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D. I.Y. Valentine


Valentine's Day is the perfect time to get crafty for your loved ones. Sure, store-bought Valentines can be cute, but there's nothing quite like getting something personalized and handmade.

My freshman year of college, my roommate and I had a Valentine-making party, and I've made my own ever since. This Valentine D.I.Y. is a throwback to grade school pop-up cards and can be made in minutes with whatever supplies you have in your home.

Things you'll need:
Two sheets of paper the size you want your card to be (doesn't have to be construction paper—you could also use scrapbook paper, old newspapers or pages from a magazine), a pen, scissors and glue.

Embellishments of your choice. I used markers, glue and glitter, but use whatever (ribbon, beads, crayons, lace, etc.) you have.

1. Choose the piece of paper you want for the inside of your card. This will be the piece that pops out.

2. Fold it in half length-wise and draw half a heart along the side with the crease.

3. Cut the heart, but DO NOT cut out the heart completely. Leave the rounded part of the heart attached so it can pop

4. Unfold the piece of paper and push the heart out, making it pop.

5. Glue the inside of the card to the other sheet of paper (the outside of the card) and let dry.

6. Decorate! I found the heart needs a little attention to make it stand out. I outlined mine with a contrasting colored glitter, but you could color it a different color or use a different embellishment. If you want to decorate the outside of the card, do that as well. Get creative! This is where you make each card its own.

Crafting for Valentine's Day is a great way to think outside the box. Change the shape of the pop-out design or card, use different techniques (decoupage, watercolors, etc.) make a Valentine on a canvas, reuse items around your house (you could use the cardboard from a cereal box as your base for your cards, for example) or completely change mediums. (I've made Valentines on cups before). Get creative! Find your own inspiration and make something special for the ones you love.

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