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[Kamikaze] The Chip on Czech Shoulders

Since my arrival in the Czech Republic, I've been getting abreast of Czech politics and a lot of the lightning-rod issues that folks here have to deal with.

As many know, I simply must give my George Bush speech at my shows. I feel it is my duty. Turns out, folks here are none too enamored with Bush, either. Imagine a club full of eager hip-hop-goers screaming "f**k George Bush" and me leading the chant. Sean Hannity would call for my head as a traitor; Bill O'Reilly would call for my music to be banned and my WJNT co-host Kim Wade would call me a "looney on the left."

Thing is, folks abroad love Americans. The hate isn't for the people, it's for the government and some of its ridiculous foreign policies.

It's not America that folks hate, Dubya; it's your idiocy and lack of leadership that makes folks not like you. The Czech Republic is no different. The mention of your name evokes a chorus of boos. It's even stirred up discussions with some of the local folks.

Did you guys know that the big news here is that the United States is trying to convince the Czech Republic to put radar on their borders so that we can keep an eye on the surrounding countries like Germany and Russia?

In return, the United States has offered to drop the visa provision for Czechs so that they can come unimpeded to the states.

Hmm … We'll make it easy for you to come to America, and all we want in return is for you to let us put this radar on your borders and thrust you head first into the messes that we have made abroad. The Czechs aren't too happy about it.

There are some in support, but the hip-hop demographic here is vocal in their dissent, and I think that's a good thing. Mind you, the Czechs are rightfully leery of America's "help."

While getting brushed up on some World War II history, I learned that during the war the United States was supposed to liberate the Czech cities on the German border that had been overrun by Nazi forces. But what we weren't told is that U.S. troops inadvertently bombed the wrong cities, killing thousands of innocent Czech citizens who were simply waiting on the cavalry. That part of WWII history is never taught because the U.S. military never makes mistakes. Right.

So that explains the chip on the shoulders of some older Czechs when it comes to U.S. "help." These ramblings may surely get some extra FBI eyes on me and my travels. I can only hope.

And that's the truth … sho nuff.

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Glad that all has gone well for ya'll in Europe. I guess you've gotten a chance to see how U.S. military personnel just up and settled elsewhere. Not to invoke too much more discussion on this, but always welcomed, I think that there is a more serious concern with "F*@k Bush" than people would think about to realize. As easy as it is to sum up one's sentiments for Dubya in this manner, there is a very easy way for this sentiment to be exagerated and misconstrued. Everybody takes messages differently, ya dig. While some soft-spoken individuals (like myself) would tread lightly when expressing disdain for an individual's actions, their light efforts are no less the same as someone who takes radical steps. History has proven that radical can be turned maniacal by someone who got the jist of the idea.....but dayum. I'm real glad that you got this opportunity to go abroad. I'm pretty sure you'll be bringing your family all over the place after this.


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