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McCrory Seeks to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Prison Corruption

A former Mississippi lawmaker is asking to withdraw his guilty plea in a long-running prison corruption case.

Civil Rights

Recognizing Racial Injustice in Incarceration

Criminal-justice reforms are not only necessary for cost savings to the state but also a necessity to work toward a more equitable justice system.

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Task Force: Invest in Criminal Justice Reforms

Judges in Mississippi can assign non-violent offenders, usually those who commit petty crimes while under the influence of drugs or who are arrested for possession of illegal drugs. The two- ...

City & County

Public Streets Must Be Open to All Residents

Crime will not go away if we build gates or walls. It will only fester on the other side until we all start doing our part to actually prevent it.


Mississippi Teacher Accused of Dragging Student is Indicted

A former Greenville teacher has been indicted on a misdemeanor charge of abusing a vulnerable person.

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Mississippi's Child Human Trafficking Laws Receive "B" Grade

A Shared Hope International study of states' child human-trafficking laws gives Mississippi a "B" grade for its state laws.


Charleston AME Church Shooter Ruled Competent To Stand Trial

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The white man charged in the shooting deaths of nine black parishioners at a South Carolina church last year is competent to stand trial, a federal ...


3 Charged with Plotting Death of Mississippi Businessman

Three men are being held without bond, charged in a plot to murder a businessman who serves on Mississippi's college board.


Man Who Killed Abortion Doctor Gets More Lenient Sentence

The man who seven years ago ambushed and fatally shot one of the few U.S. doctors performing late-term abortions was given a more lenient sentence Wednesday of at least 25 ...

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Digging Up the Roots of Jackson’s ‘Numbing’ Crime with Mayor Tony Yarber

Tony Tarzel Yarber, 16, waved at his best friend, Lakenya Bolden, as he drove past him in Jackson's Subdivision 2 on Aug. 4, 1994. Bolden was driving into the "Sub" ...

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Precinct 4 Moves to New Headquarters, Responds to Business Break-ins

If you ask some Jackson Police Department officers, the best part about moving to a new location was that now they don't have to take the stairs every day.


After Bail Revoked, Epps Asks Judge to Let Him Out of Jail

Mississippi's former corrections commissioner is asking a federal judge to reconsider the decision to jail him.


Post-Election Mississippi: Engage, Educate, Vote

If you weren't engaged in the great American democratic process before Nov. 8, we ask that you get engaged now.

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57 Homicides So Far in Jackson; Police Force Drops to 392

Jackson has passed the number of homicides for last year, just as the police department's count of uniformed officers drops below 400.


Address Trauma to Stop Youth Crime Cycles

Violence can sow seeds of fear in a community, but scientifically speaking, it literally leaves trauma in its wake. The psychological damage of witnessing violence can lead to more severe ...