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From Bottle to Glass

After the 2015 Jackson Free Press beer tasting, I took an empty bottle of Rogue Sriracha Ale and New Belgium Brewing Co. Transatlantique Kriek home with me to turn it ...

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Your Own Oxygen Mask

Dear readers, you may recall that a while back, I took a restorative yoga class at Tara Yoga Studio. Turns out, it gave me an epiphany.

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DIY Dorm Décor

Living in a dorm room doesn't have to be dull and boring. With the next school year just around the corner, you'll need more than just the usual school supplies ...

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How Local Walking Trails Can be Beneficial

With proper exercise, the freshman 15 can be conquered. Here are a few that are near local campuses.

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Swim Safely

Adding as many water-safety steps as possible is the best way to assure a safe and fun experience for children and adults while enjoying the water during the hot Mississippi ...

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Rankin Schools Paying for Religion Violation

Magdalene Bedi, a junior at Northwest Rankin High School in 2013, didn't subscribe to an institutional religion, but considered herself spiritual—and not an atheist.

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The Beauty of Blowouts

Good hair just makes you feel better, and a blowout can be a little indulgence that just makes you feel more confident, or a little sexier. And who doesn't like ...

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Lower Your Risk of Skin Cancer

Only a generation ago, many people thought a suntan was healthy. Now, we know it is anything but. In fact, today, doctors know a tan is actually a response to ...

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Step Onto the Mat

Lizabeth "Beth" Thrasher and her husband, Chris Thrasher, are the operators of Wingfield High School's Vector Jiu-Jitsu program. The couple refers to their domain behind the school's auditorium as "The ...

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Snakes on a Porch

Snakes are among the least understood, yet most intriguing groups of animals. As temperatures rise, many of the creatures may come out of hibernation. Mississippi is the home of 40 ...

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Live Healthy, Locally

Eating healthy is getting easier and easier for Jacksonians. Rainbow Co-op and High Noon Cafe give us easy ways to find good food that's good for you, and they do ...

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Healthy App-ing

With smart phones now at the forefront of technology, there really is an app for almost everything you can imagine, from enacting your secret desire to be a crazy cat ...

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What You Need to Know: High Heaven Trampoline Park

This summer, The Park will be abandoned no more. CircusTrix, the largest operator and developer of trampoline parks in the world, will bring High Heaven Trampoline Park into that space.

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The Thief in the Night

Following screening guidelines that health-care providers recommend could find cancer early—before symptoms appear. Early detection usually means a better outcome with earlier treatment options.

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Buy the Lady a Drink

I firmly believe manners are ultimately about being gracious and courteous and making others comfortable. They're not about being bossy or controlling or making others feel inferior.