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Deuce McAllister

Born Dulymus Jenod McAllister on December 27, 1978, in Ludlow, the Mississippi athlete known to many football fans as Deuce, will enter the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame July 25.

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Ain’t Got a Kluwe

Finally, after what seems like the longest off-season in years, football is about to shift its focus back to what happens on the field instead of everything else in the ...

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A Different Kind of Legacy

This past Friday was a day for bad sports cliches like "Return of the King" or "The Prodigal Son Returns." It was also a day for sappy videos.


LeBron James Headed Home to Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James told Sports Illustrated Friday that he's decided to go home. It's a move that would have seemed unfathomable four years ago, after the venomous fallout that followed his ...

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Miroslave Klose

Since joining the German national team, Miroslav Klose has never finished a World Cup in less than third place. Despite all his great accomplishments, however, Klose, 36, has never been ...

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Basketball Is Our Soccer

The United States Men's National Soccer Team gave it their all in a 2-1 loss to Belgium in the World Cup. While the USMNT didn't win, the team did improve.

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Mickey Loomis

New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis and the Saints came out the winners when a third party arbitrator ruled that team member Jimmy Graham is to be classified as ...

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Support Team USA

I will watch anything to do with sports. It doesn't matter whether it's football, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf or poker. If there was a World Championship Tiddlywinks tournament, you could ...

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Jurgen Klinsmann

Since becoming the head coach of the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team, Jurgen Klinsmann has become one of the most recognizable faces in U.S. soccer, possibly second only to team ...

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NFL Minor League?

The NFL recently announced that they are looking into starting a minor development league, but a failure of the NFL is the inability to make one work after two failed ...

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SEC’s ‘Dead Weight'

A couple of weeks ago, Orlando Sentinel sports writer Mike Bianchi wrote that the SEC should replace dead weight like Mississippi State and Ole Miss with teams such as South ...

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Shelby Osborne

Next season, Campbellsville University in Kentucky will take on Shelby Osborne, who will be college football's first female cornerback.

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Will Brazil's Cup Spotlight Burn Too Bright?

Nearly half the world's population, well over 3 billion spectators, is expected to watch soccer's premier event and get a glimpse of the country that in two years will host ...

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My Hardest Job

Being a writer has nothing on being a stay-at-home dad. I didn't know what being tired at the end of day was like until I started staying home with my ...

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Racehorse of the Day: California Chrome

On June 7, California Chrome has a chance to end the current Triple Crown drought at the 146th Belmont Stakes.