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A Union Presence

Even the unofficial presence of a union and its supporters help workers long before an election is held and can force a company to act right.


Dads Are Great, But Don’t Ignore Moms

Most problematic—and indeed dangerous—is the underlying implication that the mere presence of adult testosterone is some kind of magic wand that can solve all problems.

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On Life and Crime in South Jackson

I don't like the term "black-on-black crime." Crime is crime, and it happens in all communities, some more than others. The difference is in how we organize as a community ...

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Every Single Life Matters

We're living through one of those difficult times in Jackson when fear and distrust of "the other" reach a fevered pitch due to a high-profile crime.

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The Best Jackson Has to Offer

Jackson has no shortage of cool people, places and things to do. The stiff competition during Best of Jackson makes that clear. The creativity, enthusiasm and hospitality of our city ...


Keep Lifting Up the Dialogue in Jackson

In the last week or so, Jackson Free Press editors have been participating in encouraging conversations on social media and the Nextdoor neighborhood sites, and in the office, about preventing ...

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Awesome Quote of the Week: 'Opportunity'

Surprise, sur-freaking-prise that Jeff Good, one of the city's most unwavering cheerleaders and all-around nicest dudes, would have the line that best captures the spirit of the Best of Jackson.

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Hustlin’ to be the Best

Brother Hustle: "Welcome to the first meeting of the 2015 Compensatory Investment Request Support Group."

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Acknowledging Our ‘Best’ Once Again

You hold in your hands (or you're viewing online) the culmination of many months' worth of planning and effort—the 2015 Best of Jackson issue.

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We Must Finish King’s Work

Unfortunately, many have reduced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to a mere dreamer and tried to remove the work he was doing at the end of his life from all ...


City Needs A Stronger Customer-Relations Framework

After eight months in office, Mayor Tony Yarber points to his office's listening tours, which travel around the city and give citizens an opportunity to air their grievances, as one ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Change'

The way Snowden and the Republican leadership are trying to ram the alternative amendment through, it's clear that they're opposed to adequate school funding, no matter what the constitution says ...

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Another Do-Nothing Legislature?

For the past four years, I have read almost every bill presented to the House and Senate, and most of them are complete and utter nonsense.

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More to Lose If I Don’t

On the no-frills DASH diet, I have given up nothing that matters to me; cutting back sodium has been the hardest, because it's in so much more than just the ...

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Jesus, the Migrant

In her new book "Jesus Was A Migrant," writer Deirdre Cornell says migration is central to "biblical spirituality" and the chosen people themselves were "displaced, uprooted, homeless" migrants.

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Don’t Waste Your Mind

Boneqweesha Jones: "I recall a time when I brought in the new year uninspired, hopeless and alone watching a New Year program. New Year's Day was just another day for ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Winning'

The logical assumption is that Gov. Bryant hasn't spent a lot of time around people in poverty considering that he and his fellow Republicans can only seem to come up ...


Lawmakers: Don’t Waste Time on Gay-Marriage Ban

Though it's not clear what the Legislature can do to ensure that same-sex marriage will remain banned in the state, lawmakers will probably try to this session—if for no other ...

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Are Mississippi Officials Deadbeats?

The situation in Mississippi may be dire, but it's not hopeless. There are opportunities to drastically—not incrementally—improve things in Mississippi, but our leadership seems fixated on solutions looking for problems.

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I Am Not My Father

My father was very intent on ensuring that we knew who we were and where we came from. He wanted us to be aware of this world and its prejudices ...