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Caller to Black JFP Writer: 'I want to offer her a plane ticket back to Africa' (LISTEN)

"I want to offer her a plane ticket back to Africa if she thinks America is so bad. Um, I would love to pay for her ticket. Also tell her ...

Civil Rights

Mississippi: Stop Disenfranchising Black Voters

Mississippi has the second highest rate of voter disenfranchisement in the country, largely due to post-sentence restrictions. The state is one of 12 where a person can serve his or ...

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Don’t Screw with MAEP

Since its original adoption in 1997, MAEP been funded only two times in accordance with the law. There are lots of reasons for the State's failure to fund, and no ...

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In Search of the Wheel’s Hub

What exactly was Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith looking for when he subpoenaed a circuit-court judge in January?

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How State Agencies Dance with Privatization

Mississippi children living in poverty may be among the neediest in America, but last year the State of Mississippi did not allocate $35 million earmarked to help poor families in ...

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Would a New Formula Fund Public Schools Better?

After a litany of lawsuits, public outcry and legislative drama, Mississippi's GOP leaders have joined forces with a New Jersey-based nonprofit to see if the state's public-school funding formula should ...

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Donald and Melania, Stop Insulting Men

Wait, what? No, Melania, good men aren't "egged" into bragging that they can grab women's private parts any time they want. I get that you're trying to defend your husband, ...

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Mississippi’s Silenced Voters

Thanks in part to Mississippi's antiquated and disenfranchising voting-rights laws, Robert Banks still cannot vote, even though he has been off probation for over a decade.

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Showing Up: Mayoral Hopeful Graham Pledges to Manage Crisis

Robert Graham traces his 35 years with the Jackson Police Department with a sense of resolve. Starting at JPD as a civilian who mopped the floors, he says it was ...

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Mississippi Democrats Clap Back on Tax Policy, Wage Gaps

The Mississippi Democratic Caucus held a meeting Wednesday to discuss key policy issues about the state's economy, tax structure, and how certain policies mostly impact women and African Americans in ...

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Governor Owes Apology for 'Racial Reconciliation Month,' Protesters Say

Gov. Phil Bryant should apologize for declaring October "Racial Reconciliation Celebration Month" without acknowledging the dark past of racism in Mississippi or how the state flag plays into that history, ...

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MAEP's Future: Legislature Hires New Jersey Firm to Evaluate Education Law

Legislative leaders have hired New Jersey-based nonprofit EdBuild to evaluate the state's school-funding formula, the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. The State uses MAEP to appropriate tax dollars to school districts ...

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From Walls to Bad Cops: It’s Time We Awaken from Fear

I would like to apologize to the many people I have told "this is a free country" in order to justify any argument, because I was wrong and sadly mistaken. ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Locker Room Talk'

The fact that a presidential candidate excused away his past sexist, demeaning comments that suggested he could get away with sexual assault as mere "locker room talk" not once but ...


State Leaders: It’s Time to Dump Trump

If our state's political leaders were looking for an easy opt-out of supporting Donald Trump for president, they missed that precious 48-hour window of opportunity to speak out and say ...


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