.