Full Funding Would Give All Schools a ‘Choice’

It can be hard to determine the motives of those who push for "school choice." After all, it can be difficult to distill what proponents of school choice, a movement ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Today'

Thigpen is either so gung-ho about pushing the "school choice" agenda that he'd look past the residual racism still alive in the state, or he's just naive.

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I’m Here, and I Can’t Breathe

I wanted to write a warmer, fuzzier column. I'm sorry, but my conscience won't let me. We're in the midst of a national moment, so warmer and fuzzier can wait; ...

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A Media Outlet with a Mission

We can work together—even through our shopping and end-of-year purchases—to create a prosperous new year for Jackson.

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What I Learned from “Law and Order SVU”

While obtaining a Ph.D in "Law and Order SVU," I acquired a real-world understanding of how beneficial an individual's civil liberties are when navigating the criminal-justice system.

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Playoff Committee Unfair to SEC West

In an effort to right this wrong, the Big 12 purportedly will petition the NCAA for the right to stage a championship game in future seasons.

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Consider Vote Carefully in Ward 1 Runoff

We are confident that Dorsey Carson is a smart businessman and is willing to make the tough, studied decisions that will help keep the City of Jackson out of trouble ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Can't'

Stamps is correct in that rules must be followed to prevent chaos during government meetings. However, in recent weeks, community activist Enoch Sanders addressed the council at least twice to ...

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Everything is a Dollar

Miss Doodle Mae: "Corporate-owned big-box, retail and department stores ushered in the holiday season by having employees work before, during and after Thanksgiving. Now, these same stores are wailing and ...

Health Care

Response to "Making Mississippi 420 Friendly" by R.L. Nave

The need to immediately legalize marijuana nationally is the most pressing moral issue of our time. More and more present and former members of law enforcement agree. Please see leap.cc.

Health Care

Response to "Mississippi Last In Vaccine Choice" by Anna Wolfe

Mississippi should be lauded as first in protecting its citizens, especially children, from infectious diseases.


Addressing Infrastructure Essential

When the 2015 elections comes around, we will hear about education, health care, job creation and economic development. These issues without a doubt are essential to a community's growth, but ...

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Legos Make Jackson Better

In places such as Rankin County, there's this major misconception that Jackson is this evil place where everyone robs everyone, and witches brew their sinister potions on street corners.

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What If He Were White?

The tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., leaves us with an opportunity to embrace the simple notion of empathy just as Grisham's fictitious jurors did.

Civil Rights

Ending Racial Bias: Hard and Necessary Work

White Americans are more punitive than people of color. Whites misjudge how much crime African Americans and Latinos actually commit. Whites who more strongly associate crime with racial minorities are ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Unfortunate'

A majority vote has never justified the systemic erosion of a group of people's rights—which is the point of the U.S. Constitution. If anyone, a state leader in Mississippi should ...

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I Can’t Not Talk About Ferguson

I can't not talk about Ferguson, because the child in my lap, the sweet one that I nurse and nourish, is brown and male just like Michael Brown.

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Why Don’t We Value Black Lives?

Young, black men are often killed because white people fear them, and they kill each other because society tells them their lives are worthless. But the most terrifying part is ...

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Gov. Bryant: Stop Running Off LGBT Mississippians

How can you deny that fostering an oppressive and hateful atmosphere towards the LGBT community forces hard-working taxpayers to seriously question where their pink dollars are spent?

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Endorsement: Dorsey Carson for Ward 1

In large part, it is our business relationship with Dorsey Carson that has earned our trust, our respect and our endorsement. We know he has the best interests of the ...