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Funking Up Jackson, Targeting Crime

Fred McAfee was on a study committee that the Mississippi Legislature created last year to determine the feasibility of creating incentives to facilitate an entertainment industry for the state.

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Building LGBT Teen, Business Alliances

When a Magnolia Junior High School teacher conducted a math exercise by dividing the classroom into two teams based on gender, Destin Holmes was forced to sit in the middle ...

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Middle-Class Families Could Get Special-Needs Help

When the parents of 10-year-old Flannery Smith noticed their daughter's learning difficulty, they took immediate action. Through legal help from the Mississippi Center for Justice, the family compelled the school ...

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Mississippi Sex Education Efforts Still Limited

Although the state began to require institutions of higher education to create a plan for pregnancy prevention, it has not helped the schools develop those plans, nor has it required ...


State to Study Separate District for Troubled Schools

The State Board of Education is likely to study a new plan to create a separate statewide school district in Mississippi to take over troubled schools and school districts.


MAEP Gets Slight Boost in Draft Budget

Mississippi legislators are working on early proposals to fund state government during the year that begins July 1.

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Common Core Rollback Leads a Week of Capitol Politics

While the Mississippi Legislature advances several pieces of substantial legislation, some lawmakers appear to be gearing up to seek higher office. And voters this year will be subjected to new ...

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Senate Doozies: Big Votes on Common Core, Special Needs, Car Stickers

In the Senate, over six hours of debate resulted in lawmakers moving to repeal the Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Law, ask the federal government to balance their budget, enact the ...


Don’t Politicize Special-Needs Education

Recent legislative deliberations, which come in the context of a larger debate over Mississippi's education crisis, have a whiff of election-year pandering in the same way politicians try to churn ...

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Special Ed: ‘It’s Been a Rollercoaster’

Many educators, disability advocate Mandy Rogers said, don't know the procedures regarding students with special needs, such as what kinds of disabilities, like dyslexia, are covered under disability law.

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Why I Fight for Education Funding

Only about 30 percent of student achievement comes from in-school factors such as teachers, principals and class size; almost 70 percent comes from outside factors such as poverty, parents and ...

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Vouchers May be Ticket Out of Public Schools for Kids with Disabilities—But is that a Good Thing?

Some students with disabilities may get a chance to leave the public school system here—but advocates and parents aren't sure it will improve their education.


Senators Propose Common Core Panel as House Bans PARCC Test

Legislators are wading deeper into determining what Mississippi students will learn and how they will be tested.


Lawmakers Move to Drop Common Core Standards

Lawmakers made moves Thursday to change Mississippi’s academic standards and method of statewide testing.

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Special Ed Bills Duke It Out

Two bills aimed at improving the educational experience for students with special needs—from opposite ends of the political spectrum—are making the rounds this Legislative session.