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Mississippi: The Next Stage for Progressivism?

A lot is changing in my home state, and the change here says much about the South today.


Yarber Needs New Attitude with Council

In the last two mayoral administrations, Jackson City Council members have griped about not receiving adequate or timely information from the administration. We have found merit in those complaints.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Skin'

Corporal punishment in parenting has entered into mainstream conversation among political pundits after the Minnesota Vikings deactivated and then reinstated running back Adrian Peterson amid child-abuse charges.


10 Years Ago: Debating the Convention Center

Convention business in the U.S. is indeed tough, most convention centers lose money, and the economic benefit of a convention center can vary dramatically.

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Inside the Lens

If you see something cool, take a photo. A friend once told me that she doesn't understand photographers who never seem to have their camera with them; who never see ...

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Hosemann Twists Voter ID Facts, Again

At last July's Neshoba County Fair, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann upped the ante on the usual GOP talking points of "business good, government bad"; state's rights; Obama's failures.


MPB: Don’t Treat Us Like Children

Once again, Mississippi Public Broadcasting—which receives public dollars—has initiated a form of censorship to keep certain controversial content away from a Mississippi audience.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Terminating'

Short of getting himself elected commander-in-chief or asking President Obama very nicely, Bryant is likely fighting a losing battle against these immigrant children.

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You Say ‘Riot,’ I Say ‘Uprising’

Mr. Announcer: "In the ghetto criminal-justice system, the people are represented by members of the newly established Ghetto Science Community Peace Keeping Unit: police officer and part-time security guard at ...

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Taggart’s Mission Commendable

Andy Taggart, an attorney from Madison who is the former chief of staff to Gov. Kirk Fordice and an author, recently spoke in the Delta to drug-court graduates about the ...

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About Those Pesky ‘Soft Skills’

I want young Mississippians to have a shot at their full potential—and not have to leave their own damn state to do it.

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‘New Day, New Way’ at Lanier High School

As the first high school built for African American children in the city of Jackson, as well as the oldest high school still in operation, Lanier High School was designated ...


Dialogue Around Costco Needs to Improve

The announcement that Costco wants to build in Jackson on Lakeland Drive has created a rift between those who are thrilled that Costco wants to bring 235 decent-paying jobs into ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Reasonable'

In responding to St. Lawrence University professor Alan Draper's critique of Mississippi's voter-identification requirement, Hosemann enumerates the steps his office followed and data it collected to implement the law to ...

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Bad Habits Start Young

Our junk-food habits contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic and the related illnesses later in life. In Mississippi, the state Department of Health reported in 2009 that 40 percent of ...

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What’s It Like Living LGBT in Mississippi?

When I say that some LGBT Mississippians are afraid to come out of the closet and live authentic lives, it's not theoretical or an intellectual decision—they are genuinely afraid for ...


Media: No One’s An ‘Angel’

The New York Times' description of Michael Brown is part of a much wider and more troubling trend of the way media cover the deaths of young black men, compared ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Diversity'

It seems to us that if there's an imbalance in JPS' diversity, Whitwell should be asking his constituents—or better yet himself—how to fix it, not Dr. Gray.

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From Gaza to Ferguson

Miss Doodle Mae: "The staff of Jojo's Discount Dollar Store are very nervous, anxious and stressed out because the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, television, radio, newspapers and magazines constantly report ...

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The Difference Between Leadership and Authority

People who have authority over you can tell you what to do; people who offer leadership make you want to follow them, and they tend to make you feel safe.