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Tyner Explains Irregular Vote: McDaniel Lawyer Listed in Challenge

Last week the Internet poked fun at state Sen. Chris McDaniel's challenge to the election results of the U.S. Senate race due to one piece of evidence included in the ...

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One Night in Ferguson

Ferguson has drawn people from all over the country. A handful of people also reportedly flew in from overseas. I traveled to Ferguson with three activists from Jackson.

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Mississippi Primaries: Open or Not?

Party primaries in Mississippi are considered "open," even though the state's election code states that "no person shall be eligible to participate in any primary election unless he intends to ...

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Otis Riddley

Otis Riddley's hard work has not gone unnoticed. The former football star became head coach of the Provine football program in February. Former head coach Willie Collins' 30-year tenure with ...

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Jackson's Next Top Cop Is ...

On Monday, at Westside Community Center on Wiggins Road, Lee Vance and Juan Cloy talked about their approaches to crime prevention and policing.

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NUTS Seeks Help, Lou's Comes to Belhaven and Kemper Begins Operations

NUTS (Neat Used Things for Sale), a fundraising store for the Good Samaritan Center located at 114 Millsaps Ave., sustained massive flood damage when more than a foot and a ...

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Cat Cora

Cat Cora is teaming up with local chefs and Table 100 in Flowood on Aug. 19 for a fundraiser called "Mississippi Culanthropy" that will benefit future UMMC nursing students with ...

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James Meredith Lauds Ferguson Protests as Vital to 'Black Race'

James Meredith, who is known for making provocative statements, said the Ferguson protests are more important historically than even the violence that erupted from his own admission to Ole Miss ...

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Persons of the Day: Lee Vance & Juan Cloy

Today, Mayor Tony Yarber announced the two finalists for the top job at the Jackson Police Department: Lee Vance, a longtime assistant chief who is now serving as acting chief; ...


Storify: R.L. Nave on the Ground in #Ferguson

News Editor R.L. Nave headed to Ferguson, Missouri, this weekend to report on the continuing protests that followed the shooting by police of

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McDaniel Wants Closed Party Primaries

State Sen. Chris McDaniel says the election process should be more restrictive, calling for a closed party primary at a press conference today.

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Gloria Williamson

Former state Sen. Gloria Chisolm Williamson, 69, has been a champion for Mississippi in her many roles.

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Jackson Back on Track With HUD Funds?

The city of Jackson has been in trouble with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for some time.

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C.J. Lawrence

Defense attorney C.J. Lawrence's "#iftheygunnedmedown" turned into a worldwide call to awareness.

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Whistleblower Faces Eviction

Annie L. Figures, who shined a light on ongoing problems at her apartment complex to the Jackson City Council and the Jackson Free Press, says she is facing eviction.

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Hell’s Warriors in 'Gideon's Army'

Dante encounters an inscription posted above the entrance that reads: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

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Building a School From the Ground Up

Appointed the Head of School at The Redeemer's School in January, DeSean Dyson was planning the opening and creation for The Redeemer's School, which will welcome its first class of ...

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‘Hocus Pocus’: McDaniel Challenges Votes, Interprets Election Law

The two-inch-thick "Election Integrity Challenge" binder, compiled and released by the U.S. Senate campaign of state Sen. Chris McDaniel, documents everything from alleged vote-buying schemes to illegal crossover voters to ...

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Evan Alvarez: Dumping the GOP

After Evan Alvarez resigned from his position as chairman of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans and changed his political affiliation, a media frenzy ensued.

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Whitwell’s Exit Continues Leader Shakeup

By the time this year is over, it's possible that Jackson will have had two mayors, two police chiefs and, despite the fact that it is not an regular election, ...


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