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Tollison: 'No Data' Show That Appointing Superintendents Helps School Achievement (UPDATED)

"No data" back the idea that appointing school superintendents rather than electing them will actually raise test scores or improve achievement in the state's public schools, the author of the ...

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Dem Legislators Endorse Hillary Clinton

Democratic lawmakers chanted their endorsement for Hillary Clinton in the Mississippi Capitol after a brief press conference Wednesday when legislators from the House and the Senate endorsed her as the ...

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Incentives Sail Through; Anti-LGBT Bills Drop; Groups Call for Foster-Care Funding

Sen. Charles Younger, R-Columbus, introduced a bill that would "clarify that religious leaders are not required to perform same-sex marriages" last week.

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2016 Education Bills

Education is a hot topic in the Mississippi Legislature. The following education bills dropped for consideration.


Legislature, If You Care About Kids, Prove It

With the large corporate incentive package behind us that will, hopefully, create jobs down the road, it's time for legislators to start working on more pressing issues, including how the ...

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Breastfeeding Bill: Let Women Work and Nurse

The Centers for Disease and Control, the U.S. Surgeon General and the majority of research on the topic indicate that breastfeeding is better than using formula when a baby is ...

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Jackson Airport 'Takeover' Bill Goes Live in Senate, Would Limit Mayor to One Appointment

The Republican governor of Mississippi would get strong control of the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers Airport under the highly anticipated legislation that finally landed this weekend.

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Stamps: No New Payday Loan, Check Cashing, Liquor, Pawn Stores

A Jackson city councilman wants to put a halt to the expansion of payday loan stores, check cashers and liquor stores in the capital city.

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Without Public Input, Mississippi to Spend $78,000 Per Job for Megasite, Shipyard

With little debate in committee or on the floor, the Mississippi House of Representatives cleared the way for $274 million in tax breaks to help two large-scale developments in the ...

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Election-Law Reform May Actually Happen in Mississippi

Election-law reform has been a slow process in Mississippi, but with the help of a bi-partisan committee's report, that could change soon.

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'Proper Burials' for 'Unborn Infants' Sought in Mississippi Bill

The Mississippi Unborn Infants Dignity Act would entitle "miscarried, stillborn or aborted infants" to "proper burials" and make selling the "broken bodies of aborted infants" for scientific experimentation a crime ...

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GOP Solidifies House Presence, Tinkers with Public-Information Rules

If legislative committees were sports teams, today would be draft day in the Mississippi House of Representatives.


Speaker Taps Others in GOP to Lead Most Mississippi House Panels

The Republican speaker of the Mississippi House is keeping the same leaders for most of the top committees this four-year term.

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Director: Foster System Needs More Funding and Staffing to Protect Children

Even as children are dying in the state's foster-care system, its director says the state may not meet a court-ordered deadline to improve conditions without more funding and more than ...

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The Rough Road to Reproductive Health Care

Regardless of the state's appeal of the JWHO case, the fight for reproductive health in Mississippi will continue in the Mississippi Legislature.


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