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[Collier] Single Black Female

For much of 2010, it seemed everyone from ABC to CNN to RT (formerly Russia Today, a worldwide English-speaking channel) were concerned about my single dating status. Well, not me, ...


[Collier] Don't Give Up on God

Natalie A. Collier

Much of who I am can be attributed to not only my family but to the people at the church I grew up in. While there is a strange one ...

Editor's Note

Same Picture, Different Frame

Friday, the rain wouldn't stop as I drove down Highway 49 South. I wondered where the sunshine or a rainbow was. "Stories about hope and inspiration always have sunshine and ...


[Collier] Matters of the Heart

Just about all my formal education was whitewashed. The things I knew about the parts of American history that weren't white, I learned from my family.

[Collier] Rearing Ain't for Everybody

Picture it: A woman is rolled into Choose-a-Patron-Saint's-Name Hospital, writhing in pain, cursing men and pleading with God for mercy. The contractions are coming closer together and are more difficult ...

[Collier] The Sweetest Taboo

This past Valentine's Day I got two things: a single white rose–which every woman older than 18 received at church that day–and a card from my mother. That's it. No ...

[Collier] And the Nominees Are

Natalie A. Collier

I own and proudly wear a T-shirt that declares, "I Love Black People." Once, when I was wearing it, a white guy told me—with an inquisitive inflection at the end ...

[Collier] Resolute Resolutions

A new decade has started, and I'm still trying to figure what that means for me. You're supposed to be excited about the start of a new year, but I ...

[Collier] (Re)Engagement

One of the things that consistently brings me joy in life is writing. There are times, however, when it gives me grief. Like now. How does one re-establish themselves with ...


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