Our Endorsement: Stanley Alexander for Hinds County District Attorney

In this primary election season, which concludes Aug. 4 with Democratic and Republic primaries that are likely to decide the outcomes of the November elections, like all elections, the issue ...

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About Those Racist Friends

You can't help but notice the unbelievably high number of comments on social media concerning the issue of what we should do about our "friends" who are racists.

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Courage is Courage, Even If It’s Caitlyn Jenner

Free doesn’t mean you’re free only if you agree with the majority. Just like courage, freedom is freedom.

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Stop Blaming Families for Education Shortfalls

When we discuss issues of achievement within education, particularly revolving around Jackson Public Schools, I see the same horrifying instance play out over and over again.


50th, Yet Again

The annual Casey Foundation Kids Count Data Book came out this week, and for Mississippi, the same drum that politicians, advocates and locals have been beating for years will continue ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Pay Grade'

We keep redefining marriage, and it's up to the courts to make sure those definitions align with the U.S. Constitution, not religious dogma. In fact, it's exactly what we pay ...

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Your Purses, Your Nunchucks

Boneqweesha Jones: "Is it that time of the year again? It is at Hair Did University School of Cosmetology and Vocational Studies."

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The Walls Come Tumbling Down

When marriage equality became the law of the land the morning of June 26, I kissed my husband and went right back to work.

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Stonewall, Jackson and the Little Moments that Matter Most

I've had more encounters with police in the three and a half years I've lived in Mississippi than ever before in my life.

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Answering a Need Not Being Met

Dorothy Day House is the only refuge for homeless families in Memphis, Tenn., the nation's poorest large metropolitan area.


GOP, Stop the Games Over Education Funding

Funding adequate education in the state of Mississippi has morphed into a political battle with consequences beyond school walls.

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Through a Child’s Eyes

Children deserve the security of feeling that everything is going to be OK. That they are safe and have nothing to worry about.

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End the Stigma of Domestic Abuse

Last week, a friend asked me if domestic violence is prevalent in Mississippi. The answer is yes.


Learn from History: Change the State Flag

Now, our elected leaders should get on the right side of history, listen to the will of the people and embrace progress. Change the flag.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Genocide'

When an advocate of southern secession doesn't sound that much different than a twice-elected governor, it's easy to see how much work there is left to do for reconciliation in ...

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A Shining Beacon of Light

Miss Doodle Mae: "This summer, the ill winds of intolerance, hatred, racism and terrorism have besieged the well-being of common people around this nation. Then comes a shining beacon of ...

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Of Bill Cosby, Frank Melton and Public Moralizing

You'd think that Bill Cosby's targets would have had more power than Frank Melton's troubled "boys," as he called them, but women of any race have never had credibility when ...

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History Repeats Itself in Mississippi After Marriage Decision

While it may not be the only sign of bigotry, discrimination is a clear, 10-million-watt, Vegas-strip, see-it-from-space sign of bigotry for anyone except for the willfully blind.

Civil Rights

Cities, Legislature Should Follow Jackson’s Lead on Hate Crimes

When the Legislature reconvenes in January, lawmakers should strengthen the state's hate-crime law by extending protections to LGBT people and developing uniform reporting standards for all law enforcement agencies.

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Stinker Quote(s) of the Week: ‘Good Ole Boy’ Talking Points By You, the Readers

We asked readers on Facebook to share some of the good-ole-boy/girl reasons they were seeing to keep the Confederate emblem in the Mississippi state flag.