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From the Pub to the Stage

Catherine Bishop became the only certified Irish-dancing teacher in Mississippi, and she trained in Ireland in 2002 and 2003.

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Analysis: Book Takes Fresh Look at Miss. History

The book is called "A New History of Mississippi," and a new approach is what Dennis Mitchell wanted when he wrote it.

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555 Custom Designs: From the Ground Up

555 Custom Designs is the obscure moniker attached to the functional art of Jason Lott and fellow Jacksonian Josh Bishop.

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Hell’s Warriors in 'Gideon's Army'

Dante encounters an inscription posted above the entrance that reads: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

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Personal Potter

In his art work, Sam Clark, a local potter, uses imagination and creativity to tell stories in the work he produces from a small studio in Madison.

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Printing with Patti Henson

Patti Henson puts a little bit of herself into every piece she crafts. Her vivid watercolor paintings, fascinating fabric-batik pieces, and clever logos, drawings, and designs are sprinkled across the ...

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Get Down with ‘Get on Up’

The red carpet rolled out in Mississippi for Tate Taylor's new film "Get On Up," starring Chadwick Boseman as the iconic Mister James Brown.

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Fringes of Murder

Mississippi Murder Mysteries, Jackson's oldest mystery dinner theater company, has been in business for more than 10 years.

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The Children Will Lead Them

"And the Children Shall Lead Them" opened June 23 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer.

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An ‘Enemy’ Like You

Imagine for a second that, somewhere in the world, exists a person that not only vaguely resembles your appearance but looks exactly like you.

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Laurin Stennis: Art of Consciousness

For Laurin Stennis, art is about refuge and full self-expression.

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Summer Blockbusters: Part Two

"Get On Up" gets down with the competition on Aug. 1.

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Naked is Sexy

In her initial Instagram post, Mea Ashley challenged girls and women to post a selfie on their social-media pages with no makeup, coiffed hair and no filters or edits to ...

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Wednesday’s Women

At the height of the civil rights era, a group of women of varying races and faiths dared to defy the norms of the time. In the summer of 1964, ...

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Go Local for Dramatic Flair

Marianne Hause began on the stage of the Black Rose Theatre (103 Black St., Brandon) two years ago in the production of "Our Town."