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Irish Dancing in the Capital

The Mostly Monthly Ceili series is a Sunday night event that brings the art of the Irish jig to Jackson.

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The Art of Seduction

After stunning the audience at this year's Best of Jackson party, Jezabelle von Jane is returning to Jackson to perform at the 9th Annual JFP Chick Ball.

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A Modern-Day Sock Hop

While socks and dancing might seem disconnected to some, for Philip Scott, they go hand-in-hand. He has an international entertainment company called Neural Dope which promotes different types of dancers, ...

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Dance Class

If you were to ask Mr. or Mrs. Random Citizen to name important cities in the world of dance, he or she would probably rattle off the usual suspects: cultural ...

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Happy Feet

You've mostly likely seen Irish dancing in movies and TV, if not in real life.

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A New Twist on an Old Classic

For some families in Jackson and around the world, there are five seasons in the year, the fifth being The Nutcracker Season.

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A Christmas Tradition

"'The Nutcracker' is a good first ballet for anyone to come see if anyone has never seen a ballet but is interested in the artform to see what it's all ...

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A Polite Dance

At the Magnolia Ballroom Dancers' Association, couples gather to enjoy an evening spun around the dance floor.

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Ballet's ‘Collage'

On Saturday, April 28, Ballet Mississippi presents "Collage" at the Jackson Academy Performing Arts Center. The performance is a compilation of ballet and music with works from eight composers and ...


Romance and Angst

A true rags-to-riches story, "Cinderella" has all the romance and angst perfect for ballet. The Mississippi Metropolitan Ballet presents its performance of a classic story March 3 at Jackson Academy's ...


'We're A Miracle'

Ballet Magnificat! Marks 25 Years

As a professional ballerina, Kathy Thibodeaux began to pray about her career and her future when she became a Christian in 1979. "Should I keep dancing? Do I give up ...


In Search of Place

When Jamie Weems was touring Europe last year, unexpected detours became some of the most memorable experiences from his trip. Those moments inspired him and his band, Strange Pilgrims, to ...