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From Patriots to Panthers, a New ‘Rainbow Coalition’

Imagine what would happen if someone wore a Confederate flag button with clasped black and white hands to a Trump or Black Lives Matter rally. Given what we have seen ...

Civil Rights

Recognizing Racial Injustice in Incarceration

Criminal-justice reforms are not only necessary for cost savings to the state but also a necessity to work toward a more equitable justice system.

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The EpiPen Shock

Recently, news media outlets criticized pharmaceutical company Mylan for the price increase of the brand drug EpiPen. Within the timespan of only a couple of months, the price went up ...

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Think Global, Art Local

December is always an interesting month at the Jackson Free Press. Right after Thanksgiving, we promote local shopping with our Small Business Saturday focus and our local gift guides throughout ...

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Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Neal Gabler and many of the anti-Trump post-election protesters are wrong when they issue a blanket indictment of all Trump voters, millions of whom voted out of an economic desperation ...

City & County

Public Streets Must Be Open to All Residents

Crime will not go away if we build gates or walls. It will only fester on the other side until we all start doing our part to actually prevent it.

Tease photo Civil Rights

My, My Mississippi

Mississippi is the soil of my soul. My childhood in Waynesboro gave me the foundation to grow into a decades-long career songwriter, producer, and collaborator with artists like Patti LaBelle, ...

Tease photo Editor's Note

I’m a Patriot, Not a ‘Libtard’

A Republican friend from Mississippi State, whom I haven't seen in decades, wrote on my Facebook page recently that he reads my work, and he actually finds me quite conservative ...

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Election Over, But the Fight Continues

There's a rumbling in the auditorium. All eyes are focused on the stage, on the latest peddler of promise, the pied Piper of propaganda. Then a white guy sucker-punches a ...


Keep Fighting for Transparency in Mississippi

While the fight for the Legislature's contract with nonprofit EdBuild dominated headlines this past week, it is important to not get lost in the weeds.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Big Deal"

Trump's international business ventures launch U.S. politics into uncharted ethical waters, whether he likes to admit it or not.

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‘Surviving a Severe Political Butt Whooping’

"Jojo's Discount Dollar Store will host a series of weekly 'New Era Transition Holiday Sales Events.' Look out for weekly events in isle 7-and-2/5, starting with the 'Post Election Meltdown ...

Tease photo Editor's Note

We Can Be Scared Together

With the current political turmoil, I'm glad I got to attend TEDxJacksonWomen. It was a bright spot in the midst of a hairy election cycle, and now it can be ...

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The Founders: American Gods

In 1787, the Founding Fathers met at the Constitutional Convention and crafted the U.S. Constitution. It was a watershed moment, and to many today, the creation of this abstract ideal ...


Post-Election Mississippi: Engage, Educate, Vote

If you weren't engaged in the great American democratic process before Nov. 8, we ask that you get engaged now.

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Post-Trump Guilt and Fear

I can't sleep, for Donald Trump is to be our next U.S. president. It's astonishing, horrifying, unnerving, embarrassing, deeply saddening and real.

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The Impolite Free Press in the Age of Trump

Let's get this straight off the bat: There is no one reason that Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won enough electoral votes last week to become president.

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Gentleman Caller: Always About a 'Black Person, a Black Person, a Black Person'

A caller to the Jackson Free Press today complained that we cover far too many black people and now to find some white people to write about.


Address Trauma to Stop Youth Crime Cycles

Violence can sow seeds of fear in a community, but scientifically speaking, it literally leaves trauma in its wake. The psychological damage of witnessing violence can lead to more severe ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: ‘We Have Not Changed Our Conclusion’

There has been much hoopla and speculation as to why Comey publicly announced the FBI was looking at more emails in the first place, especially this close to the election.