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Backward Toward Selma

Macye Chatman was a wide-eyed, Tennessee-bred, 19-year-old Tuskegee student in 1965 who turned civil-rights activist after seeing the level of racism and segregation practiced in the Deep South.


Stop Ignoring Health Needs of Women

It is time to stop pandering to voters who don't care about the people in our state. Let's change the narrative to one that makes a lick of sense.

Tease photo Civil Rights

To Finish What They Started

Just like the dichotomy attached to President Obama's election, Selma reminds us of how far we have to go.

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Women Who Rock

Ever since I began listening to The Donnas as a 14-year-old, I grew fascinated with women in rock 'n' roll. And though bands like Paramore wouldn't survive without women like ...

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Story Evoking Story

There is something about the telling of one's personal story in a non-accusatory way, without an agenda or trying to change someone else, that allows the forgotten stories of the ...

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The Most Vital Word in Eco-Development

If Jackson develops a strong medical technology cluster, we might see a number of different places that could both attract talent and where talent could land when things need to ...

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Exodus from Cootie Creek, Ga.

Brother Hustle: "Welcome to another Compensatory Investment Request support group meeting. Now that the cold, wintery weather appears to be behind us, it's time for our ideas and aspirations to ...

Tease photo Civil Rights

Stinker Quote of the Week: 'History'

The $100 million in "extra" funds Reeves is crowing about is still only about $200 million shy of the bare minimum schools need per the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.


City Must Make Public Info Available

The city must treat access to public records with the same seriousness as its compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act and the United States Environmental Protection Agency Consent Decree, ...

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Because I Proved Him Wrong

In the last few weeks, I've seen so many men on social media comment about how male privilege isn't real. But it is, and it needs to be stopped. We ...

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A Woman Who Changed My Life

Before college, I was fortunate enough to work with a program called JTPA. The program placed teenagers in real work situations for on-the-job training.


Stop Meting Out Harmful School Discipline

Education advocates, especially those focused on getting rid of disparities in public education for African American students, recognize the detrimental effects of suspension and expulsion.

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What to Do About Downtown

The boom downtown, such as it is, is paradoxically not a commercial boom. It is residential.

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Setting Up Women for Failure ... or Success

Too many people are still in denial about the way our culture treats even successful and educated women differently. So it makes a lot of sense that poor and less-educated ...

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Recipes for Extremism

In his National Prayer Breakfast speech, President Barack Obama attempted to bridge the gap between Christians and Muslims when he rightfully stated that extremists who commit evil acts in the ...

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The New World Order of Things

Boneqweesha Jones: "In this New World Order era, today's employers seek dedicated workers with more brains than brawn."

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Behavior'

One can practically hear the groans of defense attorneys upon learning that their cases will be tried in the court of Judge Jeff Weill, a former Republican member of the ...

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MDOC Transparency and Execution Secrecy Don’t Mix

Mississippi can't have it both ways. We cannot stamp out corruption at the state and local levels and, at the same time, hide behind a veil of secrecy when it ...


How to Lower Teen Pregnancy

Women in Mississippi live in a state with some of the most oppressive laws in regards to reproductive health in the nation.

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The Executioner’s Hood

America has a schizophrenic relationship with the death penalty. Many of us want to eliminate those who commit egregious, heinous crimes, but most don't want the personal or social guilt ...