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JFP Q&A: Ward 6 Candidate Ernest E. Slaughter, Sr. (Democrat)

Ernest E. Slaughter, Sr., 50, is running for the open Ward 6 city council seat in 2017.

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Working Families Party Endorses Lumumba for Mayor, Calling Him 'Inspiring'

A national group that supports raising the minimum wage, increasing public-school funding and reforming policing practices endorsed Chokwe Antar Lumumba today for Jackson mayor, calling him "inspiring."

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JFP Q&A: Ward 5 candidate Patty Patterson (Democrat)

Patty Patterson, 54, is running for the open Ward 5 city council seat in 2017.

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Out of the Shadows: Ronnie Crudup Jr. Brings Youth, Business to Forefront

Many Jacksonians did not know Ronnie Crudup Jr. before he announced as a candidate for mayor.

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JFP Q&A: Ward 4 candidate Mary McClendon (Democrat)

Mary McClendon, 59, is running for the Ward 4 city council seat in 2017.

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Look Ahead But Stay Present in the Jackson Mayor’s Race

As I look back on the many years I spent living in the city of Jackson, romanticism sometimes begins to set in.

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Vetoing Criminal Reforms Shortsighted, Dangerous

Whether it was due to a "mistake" or a poison pill inserted at the last hour, Gov. Phil Bryant vetoed House Bill 1033 last week after both houses passed the ...


Inequitable Education

This legislative session, Mississippi lawmakers went backwards on equity for school funding. They not only underfunded MAEP, but they took millions from that program and gave it to "successful" schools.

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Getting Ready for the ‘Mother of All Bombs’

Mr. Announcement: "Ghetto Science Public Affairs Network television presents coverage of Clubb Chicken Wing's Emergency Preparedness and Strategic Planning Hot Wing Happy Hour. Your moderator for this session is Congressman ...

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Where the Pearl River Flows

Environmental groups and downstream communities in Louisiana and Mississippi are keeping a sharp eye on any proposed levee or lake project in Jackson, such as the current "One Lake" strategy, ...

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Shifting the Power to Regulate Nurses, Barbers, More

Melony Armstrong did not want to cut hair; she wanted to braid hair in her own shop. She believed that the time and money spent on beauty school would be ...

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City of Jackson Primaries: May 2, 2017

On Tuesday, May 2, Jacksonians will cast their votes in mayoral and council primaries.

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Gate Debate Rankles City Council, Again

Distressed residents from the Villages of Northpointe in far northeast Jackson gathered at the Jackson City Council meeting on April 18 to address Councilman President Tyrone Hendrix on his lack ...

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Chokwe A. Lumumba for Mayor

Chokwe Antar Lumumba's strong national presence will bring recognition and resources from outside Jackson to help raise our stature as a progressive and creative capital city that appeals to young ...

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JFP Q&A: Ward 6 candidate Lee A. Bernard Jr. (Democrat)

Lee A. Bernard Jr., 66, is running for the open Ward city council seat in 2017 to replace retiring Councilman Tyrone Hendrix.


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