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Ego, and the Fear of Losing

We power up each step. We rise higher and higher. We feel our legs become heavy. We make one last push to the top. We reach the top of the ...


VA, Please Listen to Veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has taken a step, albeit a small one, in the right direction. They've admitted they have a problem, specifically with wait times for military ...

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Taking the Leap

I cannot step into my leadership—my calling—without taking my team with me. We must all rise together. This realization and this bold honesty has transformed me. I am convinced that ...

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The Art and Craft of Dak Prescott

I love that the 23-year-old tells anyone who will listen that his success so far is about how hard he works on his craft. It's almost like he is intentionally ...

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Within Our Lifetime

I recently spent three days in St. Louis with 10 brilliant people from the Within Our Lifetime Network strategizing on how to end racism. While we had planned this gathering ...


Face, Vote the Truth About Juvy Detention

With so much knowledge at our disposal, we are running out of excuses not to fix juvenile justice in Hinds County.

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From a War Zone to Pink Skies

One thing I've always liked about the world is its beauty. The skies are blue and pink. The palm trees, the landmarks, everything I notice about the world are beautiful ...

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Jackson Teens Need Mentors, Opportunity

If Reeves and other state GOP officials really want to see crime come down in the capital city, are they ready to allocate resources to both academic education, early-education and ...

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If Donald and Melania Trump Were Black

Both Donald and Melania Trump have access to a certain “freedom”: The freedom of being white in America.

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Keep Breaking the Glass Ceiling

A couple of weeks ago, I posted something to Facebook that I thought could possibly get some political backlash from my conservative friends and family: "Regardless of politics, the fact ...

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Black, Gay and Christian: Balancing the Equality Scale

I am black, Christian, genderqueer and gay. I chose to be neither the former, nor the latter; it is a gift. None of my identities contradicts the other, despite which ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Law and Order'

We can all work toward a fair, orderly, inviting state (for all) and still hold cops accountable.

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We Need Leadership, Organization, Openness

The only mayor any of us should elect is one with a laser focus on getting our city organized to solve our problems together. We need real leadership now.

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On Depression and Suicide

Living in a way in which I'm intending to solve my problems instead of succumbing to them puts me in a position to actually affect a positive turnout to the ...

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The Rights of Working People

A longstanding French tradition upholds the rights of working people—and it goes back as far as the 1789 revolution with the so-called "sans-culottes" who were too poor to afford the ...


Mr. Trump, We Are All Immigrants

This is a nation built on immigration. Unless you are Native American, you are not indigenous to this country.

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Crossing Into Equality

Regardless of where it happens, when a cop kills an unarmed, unthreatening black man, the lives that action touches don't stop with his mother, wife or children. It affects all ...

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The Road Less Traveled in Jackson

Young Jacksonians are literally the city's future. We must listen to them, take their advice, invite them into spaces where they've never been and introduce them to museums, restaurants and ...


Mindsets Must Change to Stop Juvenile Crime

Assumptions that a citizen execution is appropriate for a property crime and that certain young people can't be helped and should be locked up are at the crux of our ...

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Mississippi’s Relentless Pursuit of the LGBT Community

"It feels like the state will never stop pursuing us," said Joce Pritchett as she testified under oath in a federal courtroom in Jackson recently. She was describing what it ...