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Setting Up Women for Failure ... or Success

Too many people are still in denial about the way our culture treats even successful and educated women differently. So it makes a lot of sense that poor and less-educated ...

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Recipes for Extremism

In his National Prayer Breakfast speech, President Barack Obama attempted to bridge the gap between Christians and Muslims when he rightfully stated that extremists who commit evil acts in the ...

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The New World Order of Things

Boneqweesha Jones: "In this New World Order era, today's employers seek dedicated workers with more brains than brawn."

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Behavior'

One can practically hear the groans of defense attorneys upon learning that their cases will be tried in the court of Judge Jeff Weill, a former Republican member of the ...


MDOC Transparency and Execution Secrecy Don’t Mix

Mississippi can't have it both ways. We cannot stamp out corruption at the state and local levels and, at the same time, hide behind a veil of secrecy when it ...


How to Lower Teen Pregnancy

Women in Mississippi live in a state with some of the most oppressive laws in regards to reproductive health in the nation.

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The Executioner’s Hood

America has a schizophrenic relationship with the death penalty. Many of us want to eliminate those who commit egregious, heinous crimes, but most don't want the personal or social guilt ...

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You’ve Got Mail

Rather than being disheartened that so much slips under the radar, it's a relief to learn just how wrong people are when they say, "There's nothing to do in Jackson."

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A Long Apprenticeship

Some of my favorite fiction writers got their training banging out newspaper stories, like hardboiled master James Cain, but Hemingway had another point when he said getting "out of it ...


Lawmakers: Stop Playing Politics with People’s Lives, Especially Children

We're grateful that, at least on the vaccination front, conspiracy theories and pseudo science haven't kept the state from requiring sensible vaccinations for children, while allowing some room for exemptions.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Abysmal'

Mississippi's public-education system may be challenged by chronic generational poverty and woeful underfunding, among other things, but one would be hard-pressed to say the state of education is abysmal in ...

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Need a Ride to Work?

Rev. Cletus: "This is your car-selling pastor closing out another blessed broadcast from Ghetto Science Team Radio. Before I sign off, I want to share my thoughts about Mr. James ...

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Jackson Needs Talent, Technology and Tolerance

There's significant opportunity for Jackson to be a hub of creativity and productivity by connecting some important dots.

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LGBTQ Americans Need Support of Everyday Folk

Now, with marriage equality poised to become the law of the land when the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the cases coming out of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of ...


Don’t Prematurely Nix Prison Reform

It really doesn't come as a big surprise that an effort is now under way to scale back last year's package of sweeping criminal-justice reform bills.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Statistical'

As Mississippi's prison system, which has been plagued by scandal, remains under a microscope for the alleged misdeeds of its former commissioner, it would be nice if the agency could ...

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The Greatest of These Is Love

I'm thinking a lot about love these days. As of Feb. 9, in my hometown of Birmingham, Ala., same-sex couples can go to the same courthouse office that my husband ...

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Loving Beyond Fear

The twisting of religion to promote and excuse hate, separation and violence over love, togetherness and safety turned me off from organized faith for a long time, and I still ...

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Male Privilege: I Am the Problem

As men, some of us are likely to "gag" every single time the issue of male privilege comes up. Though we gag, that still doesn't negate the fact that we ...


Don’t Politicize Special-Needs Education

Recent legislative deliberations, which come in the context of a larger debate over Mississippi's education crisis, have a whiff of election-year pandering in the same way politicians try to churn ...