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DIY Costumes for Kids

Photo by Kelly Bryan Smith


You can fashion a costume from garments and objects you may have lying around the house.

Want cool kid costumes without the sticker shock of the catalogs? Fashion a look from garments and objects you may have lying around the house instead. Use this list to think beyond the white-sheet-ghost and get creative with your kids to create a trick-or-treat fashion statement that will get the neighbors talking.


Solid-colored bath towel or throw blanket for cape

Solid-colored tight-fitting T-shirt

Solid-colored fitted pants


Superhero symbol drawn on cardstock with a Sharpie

Safety pins


Cardboard box

Six rinsed-out yogurt cups

Duct tape


Teddy bear

Brown sweat pants, inside out

Face paint

Fairy Princess

Favorite dress

Crown cut from felt or fashioned from poster board and markers

Glitter-glue on a pair of soon-to-be outgrown dress shoes

Magic wand fashioned from a dowel rod or wooden kitchen spoon

Knight in Shining Armor

Shield fashioned from cardboard, foil and a black sharpie

PVC-pipe sword

Grey sweatpants

Grey t-shirt

Metal colander helmet


Khaki pants

Hiking boots

Button-down shirt

Safari-style hat

Toilet-paper-roll binoculars


Black dress

Black dress shoes

Witch's hat fashioned from black poster board

Wand made from a gnarly stick painted black

Scuba Diver

Bathing suit




Leotard and tights from ballet lessons

Feather boa and cowboy boots, or other accessories that make a statement


Striped shirt

Raggedy shorts

Striped socks


A curtain-hanger hook

A red bandana hat

Paper-towel-roll spyglass



Witch's hat

Gnarly branch painted gold as a wand


Colorful dress

Colorful scarves

Bangle bracelets

Lots of makeup

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