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Of Racial Profiling and Scarlet Letters

For a lot of immigrants—especially immigrants of color—part of the relief of becoming a citizen is that you won't get scarlet-letter documents that are different from everyone else's.

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Lawmakers: Stay Off the Trump Immigrant Road

With a president hell-bent on securing borders and going after undocumented immigrants in the name of drug wars and criminal activity, it is a scary time to not technically be ...

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Love Is All You Need

Take a good look around the world today. Many people present hate in the face of love daily. We spend a lot of time trying to correct hatred in this ...

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‘Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor’

I've talked about this before, but we are a nation of many immigrants. Unless you're Native American, you can likely trace your roots back somewhere across the seas or down ...

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From Council Schools to Today’s Fight for Public Ed

Yearbooks and classmates prove that Gov. Phil Bryant is the product of white flight and segregationist education, which may explain his efforts, along with others in his party, to undermine ...

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Stop the Mental Health Politicking

Lawmakers should and could have addressed mental health-care reform in previous sessions as well as this session. It turns out that addressing the problem with secrecy and an assumption of ...

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No Longer About Party

While we debate politics for fun, the whims of administrations are not meant to be visited upon entire populations. This is no longer about party. This is about how we ...

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Providing Hope for Kids Is In Our Self-Interest

By identifying kids and their needs when they start getting in trouble, and then interrupting that pattern and getting them "wraparound" services, you give them a better chance at making ...

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Governor Obfuscates with Call for 'Gimme some of that mental-health reform’

"We have a duty to protect the least among us: those suffering from mental illness. Ask your legislator what Jesus would do."

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McDaniel, Fight for Better Education

Once again, a leading Mississippi politician has managed to anger and alienate women, attracting attention to a state with a huge education crisis, for all the wrong reasons.

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Trump’s Travel Ban is Also a Mississippi Problem

If you think President Donald Trump's executive orders on immigration and refugee programs had no consequences for Mississippians, think again.

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Mississippians Deserve Therapeutic Alternatives

Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese therapy that involves the insertion of thin needles through the skin at strategic points, is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the ...

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Standing and Fighting Together

These days, everyone is speaking out, and as Donald Trump's tweets and speeches become more and more erratic, and his politics become even more insane and exclusionary, it's necessary.

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JFP Editor Donna Ladd's Speech at the Women's March, State Capitol, Jackson, Miss, 1/21/17

JFP Editor-in-chief and CEO Donna Ladd ended the Jackson Women's March at the Mississippi Capitol on Jan. 21, 2017, with this speech about the importance of independent media.

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Political Homelessness

It's hard not to feel a little politically homeless these days. I'm thinking of that old folk song, "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child."

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The Problem with EdBuild

There has been much hoopla this legislative session over the 80-page proposal from EdBuild suggesting that Mississippi move to weighted student funding to pay for its public-education system.

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Resolution and Revolution

This year promises to be filled with loud voices and screams of outrage. The bang of cries for justice, freedom and equality has already begun, and who do you think ...

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Sen. McDaniel, Meet the Real ‘Liberal Women’

As I was consumed with Best of Jackson week last week, I kept getting emails and texts about a state legislator proving himself to be among the worst of Mississippi.


Fight for Better Education Instead of Blasting 'Unhappy Liberals'

A Mississippi senator gets pushback for “alternate” view of protests.

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Jackson: Room to Be the Best

One thing I tell people is that in Jackson, there is still always room to be the best. I never fail to be surprised by the colorful genius that permeates ...