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JFP Editor and co-founder Donna Ladd is a Neshoba County native. After being in exile from Mississippi for 18 years, she came on back where she damn-well belongs.

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Tease photo Civil Rights

In ‘Trying Times,’ Demand Safer Policing

The understanding that black (and brown) lives do matter even when it's someone doing something unpredictable in a poor neighborhood must break through all the noise.

Tease photo Editor's Note

Of Love and Orlando

The day before a gunman massacred 49 mostly Latino men and women at the gay club, Pulse, in Orlando, I was wandering through the Brooklyn Pride festival in New York ...

Tease photo Editor's Note

Living the Dream in Post-1523 Mississippi

Progressive thinkers here are working to leave hate-drenched politics behind, to get enough people motivated to vote to use our purple demographics to send a strong message at the polls ...

Tease photo Civil Rights

After HB 1523, We Must Seek Higher Ground

It was at Good Hope Baptist Church in the early 1970s that I first heard God used to justify hatred of black people, of "homosexuals," of feminism, of anything that ...

Tease photo Editor's Note

Trump’s Politically Correct Call for Bigotry, Hate

It's really hard to find a stronger sign that Donald Trump hopes to become a fascist dictator of people and thought in America, and he's playing to very ugly instincts ...

Tease photo Civil Rights

Dear Gov. Bryant: Stop Pandering to Racism

Leaders like Gov. Phil Bryant must stop holding white Mississippians down to the bigotry of low expectations for fellow white people.

Tease photo Civil Rights

Stop Tone-Deaf Attacks on ‘Black Lives Matter’

Martin Luther King Jr. would not approve of #BlackLivesMatter. Dr. King was about bringing people together. He would say, 'All lives matter,'" the tweet declared confidently.

Tease photo Editor's Note

A Nation ‘Intoxicated with Bad Policing’

Nowadays, everyone is an amateur videographer, and police actions are under more scrutiny than ever. It doesn't mean, though, that there are more incidents of police brutality or over-policing; it ...

Tease photo Editor's Note

Jedis, Space Mountain and Love

Yes, I'm a serious person, and I care deeply about injustice and hatred. But the reason that I do is because I love so many things and people and cultures ...

Tease photo Civil Rights

Donald Trump’s Most Vicious Lie, Yet?

It's a tough contest, but Donald Trump just spread his most poisonous lie yet in his race to become the fuehrer of the 21st century.

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Tease photo Civil Rights

‘Police vs. Black’: Bridging the ‘Racialized Gulf’

Oressa Napper-Williams' son Andrell was a victim of gun violence twice. The first time was when he was 16 and a student at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in ...

Tease photo City & County

Ceasefire in the City? How Police Can (and Cannot) Deter Gunfire

In 2015, Precinct 2 Commander Jarratt Taylor helped execute a massive enforcement effort called Metro Area Crime Elimination, or MACE for short, promised to be a local version of the ...

Tease photo Politics

City Lobbyist Synarus Green Running for Rep. Kimberly Campbell's Seat

Synarus Green is the first candidate to publicly announce he will run for Rep. Kimberly Campbell's seat in the Mississippi Legislature.

Tease photo City & County

A Hunger to Live: The Struggle to Interrupt the Cycle of Violence

Several members of the “Undivided” crew told their story recently in Sheppards Brother Park in the Washington Addition.

Tease photo City & County

Coming Home to the Washington Addition

Linda Knight was only 18 when she snuck into the Afro Lounge on Lynch Street one night in 1973 and met the man who would take her out of the ...

Tease photo State

#ConfederateHeritageMonth: Your Essential Primer to How It Blew Up in Mississippi

This month, as I'd hoped would happen when I broke the story, many people around the country—especially historians—are using the hashtag #ConfederateHistoryMonth to share facts about the Confederacy.

Tease photo City & County

The Pain and Danger of Hot Pursuits

When Ward 4 Jackson City Councilman De'Keither Stamps stepped up to the microphone on March 25 at the corner of West Capitol Street and Galvez in west Jackson, he wanted ...

Tease photo Music

Big Freedia Back on in Hattiesburg: Names Mississippi a 'Right to Twerk' State

Big Freedia has rescheduled a "Twerkloose" show at the Dollar Box Showroom in Hattiesburg on March 25 after the state pressured the owner last month to cancel the show due ...

Tease photo Politics

Long-time Republican Charles Evers Joins Madison Mayor, Others on Trump's Mississippi Team

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler and civil-rights legend Charles Evers are members of Donald Trump's Mississippi Campaign Committee.

Tease photo Justice

Mississippi Governor Declares April 'Confederate Heritage Month,' No Slavery Mention

Two weeks before the Mississippi Legislature allowed 19 state flag bills to die in committee, Gov. Phil Bryant took out a pen and signed an official governor's proclamation, declaring the ...

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