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An ‘Enemy’ Like You

Imagine for a second that, somewhere in the world, exists a person that not only vaguely resembles your appearance but looks exactly like you.

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Laurin Stennis: Art of Consciousness

For Laurin Stennis, art is about refuge and full self-expression.

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Summer Blockbusters: Part Two

"Get On Up" gets down with the competition on Aug. 1.

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Naked is Sexy

In her initial Instagram post, Mea Ashley challenged girls and women to post a selfie on their social-media pages with no makeup, coiffed hair and no filters or edits to ...

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Wednesday’s Women

At the height of the civil rights era, a group of women of varying races and faiths dared to defy the norms of the time. In the summer of 1964, ...

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Go Local for Dramatic Flair

Marianne Hause began on the stage of the Black Rose Theatre (103 Black St., Brandon) two years ago in the production of "Our Town."

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Shaking up the Rom-Com

"Shaking the Sugar Tree" is about a gay father raising a child on his own, which Wilgus based on a surprising fact. Mississippi has the highest percentage of same-sex couples ...

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Welcome to the Club

"The (Dead Mothers) Club," which stated that one in nine Americans will lose a parent before age 20, focuses on three young women: a high-school senior named Jordyn, a Brazilian ...

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Lessons in Abstraction

For every abstraction that leaves you cold, another may set your imagination afire. The viewer's experience is essential to abstract art, says Jackson artist Jonathan Berry, even though it was ...

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Sully Carter: Noir Journalist

In the first fiction novel for Mississippi-born author Neely Tucker, he wants to tackle the issues of race, media sensationalism and social justice in a realistic light, all under the ...

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Growing Young Leaders

Philip Scarborough, one of the men who filmed “Growing Our Own,” a film about a Summer Youth Institute where young Mississippians take a journey through civil rights history, said the ...

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A Tale of Four Seasons

With a screenplay by the original Broadway playwrights Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, and the directorial grandeur of Clint Eastwood, "Jersey Boys" is thoroughly entertaining, yet much darker than the ...

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The Fault in Our Stars: A Modern Romance for Old Souls

Indianapolis, Ind., native John Green rewrites the script for the stereotypical young adult romance in his latest work, "The Fault in Our Stars." The movie adaptation of the 2012 novel ...

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The Path to Freedom

"Icons of Freedom" at the Mississippi Museum of Art highlights the arduous trek to the polls and the strenuous battle for equality during Freedom Summer in 1964.

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Cruise to the ‘Edge’ of Your Seat

After a somewhat odd movie trailer, I was skeptical and hesitant to invest time in "Edge of Tomorrow." To my surprise, the film turned out to be nothing short of ...