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So Are We Talking About Banner and Congressional Hearings?,0

David, we love you, but you are wrong about this one. Even if you're music is a representation of society, it sure would be nice for a strong man from around these parts to say that how we treat our women is NOT cool.

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While sitting home yesterday about 10:OO a.m., I happened to see Banner speak before Congress. As I listened to his calm deliberation I was impressed and he instantly jumped from about 25 on my grade to about 80. Then when asked what he could do to improve the situation with the content of rap music or rather how he could personally improve he stumbled badly dropping back to about 50 on my grading scale. Then Lo and Behold he said his considers his music a bible with a playboy cover. At that point I saw 3 numbers (not dollars signs either) flashing on and off on his forehead and stopped listening. There is hope for Banner if he grows up soon. Lord help Banner and rappers. Lord knows Banner is one of the decent ones. Can you imagine how crazy and unreachable the others must be.

Ray Carter

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