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Do the Anti-42 Politicians Feel No Shame?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder why Mississippi's Republican Leadership seems to hate democracy so much?

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Kids Who Die in the Swamps

The notion of being seen and not heard has put our young people in a position that leaves them far behind, swimming beneath deep waves meant to contain, not to ...

City & County

The State Had Better Recognize Jackson’s Might

After months of brinksmanship, the City of Jackson and Mississippi State Fair Commission finally came to an agreement this week over security at the state fair, which begins today, Oct. ...

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Under Siege in America

Sadly, I feel physically safer in France, with its baguette-eating, cigarette-smoking, non-church-going, slightly rude and less social population than with gun-toting, Bible-thumping Americans.


State’s GOP Lawmakers Must Stop Pitting Poor Kids Against Sick People

Mississippi Republican leadership will stop at very little to try to scare voters into allowing them to continue violating state law and underfunding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, even if ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Education'

Instead of taking from Paul and Peter to fill up the rainy-day fund, maybe it's time for lawmakers to put the taxpayers' money where their mouths are.

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‘People Want True Things’

"I've been watching the presidential debates. In my very humble opinion, these debates look like an elite membership of millionaires vying to control the affairs of common folk."

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Jackson: All About Community

We live in a place where hospitality means everything, and it always amazes me that many people who move to the suburbs seem to lose that sense of community.

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Waving the Wrong Flag

Working-class southern whites have a right to feel rebellious. The problem is they're waving the wrong flag to show it.


We Need to Learn From Charter Schools Before Expanding Them

It is too early to deem charter schools a success or failure in Mississippi. We are witnessing the beginning of a limited experiment in privatized "public" education starting this year ...

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God Is Still in Public Schools

I am a high-school teacher and a Christian. And I have some great news: God is still in our public schools.

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On Education, Privilege and Empowerment

Payton Head, student body president at the University of Missouri, my alma mater, recently wrote that while walking through campus Sept. 11, a pickup truck full of white guys screamed ...


Another GOOD Idea: Improving Pregnancy Care

In a state with so many restrictions on sexual education and abortion, ostensibly to protect the health of women, the conventional wisdom should hold that Mississippi's pregnancy statistics should be ...

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One Hiccup Should Not Ruin FFT

Every time we have a hiccup, we can't boycott, we can't shut things down, we can't run from it. We all can learn from the mistakes, and all come out ...

Civil Rights

Your Turn—The Confederate Flag: A View from Tougaloo

Our state's continued waving of the Confederate battle flag is an indicator that our dark past is more prevailing than our bright future.

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Creating a Sense of Community

Before our kids venture off into school or seek out new places for recreation, it's the very streets where they grow up that give them their first introduction to a ...

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Need Solutions? Love The Problem

What Jackson needs, perhaps more than anything else, is more taxpaying people to help shoulder the burden and work on solutions.

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Time to Understand and Undo Racism

Awareness of differing viewpoints and cultures must happen: Ignorance needs to be dispelled and truths told in a safe environment with the purpose of moving forward on a continuum of ...

City & County

Real Transparency, Please, Not Smoke and Mirrors

One online dictionary defines transparency as "free from pretense or deceit," "easily detected or seen through" and "readily understood." However, too many government agencies at the local and state levels ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Warfighters'

Sen. Cochran, who came within a hair's width of losing his Senate seat in the Republican primary against state Sen. Chris McDaniel because of his penchant for pork-barrel spending over ...