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Legislative FY18 Budget Plan: Agencies Prepare to Operate at 'Leanest Levels'

Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn, who chairs the Legislative Budget Committee, said on Thursday that state agencies should be prepared to operate "efficiently and with potentially [fewer] dollars" in the ...

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Jackson Asks State to Pitch In for Capital

When the City Council passed its legislative agenda at its last regular meeting on Nov. 29, the members sent a message to the state legislature that emphasized the need for ...

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Lumumba Responds to Fake Websites

The Jackson mayoral race begins at the end of December, but already there are shenanigans with the candidates' and potential candidates' websites.

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Gov. Bryant Named Chairman of Education Commission of the States

The Education Commission of the States, a Colorado-based education policy research center, named Gov. Phil Bryant as chair-elect. Bryant will replace outgoing chairman Gov. Steve Bullock, the Democratic governor of ...

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U.S. Rep. Harper Slams Election Recounts, Calls Pence His 'Bellcap' on Votes

U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper, who just learned that he will help oversee federal elections, says the Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein campaigns are using vote recounts to portray the presidential ...

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Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Neal Gabler and many of the anti-Trump post-election protesters are wrong when they issue a blanket indictment of all Trump voters, millions of whom voted out of an economic desperation ...

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My, My Mississippi

Mississippi is the soil of my soul. My childhood in Waynesboro gave me the foundation to grow into a decades-long career songwriter, producer, and collaborator with artists like Patti LaBelle, ...

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Lawmakers Address Blight, Praise God

The capital city's blight, mainly visible in hundreds of abandoned properties, was a priority for concerned citizens who met with the Hinds County delegation to plan legislation that will address ...

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I’m a Patriot, Not a ‘Libtard’

A Republican friend from Mississippi State, whom I haven't seen in decades, wrote on my Facebook page recently that he reads my work, and he actually finds me quite conservative ...

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What’s Up with House Bill 1523?

In the language of people who refuse to fight in wars like Vietnam, Mississippians should have "conscientious objector" status if they do not want to recognize LGBT citizens' right to ...

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Stamps: Transition to Trump a Time of Opportunity for Jackson

Jackson City Councilman De'Keither Stamps met with members of President-elect Donald Trump's transitional team earlier this month in Washington as a part of a group of leaders of color from ...

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Election Over, But the Fight Continues

There's a rumbling in the auditorium. All eyes are focused on the stage, on the latest peddler of promise, the pied Piper of propaganda. Then a white guy sucker-punches a ...


Keep Fighting for Transparency in Mississippi

While the fight for the Legislature's contract with nonprofit EdBuild dominated headlines this past week, it is important to not get lost in the weeds.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Big Deal"

Trump's international business ventures launch U.S. politics into uncharted ethical waters, whether he likes to admit it or not.

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‘Surviving a Severe Political Butt Whooping’

"Jojo's Discount Dollar Store will host a series of weekly 'New Era Transition Holiday Sales Events.' Look out for weekly events in isle 7-and-2/5, starting with the 'Post Election Meltdown ...


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