Let the Suffering End

Gov. Bryant, I beg you to get rid of this bill. I know many have gone through or are going through what I did. Let the suffering end. Bring hatred ...


Needed: Public Engagement in Policing

It takes more than policing to "cut down on crime" and create safer neighborhoods. It takes a village, quite literally. Community engagement is crucial to keeping neighborhoods and cities safe.

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A French Government Official Weighs in on Nissan

A top deputy in the French National Assembly is calling on the French government to weigh in on behalf of workers at the giant Nissan plant in Canton who want ...

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Time to Be a Voice for the Silent

I'm not often at a loss for words. I can talk about almost anything. Body image. Sex. Politics. Food. The sinking of the Titanic. Why I like cats more than ...

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Reflections on Islamic Heritage Month

The Islamic Heritage Festival is Saturday, April 30.

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I’m Staying, and I’m Fighting for Jackson and Mississippi

I promised my husband that I would not leave Mississippi. I looked him in the eye, and I told him that Jackson, Miss., would forever be my home, come what ...

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Hosemann Wrong on Voter ID, Right on Election Reform

The state's election laws and rules are outdated, and if you don't believe us, just go back and read about the two contested election races that shadowed the beginning of ...

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An American in a French Bathroom

Bonjour, monsieur," she said sweetly, as she mopped around my feet. "Oh this is so uncomfortable," I thought to myself as I stood at the urinal and replied, "Bonjour, madam." ...

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Always Strive for #BlackExcellence

As much as I'd love to talk about first lady Michelle Obama's perfectly curled hair and her beaming smile, her Jackson State commencement address was probably one of the most ...

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The Connection Between Prince and Education

Every generation faces the passing of its icons. Just this year, it's been a Hall of Fame lineup: David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Natalie Cole, Merle Haggard and now Prince.

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Mississippi: Another Crooked Letter for Us All

HB 1523 made it lawful in Mississippi to discriminate against someone because they are different from you, based on protecting what? You guessed it: religious freedom.


Lawmakers: Cashing in on Campaign Promises is Costly and Senseless

Cutting state agencies, some by more than 10 percent, is bad. Cutting state agencies and then offering up a tax-break bill that will divert even more money from the state's ...

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More to Learning Than Standardized Testing

A few weeks ago, students at my school participated in the Third Grade Reading Gate, also known as the day the state tells teachers they aren't trusted to do their ...

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The Permission to Care Deeply

With the legislative season coming to a close, those of us who spend a lot of time championing progress for Jackson and Mississippi have had a tough go of it.

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Lawmakers, Mississippians Are Sick and Tired of Expensive, Harmful Political Charades

In interviews about House Bill 1523, several lawyers and legal scholars have explained that is close to irrefutable that the law is unconstitutional on several counts.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Reinforces the Rights'

First of all, the First Amendment doesn't need any reinforcement. Religious freedom is a guaranteed right of every U.S. citizen.

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Prevent the Execution of Poor People

Mr. Announcement: "Live from Clubb Chicken Wing, Ghetto-Science Public Affairs Network presents an important press conference organized by Congressman Smokey Robinson McBride for Ghetto Science Community residents."

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After HB 1523, We Must Seek Higher Ground

It was at Good Hope Baptist Church in the early 1970s that I first heard God used to justify hatred of black people, of "homosexuals," of feminism, of anything that ...

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'Religious Freedom,' My Foot

Religious freedom is an oxymoron, particularly in Mississippi. Freedom only applies to those who are deemed worthy to have rights—the white, rich, male conservatives. Freedom, religious or otherwise, has no ...

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Mississippi Doctor: Why I Oppose Mississippi Sharia Law 1523

My opposition to the Mississippi Sharia Statute 1523 is based on my objection to the "protection" of some citizens' "deeply held moral beliefs" and not others.