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The Bratton Sound

Bob Bratton went looking for a sound, but he ended up creating it himself. The Madison resident has been building custom guitar amplifiers for the past year, but has only ...

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Scott Albert Johnson

Writing, recording and distributing an album is never an expedient process. For Jackson vocalist, songwriter and harmonica player Scott Albert Johnson's latest record, "Going Somewhere," that was especially true.

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The Self-Made Songstress

How many people get to make a living doing what they love the most? The answer: Not enough. But singer-songwriter Elle Carpenter is one of them.

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Cruz Contreras

Cruz Contreras, lead vocalist for Knoxville, Tenn. Americana group The Black Lillies, has been a musician for as long as he can remember.

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Growing the Gospel Artist Showcase

When Percy Davis and his daughter, Parkisha Davis, started Nighthawk Productions in 2005, he hoped to bring gospel music back to the forefront in the city of Jackson and around ...

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TAUK: Beyond the Genre

New York-based instrumental band TAUK bridges gaps, whether in generations or genre.

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Adib Sabir

Adib Sabir has a different perspective on Jackson music, one gained from nearly half a century in the industry. Growing up in the golden age of Mississippi's blues and jazz ...

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A Closer Look at ‘Crossroads’

Brandon, Miss., singer-songwriter Tommy Ray and I have crossed paths on more than a few occasions, usually with me catching the tail end of his sets at Bonny Blair's Irish ...

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Joining the Ruckus

Nestled within Deville Plaza off Interstate 55 lies a new and little-known music venue that is ripe for discovery. Appropriately named The Hideaway, owner Pete Suthar opened the doors about ...

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The Streaming Landscape

When it comes to music-streaming services, I'm usually late to the party, and not fashionably so.

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Tunes of the Sun: Playlist Battle

Music can make everything better, even the heat of Mississippi summers. Here are some playlists from Assistant Editor Amber Helsel, Editorial Assistant Adria Walker and Music Editor Micah Smith, developed ...

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B.B. King Dead at Age 89

B.B. King, whose scorching guitar licks and heartfelt vocals made him the idol of generations of musicians and fans while earning him the nickname King of the Blues, died late ...

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Bridging Soul and Rock

Like "Boys & Girls," it took a few times listening to "Sound & Color" for me to like it, but it's now one of my favorites. The record shows how ...

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Band of the Day: Naught

Whether it's the inherent volume, distortion or darker tones, heavy-metal music isn't for everyone. The members of Jackson's Naught have seen those elements turn listeners away in their former projects ...

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Shelly Fairchild: Timeline of Your Life

Singer Shelly Fairchild has a successful music career in Nashville, due in part to her Mississippi upbringing.


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