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Things to Know About the Fight Over Ole Miss Chancellor Job

Negotiations continued on a possible resolution that would retain University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones, said former Gov. William Winter, who has been acting as a go-between.


Mississippi Senate Agrees to Special Education Voucher Bill

Mississippi senators have agreed to let a small percentage of special education students use public money to go to private schools.


Trustees Offer Deal to Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones

Mississippi's College Board is preparing to offer a two-year contract extension to the University of Mississippi chancellor whom they had previously refused to retain, individuals with knowledge of the negotiations ...

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Bryant Signs $2.5 Billion K-12 Education Budget Bill

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant on Wednesday signed a $2.5 billion budget for elementary and secondary schools, putting in place one of the biggest pieces of an overall state government spending ...


Mississippi Governor Signs K-12 Education Budget Bill

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has signed a $2.5 billion budget for public schools, setting one of the biggest pieces of the state spending plan for the coming year.

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So Much For State Transparency

Last year's corruption scandal involving longtime state Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps might have resulted in improvements to the state contracting process, but thanks to the Mississippi Senate, holes remain.

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Education: At the Intersection of Poverty and Race

At the corner of High Street and North State, Bryan Eason, 31, has set up an ersatz outside classroom for Jackson residents.

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Ole Miss Students Demand Answers After Ouster of Dan Jones

Angry students held aloft red and white signs proclaiming their support for ousted Chancellor Dan Jones on Monday, urging their classmates at the University of Mississippi to sign petitions and ...


Obama Announces $240M in New Pledges for STEM Education

President Barack Obama is highlighting private-sector efforts to encourage more students from underrepresented groups to pursue education in science, technology, engineering and math.


College Board Won't Renew Contract with Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Dr. Dan Jones said Friday that the state College Board is not renewing his contract as University of Mississippi chancellor, and he will leave the job ...


Univ. of Mississippi in Partnership with Africa Universities

Africa is opening up for University of Mississippi students to study, experience and learn firsthand about international issues.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'History'

The $100 million in "extra" funds Reeves is crowing about is still only about $200 million shy of the bare minimum schools need per the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.

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Mississippi Special Education Bill Passes that Opponents Say Will Create 'Puppy Mills for Children'

A controversial bill that would use taxpayer funds to send students with disabilities to private schools advanced in the Mississippi legislature Wednesday.

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Mississippi Legislature Creates a New Hurdle for Common Core Standards

Mississippi became the latest state that could replace the controversial Common Core State Standards after the Mississippi House passed a bill Wednesday that will assemble a commission to examine the ...


Mississippi Special-Needs Voucher Bill Inches Forward

A proposal to create state-funded vouchers for special education students is moving forward in the Mississippi Legislature.