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Two More Districts Approved to Innovate

The Mississippi State Board of Education approved plans for two new school districts to become "Districts of Innovation" on Feb. 16.

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Fixing (Some) Roads and Bridges Still Possible in 2017 Session

While the Mississippi Legislature has not proposed—let alone approved—a comprehensive plan to fix the state's crumbling infrastructure, the Legislature could take some steps this year to ensure that some additional ...

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State Revenues 'Have Disappointed,' Trump Effect on Mississippi Uncertain

The U.S. economy may be growing, but Mississippi's revenue is lagging, and the state faces uncertainty over the effect of the Trump administration's policies, especially on trade.

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MAEP Not Funded, But Education Formula Re-Write Must Happen by July 1

The Mississippi Adequate Education Program was not funded in a Department of Education appropriations bill the Mississippi House of Representatives passed Wednesday, signaling that the formula re-write has to happen ...

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From Council Schools to Today’s Fight for Public Ed

Yearbooks and classmates prove that Gov. Phil Bryant is the product of white flight and segregationist education, which may explain his efforts, along with others in his party, to undermine ...

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Stop the Mental Health Politicking

Lawmakers should and could have addressed mental health-care reform in previous sessions as well as this session. It turns out that addressing the problem with secrecy and an assumption of ...

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No Longer About Party

While we debate politics for fun, the whims of administrations are not meant to be visited upon entire populations. This is no longer about party. This is about how we ...

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Tort Reform, Sexual Assault Prevention and Fantasy Sports Bills Move Forward

"Tort reform" rose from the past at the state Capitol last week as lawyers in the House of Representatives battled it out over a short, seemingly inconsequential bill, House Bill ...

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In the Statehouse and the Courtroom, Mental Health is Embattled

Research in the psychology and psychiatry fields show little to no evidence that hospitals and residential treatment centers are effective in helping a person with mental-health needs.

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Governor Obfuscates with Call for 'Gimme some of that mental-health reform’

"We have a duty to protect the least among us: those suffering from mental illness. Ask your legislator what Jesus would do."

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Governor Name-checks Jackson in HB 1523 Brief, Dismisses LGBT Worries as 'Parade of Horribles'

Anti-discrimination attempts by the City of Jackson figure prominently in Gov. Phil Bryant's latest attempt to convince the courts to allow House Bill 1523 to take effect, despite its potential ...

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Proposal for Oil-Spill Fund Moves to Mississippi House

The Mississippi House will get to debate a bill setting aside $750 million in oil spill economic-damage payments for projects on the Gulf Coast.

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Governor Could Take Authority from Legislature if Bills Pass Today

Gov. Phil Bryant would get authority over the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and supervise the state's occupational licensing boards if legislation makes it out of the Mississippi Senate and ...

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Senate Attempts to Put Governor in Charge of Mental Health

Legislation to move the Department of Mental Health under the policy direction of the governor passed the Senate by one vote on Feb. 9, after a contentious debate and bi-partisan ...

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Ed Formula Bills Dead ... For Now at #MSLeg

Both dummy bills that Mississippi legislators could have used to change the state's education funding formula died in the House and the Senate on Feb. 9, but attempts to implement ...


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