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Denying Religious Freedom and Safety

By emphasizing removal rather than due-process protections, Gov. Phil Bryant demonstrates his apathy toward children who face certain bodily injury or death based on their beliefs.


Invest in Little Mississippians

Mississippi does not prepare kids for school early enough. As we report this week (See, "Early Ed: Critical to Child Success," page 17), the benefits of early education investment is ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Secure'

People wouldn't take guns to the polls—or anywhere—if they weren't anticipating that something might go down to cause them to brandish said weapon.

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Writings Define Mississippi’s Emotions

State Supreme Court Justice Randy "Bubba" Pierce, a Greene County native, is a writer and his latest novel, "Mississippi Mud," defines state politics in the very sense of this state's ...

Tease photo Editor's Note

Expanding Horizons Through Reading

Whether you read or not as an adult, it's important to teach children the value of reading.

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Righting Our Grand Failure

Mississippi's wellness buckets are full of stagnant swamp water. Most of us are familiar with the dismal statistics. Take your pick: teen pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, smoking, heart disease—our rates lead ...


Help Children, Don’t Attack Them

The situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, where thousands of Central American children are being detained, is grave.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Race-Baiting'

We're unsure if Tyner is confusing the Cochran campaign with himself, since he recently told reporters that Democrats who voted in the Republican runoff—the ones the Cochran campaign engaged to ...

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A Little Help From Our Affluent Friends

Ike On A Bike: "For many years as owner and chief tour guide of Village Ghetto Land Urban Tours, Incorporated, I've witnessed the steady decline and neglect of the Ghetto ...

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It’s Time to Change ‘The Game’

In most every election, we just move around the chess pieces but no one ever really wins, certainly not the voters.

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10 Years of Stopping Abuse: How and Why We Started the JFP Chick Ball

The JFP Chick Ball matters to people who don't usually get asked to help with fundraisers. It gets everyone involved. It raises awareness. It gives a way to talk about ...

Tease photo Domestic Violence

Don’t Ask Me to Forget

When I am asked why I often speak about my abuser and why I don't take his "feelings" into account, I cannot fathom any form of reaction and certainly no ...


Don’t Miss Chance to Fix PAC Problem

The Jackson Free Press doesn't often say, "we told you so," even if we did. But after the news cycle of the last week, in which unreported PAC activity in ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Everything'

The jury is still out on whether All Citizens for Mississippi, which Crudup helped start, is in compliance with all relevant federal election and campaign laws.

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That’s Not How Pregnancy Works

Sit back for a moment and think back to the long gone days of 2011. That was the year many of us were either working to ensure Initiative 26 (better ...

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The Ideal Woman

No amount of fat-shaming or skinny-shaming or "thinspiration" can change the fact that all women are different and none, really, has the "ideal body." While makeup, clothes and perfect hair ...

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Cochran, McDaniel: Bourbon vs. Populist, Again

The parallels between the Populist movement of the 1890s and today's Tea Party are striking, even though crucial differences also exist.


Mississippi Needs Election Investigation, Real Reform

The McDaniel campaign's determination to stay the course on possible election violations is oddly refreshing to us because it opens up a dialogue on how elections should actually be run.

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On Educational Funding

The Mississippi Economic Council recently completed its 19-city Pathway to Progress listening tour. In each of these meetings, the council polled business and civic leaders about the most important issues ...

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Meeting of Great Minds

Big Roscoe: "Boneqweesha Jones, Little Momma Roscoe and I had a meeting of great minds during Hot Wing Happy Hour at Clubb Chicken Wing last week. We contemplated starting an ...