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The Democratic Old Guard

In March, when Bernie Sanders stood on the podium at the "March on Mississippi" in Canton and told the crowd that "the eyes of the country and the eyes of ...

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Pointing Fingers Won’t Help Mental Health Crisis

Mississippi's mental-health care problems are not secrets, and yet only when the DOJ sues the state and after speaking with some community advocates does the governor start talking about community-based ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'No Crisis'

Gov. Phil Bryant railed against the media three separate times while speaking at the Mental Health Summit at the Jackson Hilton last week.

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A Health-Care Oligarchy

"The politicians are diligent, persistent and determined to establish a health-care oligarchy. The tables are tilted toward the rich, and the game is rigged against the poor."

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Oh, The Places I May Go

It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat from south Jackson or a Republican from Rankin County. We can all agree that the city needs help.

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Onward and Upward

Our new mayor deserves the infusion of the collective genius of all who are part of our city. This genius cannot be parked along the sidelines of stagnation. This genius ...

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Address Racial Bias in Policing Now, Not Later

Discriminatory policing has always been a reality in Mississippi, where too many cops have long enforced deeply held racial stereotypes. The excuse from many people is that, well, more black ...

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One Mayoral Candidate’s Journey

My experience with running for mayor of Jackson was tremendous. I met so many great people that I probably would have never come across had I not jumped in with ...

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Doers, Builders, Creators: Let’s Get Organized

I've been saying it for a hot minute about Jackson, and particularly about creatives, professionals and local business interests in Jackson—we need to get organized.

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Thank a Teacher Today, and Every Day

I often say that teachers are the people who make the magic happen for students in the classroom.

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AHCA Would Result in More Uninsured, Costlier Coverage in the South

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the current healthcare legislation proposed by Congress—the American Health Care Act, or AHCA—would cause 24 million people to lose health insurance coverage by 2026.

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Taking the Leap, Finally

As of April 28, I no longer have to clock in for someone else. I am my own boss. I am the chief operating officer for the Kundi Compound, a ...

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To Fix Schools, Fix the Leadership

Until we figure out a way to give every school district a top-notch superintendent, every school a competent principal, and every classroom a qualified teacher, we will not improve the ...

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It’s Time to Start Talking About Equity in Education

Legislative Republicans gave themselves pats on the back this session for funding the School Recognition Program, which rewards teachers primarily in "A" and "B" schools around the state with salary ...

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How All Can Help Teenagers Graduate

Graduation is the most important time for seniors. This is the beginning of the transition from high school to college, and the transition from being told you are just a ...

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Voices of Our Youth: Encouraging Diversity

Following are winning entries in Elmore & Peterson Law Firm's "Encouraging Diversity—Voices of Our Youth" creative competition for students, which the Jackson Free Press co-sponsored.

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Next Mayor Must Lead on Preventing Youth Crime

As I type, the polls for the mayoral primaries are still open, and the outcome is uncertain. What I do know is that Jackson must adopt a new attitude when ...

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Look Ahead But Stay Present in the Jackson Mayor’s Race

As I look back on the many years I spent living in the city of Jackson, romanticism sometimes begins to set in.

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Vetoing Criminal Reforms Shortsighted, Dangerous

Whether it was due to a "mistake" or a poison pill inserted at the last hour, Gov. Phil Bryant vetoed House Bill 1033 last week after both houses passed the ...

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Getting Ready for the ‘Mother of All Bombs’

Mr. Announcement: "Ghetto Science Public Affairs Network television presents coverage of Clubb Chicken Wing's Emergency Preparedness and Strategic Planning Hot Wing Happy Hour. Your moderator for this session is Congressman ...