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Mississippi's Marriage Equality Fight is Over—Or is it?

"It's over." That was the message from Roberta Kaplan, the attorney who represented lesbian couples in a case to strike down Mississippi's same-sex marriage ban, to an Associated Press reporter ...

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Jackson OKs Hate Crime Reporting Rule

Amid tensions following the mass shooting in Charleston, S.C., and over the legalization of same-sex marriages across the nation, the Jackson City Council this morning passed an ordinance requiring the ...

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MS Avoids Tremendous Hike in Premiums by Three Votes

This morning the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the Fourth Circuit decision in King v. Burwell.

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Only a Special Session Could Change Mississippi Flag Before January

Since the first cry for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State Capitol, the national conversation has broadened to the use of the symbol beyond Charleston. ...

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Mississippi Had Most to Lose in Obamacare Decision

Mississippi could experience the largest cost spike in health-care premiums in the country if the "Obamacare" premium tax credit becomes unavailable.

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Confederate Flag Divides Mississippi Politicians

In the wake of the Charleston massacre, the nation is questioning South Carolina's Confederate flag, and in turn, looking to Mississippi's state flag that features the symbol.

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Pride and Prejudice: A Life-Long Battle from Civil Rights to LGBT Rights

It was 1962 in Jackson, and Dee Smathers lived in an apartment on State Street with her first college roommate turned lover. Dee's family was living out of the state, ...

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Alphonso Hunter: Rebuild Hinds County

This year, Alphonso Hunter, 56, is making another bid for the Hinds County District 2 Supervisor seat. He recently sat down with the JFP to talk about his vision for ...

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The Mississippi Money Race

Mississippi state executive offices are up for election this year. Incumbent Gov. Phil Bryant and incumbent Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves both have the largest amounts of money at their campaigns' ...

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Lt. Gov. Reeves: Fate of State Flag Will 'Be Decided by the People of Mississippi'

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves released a statement today on the Mississippi state flag.

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McDaniel Slams Changing State Flag

Senator Chris McDaniel made the following verbatim statement regarding calls to do away with Mississippi's official state flag.

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From Terrorists to Politicians, the Council of Conservative Citizens Has a Wide Reach

When I clicked on Dylann Roof's alleged racist "manifesto" yesterday, I wasn't surprised at all to see the name of the Council of Conservative Citizens name-checked. In some ways, I ...

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Hinds County Campaign Finance Reports Are In

Nearly 100 pages of campaign-finance reports have been filed in Hinds County local races.

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Special Ed Groups on the Fence about Initiative 42

Initiative 42, the citizen-supported ballot measure to fully fund Mississippi's public-school system, boasts of having a broad coalition of support. However, a vocal and influential bloc aren't fully convinced that ...

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Refusing Medicaid: 'Far-Reaching Consequences'

What a new report says is that Mississippians would benefit greatly from the expansion of Medicaid. But what the report really means is that Mississippians—and the rest of the country—are ...


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