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Under Fire, Barbour Backtracks on Personhood Doubt

Gov. Haley Barbour is trying to unring a bell after raising concerns about the wording of Initiative 26, Mississippi's Personhood amendment, earlier this week on several cable news shows. (Watch ...

Barbour Joins Offshore Drilling Coalition

Gov. Haley Barbour and three other governors have formed a coalition to advocate for offshore drilling permits, Dow Jones Newswire reported yesterday.

Governor Haley Barbour's State of State Address

Thank you Speaker McCoy and Governor Bryant, and thanks to you in the Legislature for your warm welcome.

Health Care

Health-Care Lawsuit Moves Forward

United States District Judge Roger Vinson ruled yesterday that a multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the health-care reform law passed by the U.S. Congress earlier this year can move ...

Oil Spill

Mississippi ‘Prepares for the Worst'

As expected, the oil spill caused by the explosion and sinking of BP-owned rig Deepwater Horizon April 20 reached the mouth of the Mississippi River this morning, reports CNN. The ...


Wins, Losses for School Appropriations

The House and Senate agreed to restore about $37 million to K-12 education in a this week following Gov. Haley Barbour's veto of a budget reconciliation bill that would have ...


Barbour Goes National, Again

Gov. Haley Barbour was in Washington, D.C., this weekend for the National Governors Association's annual conference, but he made headlines for extracurricular activities, speaking against the federal stimulus bill and ...

House Voted to Sell Jet

On the Mississippi House list of ways to deal with the state's budget crunch is selling the state's jet used by Gov. Haley Barbour. Last week, House lawmakers voted to ...


Barbour Wants 68 Percent Cuts to Ed Programs

Gov. Haley Barbour is recommending cutting education programs for gifted, special and vocational programs by 68 percent, reports WLBT. Making such deep cuts to state funding for the programs would ...


Governor Announces More Budget Cuts

In the wake of yet another disappointing state revenue report, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour announced another $54.3 million in budget cuts yesterday, and expressed remorse that he could not impose ...


Barbour Wants to Merge State's Black Universities

In his budget proposal today to the Mississippi Legislature, Gov. Haley Barbour proposed consolidating Jackson State University, Alcorn State University and Mississippi Valley State University. He also wants to roll ...


Barbour Visits Iraq; Talks State Budget Cuts

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour spent Veteran's Day in Iraq visiting some of the 124,000 American troops there, including more than 3,500 from the Magnolia state, mostly from the Tupelo-based 155th ...

Barbour Defends Town Hall Confrontations

The recent spate of rowdy behavior at health-care town-hall meetings is because Americans don't understand the Obama administration's plan, Gov. Haley Barbour told reporters during a conference call Monday organized ...


Barbour Takes Top RGA Spot

In the wake of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's untimely departure from the Republican Governors Association, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is taking over the organization's leadership. Barbour had already accepted ...

Barbour Signs $25 Million Incentive Bill

Gov. Haley Barbour signed HB 1628 yesterday, which provides Alliant Techsystems Inc. with a $25 million incentive to expand its aerospace manufacturing plant in Iuka, Miss., according to the KTTC ...


Mattel Settles Lawsuit After Pass From Barbour

Mississippi is one of 38 states that reached a settlement with Mattel Inc. and Fisher-Price Inc. over the companies' unhealthy level of lead in children's toys. An agreement filed today ...


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