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The JAG’s Edge

When Nashville, Tenn.-based band The JAG independently released its sophomore album, "Pondermental Wonderment in Hypocricity," on Oct. 23, the band created quite a stir among fans, many of whom were ...

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Garry Burnside’s Blues Lineage

In the blues world, you have families: your biological one and your blues one. Holly Springs-based musician Garry Burnside carries both with him at all times.

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UPDATED: 3rd Eye Music Festival Back on in Fondren After Negotiations

Two days before the inaugural 3rd Eye Music Festival was scheduled to take place in Fondren Park, the event is in flux following a City of Jackson decision against the ...

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Steve Deaton Three’s Grand ’70s Tour

Steve Deaton went back to his musical roots for his newest record—roots wrapped around loud car stereos and ZZ Top on an eight-track tape.

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The New Class of Classics

Andrew Sauerwein says people often think of classical music as something in history, not realizing that there are thousands of working composers today.

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James Lewis

Jackson-based keyboardist James Lewis died in his home on Friday, Oct. 23, following a prolonged bout with lung disease.

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Faith and 5th Child

From an early age, Stephen Brown—better known to fans as Jackson hip-hop artist 5th Child—found musical inspiration in a plethora of old-school artists, including Curtis Mayfield and Michael Jackson, while ...

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The New Mastersounds

Eddie Roberts, guitarist of British funk band The New Mastersounds, can attest to the fact that a lot can change in 16 years.

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Calle Soul

This year's LatinFest includes a performance from Fayetteville, Ark.-based salsa outfit Calle Soul, returning after a successful debut at the 2014 LatinFest.

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The Evolution of Nossiens

In only two years, Hattiesburg-based four-piece band Nossiens already has proved to be complex.

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2015 Artist to Watch: The CUT

The CUT has performed in cities across the state, including in Oxford, where Atkinson attends the University of Mississippi, and Hattiesburg, where the other band members study at the University ...

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2015 Artist to Watch: Stevie Cain

Baton Rouge native Stevie Cain is well acquainted with music. She learned to play violin at age 5, around the same time that her family relocated to Jackson, and at ...

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2015 Artist to Watch: Rafiki Grove

Indie-rock outfit Rafiki Grove may be new to the Jackson area, but guitarist and vocalist Daniel Norris and guitarist Cody Warren have been writing together for nearly six years.

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2015 Artist to Watch: Tlo da Champ

Growing up, music was a constant for Jackson-based hip-hop artist Tony Lofton, known to fans as Tlo da Champ.

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2015 Artist to Watch: Deez Notez

In a short time, Deez Notez has already created a solid fan base with its ever-adapting set list.


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