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How America Sees ‘Them’

With the recent extrajudicial killings, i.e. murders, of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Paul O'Neal, Tyre King, Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott, as well as the attempted murder of Charles ...


Save the Arts, Save the Arts Council

By cutting funding to the Greater Jackson Arts Council, the City of Jackson administration ends a 35-year-long legacy of providing access to funding and support for those with the least ...

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Define Your Scar

We all have scars. I know mine is a physical scar, and others' might be mental, but it's there. My scar is a source of strength, power and love of ...

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It Started With Ramen

I had real ramen for the first time last year at one of the Mississippi Museum of Art's Museum After Hours events. And I don't mean the instant kind. I ...

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I’m a Mississippian by Choice—Twice

Wait, you were out of Jackson ... and you came back?" The man's face was incredulous. He couldn't understand why someone would leave Jackson, Miss., and then consciously return. But ...


Help Kids with Action and Planning, Not Ego

It's a tough time for children in Jackson, and in Mississippi overall. Truthfully, at least when it comes to poor children, the state has never been especially kind or helpful ...

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A Stranger in a Foreign Land

My heart skipped a beat and then pounded so hard that I thought it was coming out of my chest. What had the pretty little French store clerk said? My ...

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The Right to Be Politically Incorrect

As I saw all the anger that mostly white people were hurling at Colin Kaepernick for simply taking a knee to make a point, I could see how much his ...

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On Post-9/11 Unity

When people recall the events of 9/11, they generally view it as a day of immense tragedy. Yes, heroic actions took place that no billion-dollar comic-book movie will ever be ...

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Don’t Let Up on the State Flag: It Must Change

Mississippians have attempted to change the state flag in several venues: ballot initiatives, lawsuits and petitioning lawmakers to pass legislation. So far, nothing has worked.

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Normalizing White Supremacy

Upon reading an article that author David Edwards wrote about an interview on CNN where host Soledad O'Brien had a few things to say about the network "profiting off the ...

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Looking for Leaders, Equitable Thinking

For years, I figured I'd like to go through Leadership Greater Jackson, but it "wasn't the year" for me—not enough time to commit or money or both—but this year, when ...

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What Makes Ole Miss Special

With the University of Mississippi's decision to discontinue the use of "Dixie" at athletic events, the all-too-predictable uproar of those who site "heritage," "tradition," and "political correctness" surfaced in Internet ...

City & County

City Must Pick Up the Pieces, Move On

The City of Jackson needs to do whatever it takes to keep from being ruled and stagnated by rumors and lawsuits. And let's be honest, after the lawsuits filed against ...

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A Topsy-Turvy World

I didn't make it to the recent Donald Trump rally in Jackson, but I'm sure my ears would have perked up as soon as the Republican presidential candidate began attacking ...

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Trump, Bryant Stooping for Nervous White Vote

You can't make it up. The governor who is fighting to enact an anti-LGBT law in Mississippi is working diligently to get the Ku Klux Klan's choice for president elected ...

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It's Time for Mississippi to Come Together on the Confederate Flag

"We must support our universities who have stepped up to the plate and decided to fight for what they know is right. We have to let them know that we ...

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In July, I returned from an eye-opening trip to Cuba with the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance. During our 10-day excursion, we met with scholars and local experts to learn about ...


Mississippi, Time for More Women in Office

It's 2016, a year that some would argue is historic in nature, as women around the country watch another woman heading a major political party's campaign for the White House. ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Safe'

Donald Trump thinks he knows what the American people want, but he has no idea when it comes to what matters most to "minorities."