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WWJD: Many ‘Christian’ Political Leaders Don’t Care

The strategy of exclusivity from political leaders like Gov. Phil Bryant can be described as discriminatory, unrealistic, asinine and very non-Christ-like.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Agree'

Isn't it interesting that Bryant chose to follow this law even though he disagrees with it, while he and other GOP leaders wantonly flout other state laws they don't like?

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A Girl Strikes Back

I was astounded to read in a recent Associated Press story that Mississippi House of Representatives Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, refers to fellow legislators exclusively as "men."

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Hinds County OKs Landfill, Requests Byram-Clinton Funds

A rubbish dump near Clinton will nearly double in size after action from the Hinds County Board of Supervisors today.


Outside Influence on 42

Anti-Initiative 42 advocates formed KidsFirst and Improve Mississippi, which were all funded, at least in part, through outside organizations and dollars.


Turnout Numbers

On Nov. 3, media outlets reported steady turnout throughout the day in Hinds County, but in the end, the number of Hinds Countians who participated in the 2015 cycle was ...

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The Demise of Initiative 42

As soon as the Mississippi Legislature proposed an alternative measure to Initiative 42, a citizens' initiative to fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, its advocates cried foul, saying the ...

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Yarber, Council Disagree on Logjams

In recent weeks, Mayor Tony Yarber and members of the Jackson City Council have clashed over a number of high-dollar contract negotiations, but the key players offer different perspectives on ...

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Born into the Wrong Demographic

Failing to pass Initiative 42 punished Mississippi's children simply because they were born into the wrong demographic.

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Chief Lee Vance: Increase School Funding, Lower Crime

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance wants more money—not necessarily just for more cops, gear, or squad cars, but for schools.

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School Advocates, Lawmakers to Clash Over MAEP Formula?

As the dust continues to settle on the failed education-funding Initiative 42, new battle lines appear to be forming over the formula Mississippi uses to fund public schools.

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The JFP Quick Take: Election 2015

If you woke up this morning feeling like today was just another day, it's because voters largely voted to preserve the status quo on Election Day.

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The Next 12 Months Are Critical for Jackson

One election is behind us, but several others are on the horizon.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Important'

On Monday, Nov. 2, Delbert Hosemann told the Associated Press that he predicted a light turnout in the Nov. 3 elections despite his role as the secretary of state.

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You Know the Routine

Rev. Cletus: "This is your car-sales pastor broadcasting live from WGSR, Ghetto Science Radio, your friend at the end of the FM dial."


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