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I Am A Feminist

We need to remind women of all races, ages and creeds that it is absolutely OK to ask for equality.


Jackson Needs a Transparency Movement

Every time Jackson has a city election, the Jackson Free Press news team spends the last week or so following the money, trying to track down shadowy, unregistered or unreported, ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Retain'

Speaker Gunn's early advocacy for a teacher-pay increase led to legislative dialogue and, ultimately, a spitting match with Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves over who loves teachers more.

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The Bill Collector at the Door

BoneQweesha Jones: "You are watching the Ghetto Science Team Public Television spring fund-raising marathon. The federal government's budget cuts are kicking our butts at G.S.T. Public Television."

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The Amazing Toughness of Kids

All kids need is love and attention, and they'll grow into amazing people; just look at the roster of our Amazing Teens, which includes National Honor Society members, community volunteers, ...

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The 'Obama Effect' and the Jackson Mayoral Race

As local news stations and media outlets continually display nefarious activities committed by young African American men, it’s refreshing to witness young African American men being featured for reasons other ...

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‘Old South’: More Discussion Needed

In 2014, it's sometimes difficult to believe that individuals still exist who do not see the offensiveness of the Confederate flag and celebrating the "Old South" culture.


Vote Chokwe A. Lumumba on April 22

The JFP continues to support Chokwe A. Lumumba for mayor on April 22 and look forward to Yarber's continued leadership on city council.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Qualify'

While it's not fair to lay all the blame at Sheriff Lewis' feet, it's his jail now, and he has to answer for any mistakes that happen out there.

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In Love of Humanity

Change, like time, has no care for how you feel or if you are ready for it. It shows up when it wants and makes itself known. We must choose ...

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As Shepard Lay Dying

Local theater man John Maxwell could not have known when he decided to stage "The Laramie Project" in downtown Jackson at Galloway Methodist Church just how impeccable his timing would ...

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Kappa Alpha Order and the Old South

To be fair, I never saw any Confederate uniforms or flags in any of the pictures I saw on social media. But the antebellum suits and dresses remind me of ...

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The Police State That Was Mississippi

One out of every four adult Americans now has a police record. Louisiana and Mississippi lead the nation in putting people behind bars.


Bypass the Legislature on MAEP, Medicaid LGBT Rights

In the past six years alone, under a Republican-led Senate and, until 2012, a Democratic-led House of Representatives, MAEP has been shorted by more than $1 billion.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Proud'

If Gov. Bryant was so proud of his signing the bill, he would have held a public signing ceremony and invited the news media. But instead of creating a space ...

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Singin’ the Inner-City Blues

"What is happening to inner-city people these days? I always believed that folk living in urban communities were strong enough to endure and overcome oppression. Now, It looks like the ...

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Big, Bad Chef of the Week

We must believe in our own power—to change hateful laws and to vote out every single person who tries to keep us mired in a Jim Crow-type world. Stand up, ...

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SB2681: A Sinister and Heinous Attempt to Unseparate Church and State

On its surface, Religious Freedom Restoration Act appears to harmlessly promote an individual's religious right. But similar to an iceberg, the body of the bill is latent through a form ...

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Do It for Jackson

We have to stop giving ground and begin to stand firm on our belief that Jackson will win.


Stop the Death Penalty Now, Mississippi

If you were unsure last week whether Mississippi should immediately declare a moratorium on the death penalty, then now it's hard to deny the evidence.