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LGBT Leader, Other Democratic Women Running for Office

The civil engineer and businesswoman helping to spearhead the fight for marriage equality in Mississippi is running for state auditor and hopes to bring transparency to the office that holds ...

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Dr. Sunny Fridge

Dr. Sunny Fridge is a former producer, reporter and anchor who has taught in the mass communications department at Jackson State University for 14 years.


House Clears Way for Short-Term Homeland Security Bill

The House has cleared the way for passage of a short-term bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security and avert a partial agency shutdown.

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Uncertainty Looms for Wages, Schools, Health Care in Tax Cut Plan

Despite a controversial $1.5 billion tax cut prompting fierce debate on education funding, state employee salaries, grocery taxes and lottery tickets, the Republican-led tax plan passed the Mississippi House of ...

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Stefan Moody

If I was going to bet on who will be the frontrunner for this year's Howell Trophy, my money would be on University of Mississippi junior guard Stefan Moody.

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For Many Middle-Class Taxpayers On Obamacare, It's Payback Time

As tax day approaches, hundreds of thousands of families who enrolled in plans through the insurance marketplaces could be stuck with unexpected tax bills, according to researchers.

Civil Rights

Moss Point Schools LGBT Bullying Case Settled

The Southern Poverty Law Center has reached a settlement with Mississippi’s Moss Point School District on behalf of Destin Holmes, a student who was subjected to pervasive anti-LGBT bullying and ...

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Chamber Initiative Connects Do-Gooders

The holidays have passed, but the spirit of giving—or more precisely, giving back—remains in Jackson, thanks in part to a new initiative of the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership.

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Mississippi Sex Education Efforts Still Limited

Although the state began to require institutions of higher education to create a plan for pregnancy prevention, it has not helped the schools develop those plans, nor has it required ...

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One Year After Chokwe

One year ago, on the afternoon of Feb. 25, 2014, Chokwe Lumumba passed away after less than a year serving as mayor of Jackson.

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Johnnie Mae Maberry

When Tougaloo College professor Johnnie Mae Maberry created one of her longest-running art exhibits, "Slave Narratives," which was sponsored by New York Life, it wasn't just about giving viewers a ...

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Dumping Siemens Could Be Lengthy, Costly Process

Kenneth Stokes, in his first week back as Ward 3 councilman, said he plans to offer a proposal to get the city out from underneath its $90 million contract with ...

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Tackling Poverty, Medicaid: Solutions Discussed Outside of Capitol

Over the last several days, the Mississippi Legislature has hit a calmer patch of the session as it deals with the state budget, despite the week beginning with racist comments ...

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N.U.T.S. is Moving, New Restaurants and eTech Conference Coming

N.U.T.S. (Neat Used Things for Sale) in Fondren (3011 N. State St.) is moving from its location next to Campbell's Bakery by the end of the week. In order to ...

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Tom Freeland

Tom Freeland, who passed away Feb. 21, dedicated his free time to Mississippi political commentary, including on cases such as Michelle Byrom's.

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Beyond Crime and Punishment

Willie Jerome Manning and Michelle Byrom were the last two people the state of Mississippi attempted to execute.

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Delbert Hosemann Seeks Third Term

Republican Delbert Hosemann made it official that he will seek a third term as Mississippi secretary of state.

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Sheriff Tyrone Lewis Prevails in Bailiff Dispute

It is up to Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis, not local judges, to hire and assign courtroom bailiffs, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

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Wilma Mosley Clopton

This year, Wilma Mosley Clopton, owner, filmmaker and chief producer for NMHS Unlimited Film Productions, will partner with Women for Progress of MS Inc. to celebrate African American history with ...

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Vicki Slater Announces Governor Candidacy

Democrat Vicki Slater announced her candidacy for governor Thursday morning on the platform of better jobs, better education and better healthcare.


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