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Health Care

Mental Health Services Ending for Thousands in Mississippi

Mental health services will soon end for thousands of adults and children in four Mississippi Gulf Coast counties because of a lack of funding.

Biz Roundup

CARA Dog Days of Summer, Big Fix Clinic Donations and UMMC/Merit Health Partnership

Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, a nonprofit "no-kill" animal rescue group in Jackson, will host its 12th annual Dog Days of Summer fundraiser on Saturday, Aug. 24, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Pelahatchie Shore Park at the ...

Person of the Day

Literary Conference Examines Family in William Faulkner's Work

A literary conference at the University of Mississippi is focusing on the theme of families in William Faulkner's work.


OPINION: Tuning in to Tate Television

"(Tate) Reeves is dead-set against insuring uninsured Mississippians. Why is he opposed to 'Obamacare expansion?' Lately, Reeves won't give a reason. He's just against it."


Choir Teaches Girls About Life, Music

Mississippi Girlchoir isn't just about teaching girls how to sing. It's also about empowering them to be strong leaders and letting them get experiences with performing around the world.