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Immigration Bill's Fate Rests with Senate Dem

Here's Reeves' statement:

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves' office just sent out a statement on the controversial anti-undocumented immigrant HB 488. In the release, Reeves states that he's heard the concerns about the bill's potential costs to law enforcement agencies and the state economy. To that end, Reeves assigned HB 488 to the Senate Judiciary B, chaired by Hob Bryan, a Democrat from Amory for further study.


"Over the past several weeks, I have heard many concerns about House Bill 488 from leaders in law enforcement, cities and counties, the agricultural industry and Mississippi's business community. They worry about the bill's impact on law enforcement activities, local government budgets, agricultural and business operations, and the state's image. I have referred the bill to the Judiciary B Committee for further review on these issues."

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Did I call this or what!?! This is the column I wrote last night. In it, I slam the dumb and awful anti-immigration bill and say this: Way too many young people can't take the nastiness of the truly idiotic bigoted anti-immigration legislation or the repeated attempts to ban abortion (even if they don't really mean it, and know that Tate will kill it anyway. Wink, wink). Meantime, those legislators get a line for their next campaign mailer ("I fought the immigrants trying to take your JOBS!"), and bright young people start looking for an apartment many states away. The trickery is transparent. You just have to keep your eye on the moonwalking bear.


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