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Mindsets Must Change to Stop Juvenile Crime

Assumptions that a citizen execution is appropriate for a property crime and that certain young people can't be helped and should be locked up are at the crux of our ...

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Mississippi’s Relentless Pursuit of the LGBT Community

"It feels like the state will never stop pursuing us," said Joce Pritchett as she testified under oath in a federal courtroom in Jackson recently. She was describing what it ...

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Police Killings: Action, Reaction

I believe that everything doesn't happen for a reason. Sometimes, reason is thrown out the window, and one simply becomes afflicted with either fortunate or unfortunate luck.

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Education and Lessons from the Game of ‘Life’

Ask just about anyone, and they'll agree: Education is in a bizarre place. In most cases, though, the person you ask will follow up their answer with something about the ...

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In ‘Trying Times,’ Demand Safer Policing

The understanding that black (and brown) lives do matter even when it's someone doing something unpredictable in a poor neighborhood must break through all the noise.

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I Have No Words

I was only 19 years old, headed to the mall with my girlfriend, and excited about attending a sorority party that night when police pulled me over for a traffic ...


Wasting Resources on Lies

The state's leaders prioritize their conservative politicking above all else despite costs to the taxpayer that a federal lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood after Senate Bill 2238 took effect July ...

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Fighting the System

When America continuously witnesses the murder and harassment of black folks by those who are assigned to "protect and serve," one question pops up in my mind: Do they think ...

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The American Child’s Reality Of Violence

To be raised in America, no matter your ethnicity, is to be subjected to countless images of violence that our society presents to us as justifiable acts. Violence and force ...

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What the End of Bonding Really Means

With the end of bonding for misdemeanor offenses in the Jackson Municipal Court, the cost of freedom for indigent offenders prior to their trial seems to be the death of ...

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Freedom in Its Truest Form

Freedom is an understanding that love is its counterpart. Therefore, any act of hatred is a controlled act. The homosexual attacked by the homophobe isn't the one who is without ...

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Recognizing Privilege, Taking Responsibility

In this day and age, in this country, the color of your skin may very well determine how a police officer treats you, and what assumptions are made about your ...


To Prevent Violent Crime, Engage with Experts Like Harlem’s Kai Smith for Ideas

In Jackson, and Mississippi in general, it is a sport to complain about crime, not to mention to sensationalize it. The TV stations love to milk crime, especially in the ...

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Rebelling Against the Rebellion

Newt Knight is described as a "deserter, renegade and assassin" on the website of the local Sons of the Confederate Veterans chapter in Jones County, but Lew Smith in nearby ...

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Mississippi Pride

It saddens me that so much hate has taken root in the state where I grew up, but I am also proud to have overcome it. I am proud of ...

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Defending Our Blackness, Unapologetically

I didn't watch the 2016 BET awards last Sunday, but I did partake in the Black Twitter awards watch party where I retweet, lurk from afar and pop some tweets ...


For the Love of Women, Kids, Everyone Else

The Legislature is already in a financial bind—calling a special session with two days left in the fiscal year clearly means things are bad. So quit making them worse by ...

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Still Separate After Orlando Massacre

Where is our compassion, when because it happened at an LGBT nightclub and not a Presbyterian church, we choose whether to help or not? The idea is that although I ...

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Jasper Died, But We Can’t Give Up

I was ready to give up: the work, Mississippi, everything. Jasper had been killed in Parchman. They say suicide, but anyone who is familiar with death in prisons knows that ...

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‘Shift Your Shopping’ During Independents Week

As we pause this week to consider what makes this country great, I'd like to suggest that you think about the small, local, independent businesses that make this region a ...