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Gov. Bryant: 'Blue Lives Matter' and 'Sacred Cows' Need to Go

"Blue Lives Matter," Gov. Phil Bryant stated emphatically when he spoke from the Mississippi House of Representatives on Tuesday night, reiterating his legislative priorities in front of the state's elected ...

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Obama’s Legacy of Hope

President Barack Obama faced naysayers with quick wit and smiles and stood before us time and time again, owning his failures and offering a plan to resolve and excel.


It’s Math, Governor. Tax Cuts Hurt Revenue.

One of the key elements missing in discussions of Gov. Phil Bryant's recent budget cuts, the second wave of cuts in the State's current fiscal year, is the 40-plus tax ...

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Love & Revolution

For the Fongs, the last two weeks in December are about family, friends, fun, food and movies. Over that time, we saw "Loving," the story of Richard and Mildred Loving's ...

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Enough Teeth in the Campaign-finance Bill?

Lawmakers would no longer be able to use campaign finances to pay for personal cars, new suits, health clubs or slush funds once they leave office if House Speaker Philip ...

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More Budget Cuts Hitting State Services

The "efficiencies" buzzword rang across the Mississippi Capitol last summer as lawmakers met the people who provide services from maintaining the state's roads to administering the state's federal child-care funds ...

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We’ve Already Given Trump ‘A Chance’

This year, unlike any I remember, many of us—polls suggest it's a majority of Americans—will watch with a new level of trepidation. And we wonder, "What, exactly, should we give ...

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EdBuild: Mississippi Should 'Divorce' Education Policy from Spending

After a few quick months of touring around Mississippi, speaking with lawmakers, administrators, teachers and students, EdBuild released its 80-page recommendations report to Mississippi lawmakers, suggesting the state move to ...

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Governor Picks Legislators to Represent #msleg at Inauguration

Gov. Phil Bryant selected Sen. Joey Fillingane, R-Sumrall, and Rep. Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, to represent the Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday in ...

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UPDATED: New Jackson Infrastructure Bill; Virgi Lindsay to Run for Ward 7 Seat

During a small informal community meeting this morning, Mississippi Sen. David Blount, D-Jackson, explained a proposed bill to send an additional $24 million in tax revenue back to Jackson's crumbling ...

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Broadening the Tent: Lumumba Vows to Gain, Give Respect as Mayor

Chokwe Antar Lumumba says that addressing crime in a comprehensive way means getting to the core systemic issues that lead to many of Jackson's problems, including poverty and a lack ...

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The Truth About Snakes

As it sits, the Legislature is set to look at a lot of things, but some of the big ones concern changing our school-funding formula (MAEP); deciding whether or not ...


Leg, No Time to Wait for Trump on Transportation

Most lawmakers know infrastructure is a problem, but many dodge the question of how to fund solutions.

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Politics Cripple Superintendents Group

The Mississippi Association of School Superintendents is running out of funding, largely due to a last-minute change a few lawmakers made last session to the State's education budget bill, cutting ...

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Gov. Winter: Self-Made Hero on Road Less Traveled

Since Gov. William Winter fell on ice last Saturday, scaring the dickens out of so many people, I've been thinking about that congressman. Was it worth it to go along ...


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