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The King of Mississippi Seafood

Before arriving at GASCO, Ty Thames first had to compete against the likes of Parlor Market's Matthew Kajdan and Hal & Mal's Ryan Bell, among others, for the title of ...

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Food Truck Frenzy

The Jackson Free Press is beginning a new occasional series that features food from the different trucks and other mobile-food vendors.

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Where the Professionals Eat

On a typical night at ISH Grill & Bar, you may see local doctors and professionals sitting at the dark wooden bar near the back, mingling and unhinging from their ...

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Best Outdoor Dining Beyond Fondren

BRAVO! Italian Restaurant and Bar offers wood-fired pizzas, pastas, gourmet entrees, a gluten-free menu and more.

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Best of Jackson: Best Outdoor Dining in Jackson, Fondren Edition

The cool thing about Jackson is that it has a lot of great local restaurants. The trendy Fondren neighborhood is packed with outdoor dining options.

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Neighborhood Pizza

The Pizza Shack knows what its customers want: thinner crust, two layers of cheese and an avalanche of toppings pushed to the crust's brim.

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Gluten-Sensitive Delights

For those with celiac disease, which is about one in 141 people in the U.S., gluten triggers an autoimmune system response that triggers white blood cells to attack the small ...

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When Art Meets Food

Food trucks are an up-and-coming trend in Jackson, but local food-truck owners Deandrea and Omario Moore of 2 for 7 Kitchen want to change more than just the cuisine scene. ...

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Schooling in the Kitchen

In the kitchen in the quaint building that houses The Farmer's Table Cooking School, Chef Matthew Sheeter is teaching "Preserving the Seasons," where students learn how to make jams and ...

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Sensory Grilling

There are many methods and techniques on the grill, but my favorite has always been the patient, slow burn that comes from smoking meats. It's a method of cooking that ...

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2015 Summer Beer Tasting

The beer tasting has become an annual tradition we look forward to here at the Jackson Free Press. This year, we partnered with Raise Your Pints and LD's BeerRun to ...

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Shaken, Not Stirred

I often find myself drinking seasonally. Generally, that means more red wine and full-bodied beverages in the winter and lighter wines in the summer. Spring and summer also make me ...

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The Boon of Fondren and Craft Beer

In many ways, craft beer's boon mirrors Fondren. Both emphasize local support. As with craft breweries, the vast majority of businesses in the neighborhood are small and local.

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What Col. Odom Brought Home from Italy

Mike Odom, who now owns a coffee shop of his own called the CoffeeBAR at the Outlets of Mississippi, has been to more than 50 countries and tried coffee from ...

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Local Nutritious Noms

While residents voted Rainbow Co-op and High Noon Cafe as having the best healthy and vegetarian options in this year's Best of Jackson contest, a few other local restaurants made ...