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Mr. Barbour, Stop Insulting Black People

A few days ago I popped on the Jackson Free Press website to see what's going on in the city and noticed the interview with Ward 1 County Supervisor candidate ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Important'

As one of the state's top law enforcement officials, Jim Hood probably has more power to clean up elections in Mississippi—which was recently named the nation's most corrupt—than anyone else ...


Fighting Corruption Requires More, Not Less Oversight

A movement has been afoot for sometime to roll back government regulations and oversight at every level, the argument being that any amount of government mucks up the words for ...

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Of Charles Barbour, TEDx Jackson and Decent Role Models

Simple facts about what built today's inequality are not discussed by people like Charles Barbour. They still use the same old-school scare tactics that should offend white voters because they ...

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Facts About Public Education Matter to Communities

The Clarion-Ledger recently published an opinion piece that attacked public education in Mississippi and castigated its supporters. The piece, written by Empower Mississippi President Grant Callen, advocated for alternatives to ...

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‘This Is All A Big Game’

What a gathering it was two years ago when Terry McAuliffe got together with his buddies Bill Clinton and Haley Barbour in Horn Lake to celebrate the plant opening of ...


Ban-the-Box a Good Step

For decades, employers from fast-food joints to mall boutiques and financial-services firms to news organizations have been asking prospective employees about their criminal histories.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Literary'

If anyone is aware of the multiple, offensive meanings of the term tar-baby, it's the former governor and Yazoo City native with a history of landing in hot water over ...

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... The People Are Screwed

Boneqweesha Jones: "Welcome to Ghetto Science Public Television's Post-Midterm Election Wrap-Up News Brief. I'm your on-the-scene reporter and host here to discuss the recent November 2014 Midterm Election Massacre."

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Behind the Façade

The TODAY/AOL Ideal to Real Body Image survey released in February said that women spend an average of 355 hours, or 14 days, each year grooming themselves.


Your Turn: Republicans Ignoring Positive Economy Signs

Let the good times roll! What is this election really about? The economy, stupid! The president and Democrats have done a masterful job of turning around the recession economy they ...


Your Turn: Vote for a ‘Better Mississippi’

Special thanks to your region's public school superintendents, teachers, district staff, parents and community friends for their splendid support and help with gathering more than 200,000 signatures for the Better ...

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Mayor: Answer Questions About Tax Law Change

During Mayor Tony Yarber's campaign, he said he would be dedicated to working for the "everyday people of Jackson" if elected.

Best of Jackson

Best of Jackson 2015: All About Local

With the holidays and cooler weather upon us, another season begins—Best of Jackson.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Viable'

Despite the early problems with the online health-care exchanges and other bugs, every day new information emerges about the financial and health benefits of the ACA.

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A Lesson in Character

One of the most interesting aspects of being a high school teacher is observing the social interactions that occur between the students. If you throw in the fact that I ...

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Mississippi: Clawing to the Top

As we've all been riding high in recent weeks over the Mississippi State football team's meteoric rise on the media radar, we've all seen those tweets. You know, the anti-Mississippi ...

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Hop on the ‘No More’ Bandwagon

In many ways, I believe tackling domestic abuse in the football arena is the exact right place to focus. It's hard to imagine a more macho sport where power is ...


Men: Don’t Wait on Women to Act

Mississippi is only as strong as our women. And right now, by most economic and social indicators, Mississippi is not very strong.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Valid'

Pickering is splitting hairs. The state has shorted its own standard of funding for public education 15 out of the last 17 years.