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So Are We Talking About Banner and Congressional Hearings?


David, we love you, but you are wrong about this one. Even if you're music is a representation of society, it sure would be nice for a strong man from ...


The $176 Million Dollar Hymen

"WASHINGTON - Students who participated in sexual abstinence programs were just as likely to have sex a few years later as those who did not, according to a long-awaited study ...


Dignity-Rutgers Team on Oprah Today

Of course I have more to say, but in my busy chick world, for now I only have to say it's time. It's time to use that repressed energy to ...


[Chickdom] Exactly Where We Ought to Be

Life had become overwhelming. I truly believed the children had fed my cleverness to the cat, which explained why the cat puked on my Swiffer every day for a solid ...


Polishing Southern Tarnish

Well, I declare. Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays must have my double-first-name aunts on speed dial for their second offering...


Dads and Purity Balls-Respect My Authortay!

I've sat on this one too long. Feministing has blogged about the ickiness of the Purity Ball for a while now, and this one is quite the ickiest.


Singing Without Shame

Jill Conner Browne, The Sweet Potato Queen, and I are pulling thick wires out of glittered sweet potatoes on a farm in Clinton. Inside a barn, two Sweet Potato Queens, ...


Princess for President

Last week I spoke to fifth-grade girls about my career as a writer. Seems like just another day at the elementary school, except I'm a woman speaking to a gender-separated ...


Having It All; You're Doing It Wrong

I'm watching Oprah; the Princess is having a lemon tea and watching with me. Oprah asks her audience, "Can you have it all?" Can you have a career and a ...


Sweet Potato Queen's First Big Ass Novel Signing and Reading TODAY!

Jill signs at five, and she reads at 5:30.

Jill Conner Browne will kick off the Big Ass Bus Tour today with her first stop, of course, at Lemuria. This is the "Sweet Potato Queen's First Big-Ass Novel: Stuff ...


He Who Laughs Last Thinks Slowest

I've been saving up for this one. One, Vanity Fair owes us an apology OR a rebuttal. Two, Christopher Hitchens's picture looks like a mustached woman waiting for her bread ...


Cooking with Feminists

Fonda and Steinem explain the concept, and the need, for NON argument talk radio. Love them.

I only have time to say I LOVE it. Finally some women on Colbert. Now let's get more on The Daily Show.


Decking the Halls in a Blender; Share Your Traditions!

Mr. Steam Jeans and I are spending our first Christmas together with our "blended" family. The Monkey is nine; the Princess is ten, so we have about a decade of ...


It's Fruitcake Weather! RIP: Marie Rudisill

Click below and pay no attention to the dark-haired yankee. Bless his heart; Jay Leno did NOT understand the greatness that was Marie Rudisill. Notice he calls her the character ...


Do It For Your Country

There are certain holiday essentials. One such essential: eggnog. And you simply can't have eggnog without alcohol. Now, that's a holiday essential.


Letter from Jesus

Monkey and Koncha

Like I've said before, the holidays are not a good time for me and I'm prone to scrooginess since my family is not so close to me anymore. I can ...


Ripa Vs. Aiken

We are all made of stars.

Fine. I admit it. I watched Regis and Kelly and The View. I'm drawn to celebrity feud like Godiva and Elvis Merlot. It makes me laugh, it humbles me and ...


But What Would Jesus SAY?

Marines just say no to Jesus dolls in Toys for Tots Drive.


True to Our Authentic Selves-Women and Radio

Who knew that Gloria and Jane would create a media that my husband adores? Not those tauting the "feminazi" rhetoric for sure. He came home a few weeks ago raving ...

[Halloween Special] Smell My Feet

OK, rule one: Never, ever teach this chant to a school-age boy, especially of the Monkey persuasion. Yeah, it makes you feel like "cool mom" for a moment, but repetition ...


Cuddle Lifeguard On Duty!

D.C. might have found the answer to world peace, the desire for more intimacy and the Hug for Frank's Monkey.


[Chickdom] The Gift That Keeps On Giving

We Southern women are quite particular about love and marriage, particularly weddings. As little girls, we have our china patterns chosen, as well as the dress, church, colors and cake. ...


[MomDom] Of A Lovely Lady

Here's a story. Of a chick named Emily. Who got proposed to not too very long ago! And the best part is, I'm not pregnant!


[Chick] Confessions of A Wannabe Wannabe

This column was published in March 2005. We bring it back forward in honor of St. Paddy's Day 2006—also known as The Chick Invasion. Enjoy.


Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson, 31, is wearing a t-shirt that says, "I Love Myself," when I interview him. "Born and bred" in Jackson, Robinson sharpened his public speaking skills at Murrah High ...


[Chick] We're That Good

My boyfriend said the most disturbing thing on our way to Hooter's. He said, "You and MF can't make a mockery of my Corvette." Are you kidding me? Now tell ...


Jackie Bell

Jackie Bell, 43, steps out of a little red two-seater, and I'm jealous of her legs. I briefly recall my inferiority when Miss Bell called me on stage during a ...


[Chick] Teaching Monkey The Birds And The Bees

Eight years into it, and I'm still allowed to be a mother. I can't believe it. What kind of decision-maker approves me as a fit mother? Oh, that's right. God. ...


The World of Queendom: A Primer

So you wannabe a wannabe. Congratulations. By inviting the spirit of the Sweet Potato Queens into your heart, you have committed yourself to a lifetime of fun and laughter and ...