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Now, Just Who is Basil?

Broadstreet Bakery at Banner Hall, 362-2900, has among its November specials three low-carb alternatives, some new chicken dishes, a Lemon-Basil Pork Loin Sandwich and the return of Shrimp Pasta. … Flashbacks Espresso Café, 5620 I-55 South, 372-3220, brings a bit of nostalgia as well as a large variety of cappuccinos and lattes to the South Jackson area. About time, I'd say. There are lots of us sophisticated people out south of town, not that I drink coffee, but I've found out you can get those Italian-sounding cuppas (oh, I just love to hear Italian) minus the coffee.

Take the Byram exit, turn left and go over the interstate, then turn left at the second light onto the East Frontage Road. You'll see Flashbacks on your right in no time. The café serves lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday, and they're open from 7 a.m. Monday though Friday for those who need fuel other than that high-octane stuff—you know, in your gas tank—to make it into the city.

Flashbacks is the perfect name for a place where collectibles abound—kitchen tables and chairs, lamps, coffee tables, and, high on a shelf along three walls, all sorts of '50s and '60s goodies—funky radios, advertising signs, coffee tins and aluminum percolators, to name a few. Bold, brightly colored original artwork hangs on the wall above a turquoise and gold jukebox. In other words, there's plenty of eye-candy to enjoy while you eat. Or you could relax in the over-stuffed love seat with the latest JFP.

The modern menu offers a wide range of sandwiches, panini on focaccia bread (there's that Italian again) and salads. Desserts include something called Devil Dog—chocolate sin, from the looks of it. Not to mention the homemade caramel cake. Yes, it does have that cooked icing like your granny used to make. Food can be nostalgic, too, doncha know?

On Friday and Saturday nights, Flashbacks features live music. Last Saturday night, Ralph Miller was singing those nostalgic hits from the '60s and '70s. Total immersion in the past, now and then, can't be all bad at Flashbacks Espresso Café. And you can plan for the future—Christmas and birthdays—with their made-to-your-budget gift baskets, or gift latte cups even. … Delhi Palace, 3716 I-55 North, next to the Parkside Inn, offers Jacksonians interested in expanding their dining horizons a nouvelle Indian cuisine, touting a full vegetarian menu as well as a full non-vegetarian one. Call 713-2700 through Dec. 15 for their specials. … Dining at Delhi Palace should put you in the mood for the India Association of Mississippi's "Taste of India" on Nov. 23 at Mikhail's Northgate Conference Center and Restaurant, 4330 North State Street. Between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., bring the whole family. Enjoy Indian vendors: gold jewelry, spicy and sweet foods, Indian fabrics and clothes, Eastern artifacts, gifts, rugs and pottery. Experience India: music, dances, tour films, a fashion show and a Bollywood music video. The association's annual banquet takes place at 6 p.m. Some of the funds raised from the event will be donated to the Toys 4 Tots campaign at UMC's Children's Hospital. For complete ticket information, e-mail Dr. K.R. Rao ([e-mail missing]) or call 992-0484; or e-mail Hitesh Desai ([e-mail missing]) or call 856-2470. ... Gloria's Kitchen, 2855-A Bailey Avenue, 362-0009, serves soul food Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can choose from 12 to 15 meats and vegetables plus cornbread or rolls. Michelle, Gloria's daughter, told me that when the weather cools off, Gloria's adds seafood gumbo, red beans with rice and sausage, chicken pot pie and chili to the menu. It's hard to believe that all that good cookin' is going on in such a small lookin' place, but don't forget that old adage—good food comes in small restaurants. Gloria's is north of the Jackson Medical Mall, on the west side of Bailey Avenue. Remember the name, that's Gloria, G-L-O-R-I-A, Gloria, make you feel all right … Que Sera, 2801 North State Street, is a well-known Cajun-style restaurant in Fondren. Recent renovations to the establishment included making the patio larger, putting in a Mexican tile floor and a large fire pit. Diners can enjoy the sidewalk café ambience, complete with umbrella-topped tables—until it gets just too cold for the most hearty Southerner. And on Thursdays between 6 and 9 p.m., partake of martinis and live jazz. Call 981-2520 for artist information.

Remember that herb basil, an ingredient in Broad Street's special pork loin sandwich? Well, there's a sign in the Fondren Corner Building, on the Fondren Deli door, that says, "Coming soon, Basil's Pasta and Panini." Wonder who or what Basil will be? To be continued. …. Fax food news, toll free, to (866) 728-4798, or e-mail Lynette Hanson at [e-mail missing]


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