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Inside Stacey Pickering's Garage

State auditor candidate Joce Pritchett's campaign has launched a new website, pickeringsgarage.com, detailing allegations against the incumbent auditor, Stacey Pickering, that he used campaign finances to pay for a garage ...

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Mississippi AG’s Race: What’s at Stake?

Since announcing his candidacy for the state AG's office, Mike Hurst has made fighting public corruption the centerpiece of his campaign as well as attacks against Jim Hood, whom Hurst ...

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Council Asks State to Review Biosolids Contract, Braces for Lawsuit

A controversial contract to haul waste from a city wastewater plant remains on hold pending reviews from state investigative authorities.

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Anita Hill: Keep the Faith and Keep Moving

Anita Hill has dedicated her work to raising awareness of sexual harassment, domestic abuse, equity and workplace discrimination.

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Do the Anti-42 Politicians Feel No Shame?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder why Mississippi's Republican Leadership seems to hate democracy so much?

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Henry Louis Gates Jr.: Black America's Promises and Perils

One of the most prominent transmitters of African American history and culture alive today—Henry Louis Gates Jr.—is more widely known for being arrested on suspicion of breaking into his own ...

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Kids Who Die in the Swamps

The notion of being seen and not heard has put our young people in a position that leaves them far behind, swimming beneath deep waves meant to contain, not to ...

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The State Had Better Recognize Jackson’s Might

After months of brinksmanship, the City of Jackson and Mississippi State Fair Commission finally came to an agreement this week over security at the state fair, which begins today, Oct. ...

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Under Siege in America

Sadly, I feel physically safer in France, with its baguette-eating, cigarette-smoking, non-church-going, slightly rude and less social population than with gun-toting, Bible-thumping Americans.

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Jackson to State Fair: You Can't Tell Us What to Do, Then Cuts Deal

Ahead of a hearing on the matter, the City of Jackson has responded to a lawsuit from the Mississippi State Fair Commission, saying that the state has no authority to ...

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City, Hinds County Prep for Polling-Place Changes

Officials from the City of Jackson and the Hinds County Election Commission say they want to be in accord ahead of possible changes to several polling places.

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Tim Johnson Challenges Tate Reeves to Debate(s)

Tim Johnson, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, wants to debate Tate Reeves, the Republican incumbent.

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BP Spill Settlement Gives Jackson $1 Million to Play With

Jackson leaders are considering how to spend $958,000 from a BP oil spill settlement.


State’s GOP Lawmakers Must Stop Pitting Poor Kids Against Sick People

Mississippi Republican leadership will stop at very little to try to scare voters into allowing them to continue violating state law and underfunding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, even if ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Education'

Instead of taking from Paul and Peter to fill up the rainy-day fund, maybe it's time for lawmakers to put the taxpayers' money where their mouths are.


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