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Dr. John Hall

The American Heart Association presented Dr. John Hall of UMMC with the Award of Meritorious Achievement Wednesday, June 24.

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Abby Wambach

Now, at the age of 35, Abby Wambach will have one final chance to capture a World Cup title in the final of the 2015 Women's World Cup.

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Jimmy Godby and Frank the Camel

Upon first hearing of Jimmy Godby's latest endeavor, many people cock their heads in confusion, shock or even awe. An electrician of 33 years, Godby, 51, has decided to become ...

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Genia Lovett

Genia Lovett, a longtime Gannett executive, came out of retirement to take the reins at the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, the newspaper reported today.

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Laura K. Cooper

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-2nd District, appointed Laura K. Cooper as his 2015 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation intern on June 1.

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Jason Dottley

On June 26-28, the Mississippi Museum of Art will host the Mississippi Pride celebration, a gay rights event, with Jason Dottley as a musical performer and emcee.

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Dundrecous Nelson

Dundrecous Nelson hopes 85 percent is enough right now. After an ankle injury that ended his college career, he is currently 85 percent back to his old self and knows ...

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Julianna Pardue

Julianna Pardue was never far from a comic book when she was a child. Her dad collected them, so she fondly remembers playing around and rifling through his many boxes ...

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Deidra Jones-Snell

Deidra Jones-Snell has done her fair share of traveling.

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LeMia Jenkins

Jackson native LeMia Jenkins recently returned home from Washington, D.C., and joined the research team at Jackson State University as its new director of federal relations.

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Scott Albert Johnson

Writing, recording and distributing an album is never an expedient process. For Jackson vocalist, songwriter and harmonica player Scott Albert Johnson's latest record, "Going Somewhere," that was especially true.

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Calvin Smith

Only a few men can lay claim to being the fastest human in the world. One of those men is Calvin Smith.

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Sheriff: Crime Has No Boundaries

On June 9, Tyrone Lewis invited the Jackson Free Press to his office to respond to Victor Mason, explain his famous holiday-themed billboards and say why he deserves to remain ...

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Quincy Mukoro

As the first generation of his family to live in America and the president of his own company, Quincy Mukoro, 33, has had an interesting journey to Mississippi.

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Rita B.

For more than two years, Cherita Brent has been taking the stage as stand-up comedian Rita B. Now, she's taking one giant step forward in her comedy career with her ...