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Robert Hicks

"The Orphan Mother" has been a long time coming for Franklin, Tenn.-based novelist Robert Hicks. Even in the author notes of his 2005 New York Times bestseller, "The Widow of ...

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Jerry Rice

In sports, the word "greatest" gets thrown around a lot. Just do a quick Google search, and you will find articles from the greatest football quarterback to the greatest badminton ...

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Tracy DeVries

In February, the Women's Foundation of Mississippi hosted a fundraising event called SMART Party to raise money for the organization. The fundraiser drew in crowds of people willing to donate ...

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Scott Stricklin

Mississippi State University needed a new athletic director in 2010 after Greg Byrne left to take the position of vice president of athletics at the University of Arizona. He made ...

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Eric Knapp

Pastor Eric Knapp says that on Mother's Day in 2001, God finally made it clear to him what his vocation would be.

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Barbara Turner Bankhead and Laverne Greene Leech

In 1966, Columbus college freshman Diane Hardy enrolled at Mississippi State College for Women, along with her two friends Barbara Turner Bankhead and Laverne Greene Leech. They were the first ...

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Shaka Senghor

Shaka Senghor is a living example of how a person can turn a difficult life around. He is a former convicted murderer turned college lecturer, author and director's fellow of ...

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Margaret Walker

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Margaret Walker's book "Jubilee," the Margaret Walker Center at Jackson State University is hosting a symposium and reception on Friday, Sept. 16.

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John Maxwell

For the second time, New Stage Theatre is performing "Steel Magnolias." This year's production began on Sept. 13 and is directed by John Maxwell, best known for his play, "Oh, ...

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Elaine Maisel

From crafting matching outfits for her Barbie dolls as a child to painting gnomes for her garden as an adult, Elaine Maisel's fascination with the miniature world has manifested itself ...

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Kelly Jacobs

Community activist and four-time Democratic National Convention delegate Kelly Jacobs recently received the honor of having one of 10 dresses she made in support of President Barack Obama put on ...

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Chad Kelly

Playing just five days after an emotional loss to Florida State, quarterback Chad Kelly threw for 219 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Rebels to a 38-13 victory over ...

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Don Penzien

Don Penzien, founder and director of CelticFest Mississippi, started the annual event 25 years ago to help familiarize Mississippians with Scottish and Irish traditions, especially those who may have Scot-Irish ...

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Mike Tramp

From the flag-clad troubadour on its posters, to its rock-heavy lineup, to the title of the event itself, Freedompalooza is clearly going all in on its all-American theme. However, that ...

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LaDaryl Watkins

LaDaryl Watkins says she's always been active and loves people, and wanted to combine the two. She is currently a co-coordinator in The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi's health and ...