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Abstract Art with CDs

Photo by Amber Helsel

Photo by Amber Helsel

Wall art can be a great way to make your house feel more at home, but it can get expensive. Luckily, it's really easy to make your own with a few household item—in this case, CDs.


One to three old CDs (depending on how many colors you want to use)

Acrylic paint in as many colors as you want

Canvas. Can be small, but this would be better with a larger canvas

White paint or primer

Large flatbrush

Plate or bowl that is large enough to fit the CD. The amount of these should equal the amount of colors you're using.

Gloves if you don't want to get your hands dirty


Paint the canvas using the white paint or primer. Let it dry for about 24 hours.

Pour the colored paint onto a plate or bowl, and don the gloves if you want to use them.

Dip the CD into the paint, letting some of the excess drip off. Stamp it onto the canvas in whatever way you want. Make sure you press down hard to get as much paint as possible.

Once you're done with the first layer, do the other color(s). Use CDs to mix the paint on the canvas.

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