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Do You Have a Seat at the Table?

Where Mississippians once led at the forefront of the movement for change, it looks as though we have become content and reliant upon others.


Lawmakers: Stop Using Transgender Citizens as Political Pawns

In a state where lawmakers couldn't make domestic violence grounds for divorce, the same group of legislators claim that the protection of girls and women informs their decision to demand ...

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‘Thank God for Alabama’ Now Has New Meaning

Growing up in Mississippi, it seemed we were always competing with Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana over which state could be the worst in education, health care, economic development and other ...

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Juvenile Crime: Identify the Problem

It may not be your fault, but it is your problem. It's our problem. And so far, solving problems seems to be pretty much our saving grace as a species—which ...

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The Lessons That Matter

Before the last chapter in your journey as a child is complete, let's review what you have learned as you matriculated through school. Not mathematical formulas, historical dates or scientific ...

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2016 Legislative Session a Bust

The new Republican supermajority succeeded in making the 2016 Mississippi Legislative Session one of the least productive and most contentious on record. Aside from those accomplishments, the 2016 Session was ...


Lawmakers: Stop the Shortsighted, Dangerous Budget Cuts

Several state agencies are looking at budget cuts for the coming fiscal year, and a reduction in services to Mississippians—from mental-health care to rehabilitation treatment—will inevitably put pressure on local ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Disregard'

After President Obama issued a directive to school districts on curbing sex-based discrimination, specifically against students who do not identify with the gender commonly linked to their biological sex, Gov. ...

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First Lady Sadie-Mae

Mr. Announcement: "Ghetto Science Public Affairs Network TV presents First Lady Sadie-Mae McBride's graduation commencement speech at Hair Did University School of Cosmetology and Vocational Education. We join the first ...

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A Flower Child at Heart

There's something refreshing about the changing seasons, and I experience it more when the trees bloom and storefronts open their doors to greet those rising from their hibernation under long ...

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Having the Space to Try New Ways to Prevent Crime

It's critical for the City of Jackson to have solid coverage of our efforts to try new approaches at crime reduction. It is equally critical that the citizens of Jackson ...


Using Evidence to Bridge Partisan Gaps

Of all the things the Legislature did this year, a budgeting strategy that could potentially save the state wasted dollars in the long-term and ensure taxpayer dollars fund successful programs ...

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Powerful Enough to Tear Us Down

If words are powerful enough to build us up, then certainly one can see they'd be strong enough to tear us down.

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Living the Dream in Post-1523 Mississippi

Progressive thinkers here are working to leave hate-drenched politics behind, to get enough people motivated to vote to use our purple demographics to send a strong message at the polls ...

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Needed: Public Engagement in Policing

It takes more than policing to "cut down on crime" and create safer neighborhoods. It takes a village, quite literally. Community engagement is crucial to keeping neighborhoods and cities safe.

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From Guns to HB 1523, The Unalienable Rights of Conviction, Conscience and Free Exercise

In 2016, I believe we are seeing the same thing happen with respect to our very First Freedoms—the freedoms of conscience and religious liberty.


Let the Suffering End

Gov. Bryant, I beg you to get rid of this bill. I know many have gone through or are going through what I did. Let the suffering end. Bring hatred ...

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A French Government Official Weighs in on Nissan

A top deputy in the French National Assembly is calling on the French government to weigh in on behalf of workers at the giant Nissan plant in Canton who want ...

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Time to Be a Voice for the Silent

I'm not often at a loss for words. I can talk about almost anything. Body image. Sex. Politics. Food. The sinking of the Titanic. Why I like cats more than ...

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Reflections on Islamic Heritage Month

The Islamic Heritage Festival is Saturday, April 30.