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Unintentional Filmmaker

In 2005, filmmaker Keith Beauchamp directed and produced "The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till," which won Audience and Special Jury awards at the 2005 Miami Film Festival, as well ...

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A Time to Read

When political consultant and author Jere Nash met his friend Leila Salisbury, director of the University Press of Mississippi, for lunch at Hal & Mal's in the spring of 2013, ...

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Community and Camaraderie

Now in its 11th year, Bright Lights, Belhaven Nights is styled as a music and arts festival, but it's also a celebration of community and camaraderie between neighbors and friends ...

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Best of Jackson: Saturday Art Tour

Jackson's creative community has so much to offer, and there is no better way to enjoy it than visiting the variety of art galleries in the area, talking to local ...

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For Future (’80s) Reference

Author Ernest Cline has been in high demand since the release of his best-selling science-fiction tale, "Ready Player One." A bidding war and two movie deals later, he returns with ...

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Understanding in a ‘Trainwreck’

Like Quentin Tarantino or Wes Anderson, if you don't enjoy one of Judd Apatow's films, there's a solid chance that you won't enjoy any of them.

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Act One, Scene One

This July is the fourth consecutive year for Black Rose to host "A Night of One Acts by Local Playwrights."

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Tim Fielder

As a child, Tim Fielder was a fan of science-fiction staples such as "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," but he noticed that African Americans didn't have much representation in intergalactic ...

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Transcendent Art

Watercolor, acrylic and chalk paintings of old southern diners, football stars and country scenes cover every wall in Mark Millet's art studio except the far back one, where an electric ...

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The Dark Arts of Melissa Bryant

Artist Melissa Bryant likes to incorporate dark, sometimes creepy elements into her artwork.

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A Long Time Coming

"Go Set a Watchman," the second novel by "To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee, will finally be out July 14.

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Unconventional Art: Creativity and Mississippi Comic Con

Some fans anxiously awaited Mississippi Comic Con even before its predecessor, last year's SOPOCU Con, wrapped up. But while founder Greg Hanks hoped to make it an annual event, he ...

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Lessons from Getting ‘Caught’

Even those, like Janice Singleton, who commit white-collar crimes struggle to find gainful employment after they're released, which is one reason that prisons have so many repeat offenders, she says.

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First You See It, Now You Don’t

Mississippi Museum of Art's Museum After Hours highlights some of the creative and innovative places and people in Jackson.

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Apples and Windows: George Wardlaw’s Journey

Although many of us proudly cheer on some of our Mississippi artists, we continue to overlook those who pushed some of the creative boundaries we take for granted. Between May ...