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[Kamikaze] You Got This One Right

I have been a staunch supporter of Ward 6 Councilman Marshand Crisler's "Buy Jackson" campaign. Based on the fact that I helped spearhead a movement to get folks to better support our local artists, I thought it was high time that someone took a stand; a circling of wagons was long overdue. Though some will disagree, I'm ecstatic that the City Council has shown some cantaloupes in adopting a "stay in Jackson or lose our business" stance. The council recently rejected three low bids for services from out-of-town companies. Preference will be given, they say, to local businesses.

I believe these actions are a direct result of two businesses leaving Jackson for the suburbs. Both Butler, Snow, O'Mara, Stevens, and Cannada (leaving in part, I think, because their name is too damn long) and Horne CPA have said "adios" to the capital city. These businesses have the right to relocate wherever they wish.

I agree with Ward 2 Councilman Leslie McLemore, however, when he says we need to do business with only those entities who wish to invest in Jackson. It is neither inefficient nor bad public policy, as The Clarion-Ledger has suggested, that we demand respect.

Madison, Clinton and Byram have feverishly fought annexation for years. They have made it very clear that they do not wish to be a part of the Jackson infrastructure. Therefore the idea of this being a "metro" area doesn't wash when those cities want no association with us. There are hundreds of capable individuals and businesses based inside the city who deserve the opportunity to prove themselves. The idea that Crisler's philosophy will give work to inferior businesses is ridiculous. An "exclusivity" policy will start to instill a little pride back into the bold new city if our tax dollars are spent on folks who reside here.

Crisler has had the right idea all along. Local economies work in a circular motion. Spend your money with Jackson businesses, and that money will eventually find its way back into the community.

When folks in the 'burbs see that business flourish within Jackson city limits, I assure you, they'll find their way back.

How do we strengthen the city's economic base?

First, support Metrocenter Mall. We have a mall within city limits. Go there. Spend your money. Don't believe the hype. Nothing bad is gonna happen to you there.

Second, petition for a movie theater and skating rink within city limits. You have to go to Ridgeland, Flowood or Clinton to see a movie or skate. Enough said.

Third, support your local artists—whatever genre—music, visual, dance, etc. If they are from Jackson, whether you like them or not, patronize them. Buy their CDs, books etc. Stop relying on out-of-town acts for Jubilee Jam and like festivals.

Yes, it's a short list, but it's the simplest place for us to start. City Council, you got this one right. And that's the stuff … sho-nuff!

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Well, Kamikaze, you and I may have different ideas of what a mayor should be, but we are on exactly the same page on this issue. Great column. I'll just add a comment to this paragraph: Crisler has had the right idea all along. Local economies work in a circular motion. Spend your money with Jackson businesses, and that money will eventually find its way back into the community. In that case, just make sure you're spending money with Jackson businesses, not chain businesses that happen to be located in Jackson. Patronizing the latter is better than going outside Jackson -- it at least helps keep jobs in Jackson for people who need them -- but true local businesses are the ones who really keep the economy rolling, because they really do invest locally the money they earn locally. Best, Tim

Tim Kynerd

Yes, I like this campaign, too. It's much like our Think Global, Shop Local approach, and we all need to get behind it. However, I highly encourage the "Buy Jackson" folks to refrain from holding events in chain restaurants. That's self-defeating. If you're going to buy Jackson, you should really, truly buy Jackson.



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