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What I Don’t Need from Men

What exactly is a "consciously awake woman," and why exactly do you want to be one? The writer, Kelly Marceau, says the key to being consciously awake is self-awareness.

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Punishing Children for the Sins of their Legislators

Our children have been set up to fail, based largely on lack of funding, a stalwart position of the Bryant administration.

City & County

Jackson, Suburbs Must Bridge Mistrust, Reach Smart Compromise

Not even officials with the West Rankin Utility Authority, which is made up of cities along the eastern side of Pearl River, disagree that building a new wastewater treatment plant ...

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One Drop at a Time

Every day, I hear people calling one another out. Liberals call out conservatives, and the reverse is also true. It’s a game of gotcha, where one side tries to shame ...


Stop Taxing Schools With Underfunding

Because JPS's budget comes from City of Jackson millage rates, local property taxpayers are ultimately on the hook if the district needs to increase its budget request due to insufficient ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'One'

In a rare show of unity between Reeves and Gov. Phil Bryant, the GOP leadership teamed up to criticize the move by Kidd, to whom they repeatedly referred as a ...

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Shot in the Back

Mr. Announcer: "In the ghetto criminal-justice system, the people are represented by members of the newly established Ghetto Science Community Peace Keeping Unit."

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Woman, Be Free

pain doesn't stop hurting because you stop thinking about it. It will not go away because you've retreated into yourself. Pain is only released through freedom.

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Creating Better People

It's hard to watch a grown man cry. It's even harder to see a distinguished judge break down in front of an audience decades after a white teacher lied about ...

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Crossroads = Creativity

I and other writers, including Genevieve Legacy, Richard Coupe, Ronni Mott and R.L. Nave contributed to this cover package, reviewing films that cover everything from Depression-era Mississippi, to a wandering ...

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Mississippi Needs to Embrace Voting Reforms

Mississippi ought to send a positive message to the country and embrace voting reforms that make our state better.

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You Are Welcome Here

My job at HRC Mississippi is to work with others to create a state where everyone is welcome. Or to put it this way, that the "hospitality state" truly embodies ...


State’s Film Incentives Should Focus on Local Workforce

There is no doubt that the state's film incentives have revolutionized the movie industry in Mississippi.

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It’s Time to Question Vaccinations

Immunization is one of the greatest public-health achievements in the 20th century, but as with all medications, vaccines can harm. We should be asking why some children experience severe reactions, ...

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An Open Letter to Our Teachers

I don't doubt for a second that there are bad teachers who just show up to collect a paycheck, but I can't recall ever having a teacher who I didn't ...

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Of ‘Scandal,’ ‘Empire’ and Hot Chicken Wings

Big Roscoe: "Little Momma Roscoe conducted a Clubb Chicken Wing customer survey during last week's Hot Wing Happy Hour. Our customers, who are fans of television shows like 'Empire,' suggested ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Plan'

We're not sure the Yarber does have a plan. For one, he made the announcement during a regularly scheduled media briefing and, apparently, didn't give the city council a heads ...


City Needs to Be Proactive, Not Dramatic

If there's anything Jackson doesn't need to continue, it's needing to panic at the 11th hour before the city administration and others weren't more proactive in fixing and planning for ...

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Black Folk Do ... Make Films

This year, I am returning to launch the Independent Black Film Collective, an organization that aims to bring more diversity within the film-festival community.

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Backward Toward Selma

Macye Chatman was a wide-eyed, Tennessee-bred, 19-year-old Tuskegee student in 1965 who turned civil-rights activist after seeing the level of racism and segregation practiced in the Deep South.