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Spirit Through a Camera Lens

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures, located in the Arts Center of Mississippi, will host this year's "Capture the Spirit of Ramadan" exhibition which, for the first time, will be ...

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Funding Bigfoot

Director Michael Brouphy, who moved to Brandon from New Orleans about eight years ago, began working on the script for his upcoming film, "Tsaaloh Expedition," in 2013.

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Augustus Bennett

In the nine months that Augustus Bennett has been an intern with New Stage Theatre, he has developed his acting abilities. Now, he'll be sharpening his skills off the stage ...

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More to the Story

When many people think of comic books, they may think of crime fighting, flapping capes and spandex. When they think of comic-book readers, the image isn't complimentary.

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The Bible Belt by Way of Boston

Comedian Bill Burr has been just about everywhere. Everywhere except for Mississippi, that is. He's looking to correct that on "The Billy Bible Belt Tour" with a performance Monday, April ...

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Recycling in Style

The arts community around the Ross Barnett Reservoir has combined the task of repurposing trash with a love for fashion in the fourth annual Project Rezway, a fashion show featuring ...

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Euphus Ruth

Photographer Euphus Ruth uses an early photographic process called collodion to produce art with a vintage aesthetic.

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Eyes on Bill Minor

If we measured marathons in years instead of miles, journalist Wilson "Bill" Minor would be 10 years away from completing his third reporting marathon in Mississippi.

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Fitness from the Page

Jackson-based public health practitioner and advocate Getty Israel might be a newcomer to long-form writing, but in many ways, her first book has been in the works since she was ...

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James Alexander Warren

A few names come up whenever Jacksonians discuss local filmmakers, but few are as common as James Alexander Warren.

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2015 Crossroads Film Festival

This year, the Crossroads Film Festival celebrates 16 years of providing Jacksonians with a creative, cultural and cinematic outlet. The festival, held at the Malco Grandview Cinema, features films from ...

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Laughter in Awkwardness

Plenty of people know Tig Notaro, even if they don't remember from where. The comedian has appeared on a number of primetime television series, including "The Office," "Community" and "Bob's ...

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Anywhere, USA: The State of Film in Mississippi

As Ward Emling walks through downtown Jackson, his daydreams transport him to 1840. The "Old" Capitol Museum on State Street is still brand new, and politicians clamor inside about the ...

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Bringing Art to Life

On April 10, attendees at the Mississippi Museum of Art's 2015 spring benefit may experience a sense of deja vu as they take in the sights and sounds.

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John Waters' Rich, Warped Pageant

Having spent nearly a half-century fighting against "the tyranny of good taste," cult filmmaker, actor, writer and artist John Waters has managed to earn fame and respect of the fully ...