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Supreme Court: McDaniel Challenge Too Late

The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled against state Sen. McDaniel, saying that he did indeed miss the 20-day filing deadline for his election challenge in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

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City Wrap-Up: Thalia Mara's Cheap(er) Seats, Lakeland Costco Officially Dead

Thalia Mara Hall has seen some ups and downs in the past year. The down times have included a nearly yearlong construction period as Jackson's opera house underwent a $5 ...

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Laura Uzzell

An uncommon sport finds a star in Jackson State University student Laura Uzzell. The sophomore recently attended an international course in bowling that is sure to propel her into greater ...

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The Faces of Travis Childers

Travis Childers, a former congressman from Booneville, hopes traditional Democratic voters and tea-party members can help him upset Republican U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran in November.

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Johnathan Perkins

Thanks to the Lady Arrows' dominance, head coach Johnathan Perkins won the 2014 National Federation of State High School Associations' award for girls' track and field, and it made him ...

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Hospitals’ Struggles to Beat Back Familiar Infections Began Before Ebola Arrived

While Ebola stokes public anxiety, more than one in six hospitals—including some top medical centers—are having trouble stamping out less exotic but sometimes deadly infections, federal records show.

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Pro-Cochran PAC Sheds Light on GOP Primary

Recent federal-campaign finance reports shed new light into spending that took place in the final days of the grueling Republican primary in June.


Federal Candidates on the Local Ballot

Travis Childers, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, served the U.S. House of Representatives for the 1st Congressional District from 2008 to 2011.


Judicial, County Candidates for Hinds County

A list of judicial and county candidates for Hinds County


On the Issues

Travis Childers signed the Federation for American Immigration Reform's so-called no-amnesty pledge, saying that he opposes both authorization for people who came to the U.S. illegally as well as expanding ...


Once Again, It's On

The Jackson City Council set Dec. 2 as the special election for the seat recently vacated by Quentin Whitwell. The runoff, if needed, will take place two weeks later on ...

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JPS Wants Tech-Savvy Students

The city and C Spire have teamed up to provide 1 gigabit per second fiber—100 times faster Internet access—to the homes of Jackson residents, but the advancements don't stop there. ...

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More Jackson Water Woes

Some $2.2 million in water fees to the city of Jackson remain suspended in administrative limbo. Under law, city water customers facing disconnection can dispute the amount of their water ...

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Amile Wilson: Cashing in on Creativity

In a recent interview, Amile Wilson, 29, talked to the Jackson Free Press about the creative economy as economic development, addressing infrastructure and improving the capital city's image.

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Preaching a ‘Black Genocide’ Parable

It wasn't a large crowd that gathered to hear a group of infamous clergymen share their prophecy at the last abortion clinic in the state last week. Their message: Abortion ...

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La’Verne Edney

While growing up in Arcola, Miss., attorney La'Verne Edney witnessed firsthand the impact generosity and compassion can have.

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Conkrete Sneaker Boutique, Public Wi-Fi and the Home of the Future, and Fall Workshops

Conkrete Sneaker Boutique, opening Oct. 24, will offer exclusive sneakers unavailable anywhere else, in addition to socks, T-shirts, hats, watches and other fashion items.

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Keia Johnson

On Sept. 29, the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi chose Keia Johnson as its new legislative strategist.

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Attitude in the Moonlight

While you may hear people say, "Do it with attitude" or "Adjust your attitude," did you also know that attitude is a type of ballet move? The Friends of the ...

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Some County, City Workers in Line for Pay Hikes

With minimal discussion at this morning's meeting of the Hinds County Board of Supervisors, members voted 4-1 to raise the minimum wage to $9.45 per hour for employees who have ...


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