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Dem Primary Races Could Make Election Day Interesting

While pundits predict depressed turnout in tomorrow's statewide primary elections, a few Democratic legislative and county races might pique voter interest enough for Hinds County to prove prognosticators wrong.

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Young 'Gives a Darn'

Incumbent candidates usually have an edge, and in the Republican primary race for governor this year, Phil Bryant is an obvious favorite. That’s not deterring Mitch Young from running however, ...

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Neshoba Roundup

Ahead of the primary elections on Tuesday, candidates for state-elected positions gave their annual speeches at the Neshoba County Fair this week.

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Vicki Slater for Governor

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vicki Slater knows her way around Mississippi's legal and political circles and brings skills and insight to the Capitol that have been lacking for quite some time.

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Yarber Tasks Jackson's Youth with Shaping City's Future

The Jackson-area teens who recently took top prizes at a New Orleans technology competition had front-row seating at Mayor Tony Yarber's second State of the City address at the Arts ...

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Baker: I'm a Doer

After an unsuccessful bid in 2013, Democrat James “Lap” Baker is making another bid this August for Hinds County's District 4 supervisor seat.

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Where Are We Now? Education A Prime Issue for the Primary Election

Education is a major focus for candidates in the upcoming primary elections, especially due to this year's political back-and-forth on fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.

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Bomp, Bomp: Law & Order and the Race for Hinds County District Attorney

It's hard to tell whether Robert Shuler Smith, the top prosecutor in Hinds County, is confident he'll coast to a third term as district attorney—or if he's scared out of ...

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Overdue Foster Care Reform Coming Soon

Mississippi's foster-care system has long left children without medical care and living in limbo without a proper home, but state officials have largely ignored a seven-year court order to overhaul ...


Sen. Paul: Senate Will Vote on Fed Aid to Planned Parenthood

The Senate will vote before its August recess on an effort to block federal aid to Planned Parenthood, presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday.

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Santore Bracey

Santore Bracey, Democratic challenger for Hinds County Tax Collector

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Jarvis Dortch

Jarvis Dortch, candidate for House District 66

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Machelle Shelby Kyles

Machelle Shelby Kyles, Democratic Challenger for House District 63

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David McRae

Republican, Challenger for Mississippi State Treasurer

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Kitchen-Table Politics: The JFP Interview with Vicki Slater

Vicki Slater spoke with the Jackson Free Press in early July about why she believes she would make a better governor than the incumbent Phil Bryant.


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