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[Balko] Trial By Ordeal

A couple of centuries after the age of King Arthur, much of Europe began to engage in similarly ridiculous rituals to determine guilt in cases that lacked eyewitnesses or physical …


[Balko] We're All Felons, Now

Perpetual public fear of crime has turned us all into criminals.


[Balko] Failing His Way to Higher Office

Bumbling Prince George's County, Maryland Sheriff Michael Jackson wants a promotion.


[Balko] Scenes From a Crackdown

Police overkill, such as that displayed at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, is becoming more common every day.


[Balko] Should Suing Bad Prosecutors Be Legal?

Should prosecutors who manufacture evidence be susceptible to lawsuits?


[Balko] A Shake to the System

New research into "shaken baby syndrome" could put hundreds of convictions in peril.


[Balko] The Hunt for Criminality

Why it's important that prosecutors know when not to bring charges.


[Balko] Drug Warriors Want Your Assets

The Supreme Court reviews Illinois' awful asset forfeiture law.


[Balko] Don't Tase Me, Sis

"The Police Women of Broward County" takes reality cop TV to new depths.


[Balko] Lockerbie and Old Lace

What does a thumbprint at the scene of a Scottish spinster's murder have to do with the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103?


Innocent Man Freed; Shabby Prosecutor Now a Judge

Bernard Baran served 22 years on dubious child molestation charges, yet the prosecutor who convicted him isn't even inconvenienced.


[Balko] Cross-Examining Forensics

The Supreme Court says that forensics analysts can be cross-examined ... for now.


[Balko] Surprise! Lobbying Industry Grows Along With Government

More government spending equals more lobbyists. It's a fairly obvious point, yet it flies in the face of two consistent leftist policy goals (or at least stated leftist policy goals).


[Balko] The Coroners Revolt

Mississippi coroners attempt to defy a ban on disgraced medical examiner Steven Hayne.

[Balko] What No One Bothered to Ask Sotomayor

Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor included much of what we expected. Almost entirely left out of the discussion was a subject you might think has some relevance …

[Balko] SWAT Gone Wild

In pushing back against the abuse he suffered at the hands of the Prince George's County police department, Berwyn Heights, Md. Mayor Cheye Calvo is helping expose a more widespread …


[Balko] The El Paso Miracle

By conventional wisdom, El Paso, Texas, should be one of the scariest cities in America. Surprisingly, it's actually one of the safest.


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