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DIY: Healthy, Green Halloween


Hosting a healthy Halloween party for kids is a great way to have fun without inviting cavities, obesity and other health problems. TOPS Club Inc., a nonprofit weight-loss support organization, suggests limiting candy consumption by eating a nutritious meal before the treats and substituting fruit and nuts for sugary snacks. Plan craft stations for little guests, where they can focus on creating something fun instead of eating junk. Here are three easy and fun DIY ideas from TOPS Club Inc.

Green Slime

2 mixing bowls
measuring cups
1 cup glue
4 teaspoons borax
green food coloring
warm water

Mix together three-quarters cup warm water, glue and several drops of green food coloring in the first bowl.

In the second bowl, combine four teaspoons borax and one-and-one-third cup of warm water.

Pour the contents of the first bowl in the second bowl. Do not stir. Let it stand for one minute, then lift the "slime" out of the bowl.

Use plastic bags to store your slime. Divide the slime so that each child has a piece to play with.

Keep away from children younger than 3 because borax is toxic in large doses. Tell children to not eat the slime.

Veggie Skeleton

sliced red peppers
carrot sticks
cherry tomatoes
celery sticks
ranch dip

Using creativity and imagination, create a skeleton out of the vegetables above or any variety of vegetables you might have on hand.

Use cauliflower or broccoli chunks for the skeleton's hands and feet. Slice the cucumber and use the slices for the torso. Carrot and celery sticks are perfect for making its shoulders, arms and legs. Cherry tomatoes can serve as knees and elbows. Use olives for the eyes and a bowl of ranch dip for the head.

Paper Mice, Spiders and Bats

black or orange construction paper
assorted colors of paint
paint brushes

On construction paper, draw mice, spiders and bats. Paint to decorate creepy creatures with eyes and elaborate designs. Cut out the drawings and tape them strategically around your house with masking tape.

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