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Not Your Ordinary Cable Network

Cable-television networks such as Nickelodeon and the Discovery Channel should serve as economic models for public broadcasting, Gov. Haley Barbour quipped recently.

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Shields Up

Mississippi, like 10 other states in the union, doesn't have a shield law that protects journalists from revealing sources, turning over documents or answering subpoenas. In 40 states, reporters and ...

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Obit for a Flaming Troll

It's getting harder to comment on news stories with an anonymous post. As many readers click on links to get to stories, they have started to notice that once they ...


Occupy Local

Corporate America wants to cash in this holiday season with a highly visible campaign to support small businesses. Gannett Co. Inc., owner of The Clarion-Ledger, joined this effort with full ...


Undocumented v. Illegal

The Society of Professional Journalists is urging reporters and editors to stop using the phrases "illegal immigrant" and "illegal alien." At its annual convention in New Orleans last month, SPJ ...


[Kamikaze] The Green Light

I remember making my transition from doing music full time to more community-oriented exploits. I like to categorize it as maturation. It was about seven or eight years ago, and ...


Journalism and Ethics

If you take one point away from Valerie Wells' cover story this week, let it be this: Mainstream media have agendas that don't always serve the needs of the citizens ...


Welcome to the Cluster Pluck

It's been a busy summer for Craig Dubow, CEO of Gannett Co., the parent company of The Clarion-Ledger and the Hattiesburg American.


Buying the News

Everybody does it. That's essentially the explanation ABC broadcaster Chris Cuomo gave for the television network's practice of paying for photographs—a tricky way of paying sources to speak.

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MPB: Public Servant?

Max Breazeale checked his transmitters at station WMAH in McHenry Sunday night before Hurricane Katrina ripped the Gulf Coast asunder. From frequency control to power supply, he made sure everything ...


Barbour's Press Pass

Watching Gov. Haley Barbour seize the national media spotlight feels a bit like seeing a bully from high school making it big. "I knew him when he was fat and ...


MPB Moves Toward Self-Sufficiency

Big underwriters with deep pockets could save Mississippi Public Broadcasting. To find those generous companies, MPB employees preoccupied with periodic membership drives need time to make convincing sales pitches. To ...


Internet Technology and Privacy

The use of and dependence on the Internet and social networking has various implications for personal privacy. Many people worry "big brother" is watching their virtual footsteps or that their ...


Free Wi-Fi in Jackson

Everday, wi-fi is becoming more essential in our daily lives. Facebook, Twitter, eBay you name it. But not everyone has portable internet, let alone any internet, to do the things ...


[Balko] The Media Aren't Liberal

For the last few months, my colleague Matt Welch has been tracking the positions of California's newspapers on Proposition 19, the ballot measure that would have legalized marijuana for recreational ...