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Jack White: A History and a Future

Jack White was many things to many people before "Lazaretto." He is perhaps best remembered as half of the garage-rock duo The White Stripes.

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Brotherhood and Rooster Blues

The brotherly duo Rooster Blues aims to make the blues its own by introducing a mix of weighty lyrics, extensive musicality and a little rock 'n' roll.

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Michael Flynn on the Farthest Limb

Currently on hiatus with his band Slow Runner, which he and co-songster Josh Kaler affectionately and only semi-jokingly refer to as "dork pop," Michael Flynn's first solo release sees him ...

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SilaS: Trumpeter Turned Rapper Amazes

SilaS’ “Rap Revolt” melds the Jackson-based rapper’s lyrical and instrumental aptitude with stunning results.

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The Red Thangs' New Thang

The Red Thangs have noticed a few more people singing along at shows lately. The Oxford, Miss.-based indie-rock/pop band released its self-titled debut album on June 16, which is available ...

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A Hearty Helping of Rap Activism

Rap changed the day Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five released "The Message" on Sugar Hill Records in the summer of 1982.

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To Record or To Play Live?

One of the things I usually ask touring musicians is if they have a preference for playing concerts or recording in the quiet confines of a studio. The answer varies ...

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Daniel Guaqueta's Electronic Melodies

July 1 was a big day for Daniel Guaqueta. He released his first solo project, consisting of music and a video, "Y I am," for digital distribution.

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Songs that Saved Our People

These tunes all have two things in common: They are all about making the world a better place, and they really groove.

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Sweet Crude: Tradition & Innovation

When musicians Sam Craft and Alexis Marceaux began forming their patented "indie-rock Louisianais" as Sweet Crude, they didn't intend to limit themselves.

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Say Anything Wanders with ‘Hebrews’

The ever-changing, ever-acerbic rock act Say Anything subverts expectation on a regular basis.

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The Victories of Chris Knight

Americana-country singer Chris Knight comes from a family of storytellers and what he calls "colorful people" from his home in rural Kentucky.

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The Future Is Unknown

Unknown Hinson is the king of country-and-western troubadours.

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Jackson Hip-Hop Passes the Torch

In a music landscape where hip-hop purists don't often have a place to go, Stephen Brown, aka 5th Child, has found a way to give fans what they want.

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New York Rappers Worth Googling

Several rappers' music is currently bubbling from the New York underground. I've been able to see some of them during my visit, but I still hope to run into others.


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