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The Art of Happiness

Whenever the Mississippi Museum of Art is open during January and February, you might find as many as 25 people of all ages playing with photo prints, scissors, glue, stamps ...

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The Magic of ‘Peter Pan’

Even with its G-rated '50s songs and eternally optimistic story line, people of all ages get caught up in "Peter Pan"—even the cynics.

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Comedy, Race and ‘Oh, Everything!’ Else

Poking fun at racial prejudice isn't the most obvious career choice, but comic W. Kamau Bell continues to do just that in his new tour, "Oh, Everything!", which makes a ...

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From Mother School to Museum

From the outside, one can't possibly see the beautiful and tragic history that the two-story gray building on Bloom Street holds.

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An Artistic Invitation at the Mississippi Museum of Art

Art is the most intense form of individualism the world has known," said Oscar Wilde, a man who knew a thing or two about exercises in individual expression. That phrase ...

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Bryan Stevenson

The founding attorney for the Montgomery, Ala.-based Equal Justice Initiative, Bryan Stevenson works in a broken system of justice. The indigent clients EJI represents deal with issues such as mental ...

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Marcie Cohen Ferris Goes Through the Food Lens

In "The Edible South: The Power of Food and the Making of an American Region (University of North Carolina Press, 2014, $35), Marcie Cohen Ferris uses the lens of food ...

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Ballet Magnificat’s ‘Most Incredible’ Gift

Ballet Magnificat! of Jackson adds another element to your holiday accoutrements with "Most Incredible Christmas," at Thalia Mara Hall on Saturday, Dec. 20, and Sunday, Dec. 21.

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Heart for a Cause

The American Heart Association's Metro Jackson Heart Ball is both a fundraiser and an opportunity to promote the organization and its mission: to improve cardiovascular health and reduce deaths from ...

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LEGO Jackson: Making Progress in Plastic

Scott Crawford, the builder behind the LEGO Jackson display, began the project under his Christmas tree with a few decorations and some spare time.

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Richard Kelso: Light on the Land

Richard Kelso's two-room studio, located above Hal & Mal's Restaurant, is teeming with items befitting a seasoned artist—from supplies to miniatures for still-life studies to samples of his work.

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Origin of Cotton: Basquiat and the South

A painting is probably by Jean-Michel Basquiat if a single figure or a large head dominates a painting's canvas and is surrounded by smaller drawings of body parts and other ...

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Jerry Lee Lewis

By the end of 1957, the world knew Jerry Lee Lewis. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" and "Great Balls of Fire" were early slices of unbridled rock 'n' roll energy. ...

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Art for Everyone

When I read in the St. Andrew's Cathedral newsletter about local artist William Goodman's four-week art and faith course on Wednesday evenings, I decided to give it a shot.

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Earning an Artist’s Eyes

For Vicksburg photographer Glynn Fought, the key to creating an interesting work of art is often as simple as finding another perspective.