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The Steep Price of Summer Slide

Research from suggests that unequal access to summer learning opportunities accounts for more than half of the achievement gap between lower- and higher-income students.

Civil Rights

Judge to Weigh Desegregation Options for Cleveland Schools

Sixty-one years and one day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racial school segregation was illegal in Brown vs. Board of Education, lawyers Monday presented clashing visions of what ...

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Defining Effective School Discipline in JPS

On May 6, Jackson Public Schools seemed to be suffering from a split personality. That morning, at Wingfield High School in south Jackson, education advocates and school officials hailed the ...

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McComb Educators: Where Have all the Black Boys Gone?

It's not yet known how many of the black males who entered McComb High School four years ago will cross the stage at graduation and pick up diplomas this month, ...


Time to Rethink Third-Grade Tests

As predicted, a sizable chunk of Mississippi's third-grade students failed the so-called third-grade reading gate test and may have to repeat the whole school year.

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Getting to Graduation: Mississippi’s Statewide Push to Keep Kids in School

The Legislature's goal to increase the statewide graduation rate to 85 percent by the 2018-2019 school year has, in part, fueled Mississippi to work hard to keep students in school.

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28% of 3rd Graders in JPS Might Be Held Back

Results from the so-called third-grade gate test, which requires students to demonstrate reading proficiency before moving on to the fourth grade, show that 28 percent of JPS' third graders may ...


ACT to Expand Computer-Based Testing

ACT test takers take note: The No. 2 pencil is losing its cachet. Greater numbers of high school students will be able to take the college entrance exam on a ...

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Board Sets Test Score that Fails 15 Percent of Third Graders

About 6,000 Mississippi third graders may not advance to the fourth grade, after the Mississippi Board of Education set a passing score on the state's third-grade reading test.


Bryant Asks Court to Reject Rewording of Initiative Ballot

Gov. Phil Bryant says no court should have the power to reword how the Legislature phrased its version of an education funding ballot initiative.


Mississippi Gets $2.4 Million to Improve Reading Teachers

Mississippi will get $2.4 million to train veteran teachers to help other teachers improve reading instruction.

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Superintendent to Launch Own Review of Common Core Standards

Mississippi education officials will launch their own voluntary review of the Common Core academic standards, even after Gov. Phil Bryant vetoed a bill that would have created an outside panel ...

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Analysis: Community College Fight Attracts Little Attention

Mississippi's Community College Board should be thankful that the state's College Board got crossways with University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones.


Gov. Bryant Expects to Name New College Board Member Soon

Mississippi Gov. Bryant says he will act quickly to choose a new state College Board member after he moved one of his own recently confirmed board nominees into a different ...


School Funding Trickery Hurts Future Generations

Believe it or not, the Mississippi Legislature's refusal to adequately fund public schools and its attempt to derail a proposed constitutional amendment to require such funding isn't about differing philosophies ...