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President Barack Obama

Since winning the presidency in 2008, President Obama hasn't been shy about his feelings on sports. In fact, one of the first things he spoke about as president was the ...

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Jay Dean

Jay Dean, 62, understands the importance of his role as artistic director of the Mississippi Opera. He served in the position from 2010-2012 before taking a sabbatical, and he returned ...

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Stephanie Parker-Weaver

Since 2008, one of Stephanie Parker-Weaver's main passions has been the nonprofit she founded, called Rebirth Alliance, which aims to educate the public about breast cancer—specifically, a rare and aggressive ...

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Dr. Omar Abdul-Rahman

Dr. Omar Abdul-Rahman, a pediatrics professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, recognizes that medicine is not one size fits all. That's why he is studying the role that ...

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Aida Martinez-Bone

Aida Martinez-Bone knows how it feels to be discriminated against as an immigrant.

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Mary Schiele Scanlon

Mary Schiele Scanlon, president of event sponsor Friends of the USA IBC, is one of the organizers for "Ballet BackStory," a series of short programs designed to help people better ...

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Claude Sitton

Journalist Claude Sitton, 89, died last Tuesday in Atlanta, his place of birth. Between May 1958 and October 1964, Sitton covered the storied "Race Beat," which was the Jim Crow ...

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Ja-Mes Logan

Former Ole Miss wide receiver Ja-Mes Logan was an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots last fall. He made it to the final round of cuts before the ...

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Bobby Rush

Blues singer Bobby Rush may be one of Jackson's greatest living musical exports. He's been making worldwide audiences dance for more than 60 years.

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Saint Patrick

Today is Saint Patrick's Day, the day we wear green to avoid getting pinched. But just who was Saint Patrick, and what does he have to do with Jackson's biggest ...

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Bob Wilson

As executive director of the Mississippi Main Street Association, Bob Wilson works to improve economic development and historic preservation in local communities and helps those communities to develop their downtown ...

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Tyrone Hendrix

Ward 6 Councilman Tyrone Hendrix has his sights set on a service that would let citizens get a real-time snapshot of Jackson's finances.

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Patrick Willis

It's more likely that athlete will stay too long in his or her sport than leave gracefully or early. That's why it is always shocking when a player like San ...

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Olivia Coté

Olivia Coté, a 9th grade English teacher at Murrah High School, grew up watching her mother, Anne Karges, hard at work at her craft.

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Adria Walker

I am writing to enthusiastically support Adria Walker for the honor of MSPA Journalist of the Year. I have never worked with a high-school journalist who deserves such an honor ...