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Building a School From the Ground Up

Appointed the Head of School at The Redeemer's School in January, DeSean Dyson was planning the opening and creation for The Redeemer's School, which will welcome its first class of ...


Miss. Gets Money for Advanced High School Exams

The U.S. Department of Education will give Mississippi nearly $55,000 to help pay the costs of low-income high school students taking Advanced Placement and other exams that could help them ...


Prepaid Tuition Plan to Reopen with Higher Prices

Mississippi's prepaid college tuition program will resume selling contracts Oct. 1, but with sharply higher prices.

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Early Ed: Critical to Child Success

Ninety percent of a child's critical brain development occurs between birth and age 5. Children in Mississippi are not required to attend school until age 6.


Invest in Little Mississippians

Mississippi does not prepare kids for school early enough. As we report this week (See, "Early Ed: Critical to Child Success," page 17), the benefits of early education investment is ...

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Benefits of JPS Grade Recovery Program Disputed

Sarah Phillips, a former Forest Hill math teacher, is concerned that the district has a so-called grade recovery program that allows failing students to pass a course after taking a ...


Musgrove Seeks Support for School Funding Lawsuit

A group of lawyers including former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove is traveling Mississippi trying to get school districts to sign up for a lawsuit against the state seeking repayment of the ...

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School Formula Calls for $312 Million More in 2016

Mississippi's public schools need an additional $312 million from lawmakers next year to fully fund the formula that determines how much money education is supposed to get.

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Senator Calls for Mississippians to Sign Petition for Fully Funded Education

Members of the Jackson community gathered at the Mississippi Art Center on Wednesday to push forward discussions about fully funding public education in Mississippi.

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On Educational Funding

The Mississippi Economic Council recently completed its 19-city Pathway to Progress listening tour. In each of these meetings, the council polled business and civic leaders about the most important issues ...

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Taking MAEP to the People

After three weeks on the job, Better Schools, Better Jobs had signatures of 40,000 Mississippi voters for Initiative 42, which would require the state Legislature to fund "an adequate and ...

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Report: Better Health and Child Care Could Mean More Mississippi College Graduates

Women attending Mississippi's community colleges struggle to graduate on time, often because they are beset by a lack of child care options and insufficient financial aid, according to a recent ...


Miss. Universities Seek $76.3M Budget Increase

The College Board voted Friday to seek an additional $76.3 million in state funding for Mississippi's eight public universities when the Legislature gathers next year to write the 2016 budget.

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Education Funding Focus of MML Panel

State education leaders said at a Mississippi Municipal League school funding forum that when the state doesn't fully fund schools, the bill winds up being the problem of local governments.


Education Leaders Back Common Core

Mississippi education leaders remain supportive of the Common Core academic standards.