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Like the DA Trying to Protect Him, Butler Trial Ends in a Mistrial

Another trial tangentially related to District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith has ended in a mistrial. The man the district attorney went to trial late last year for trying to protect ...

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Former Mississippi Prison Chief Sentenced to Nearly 20 Years

Christopher Epps once called himself the "tallest hog at the trough," but he was cut down to size Wednesday when a judge sentenced Mississippi's former corrections commissioner to nearly 20 ...

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Kingston’s Death: The Tragedy It Is

I can't speak for Kingston Frazier's mama, but I know what it's like to be a black single mama who's judged because your child was a victim of a crime.

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Letter to a Young Mother

Dear Ebony, I don't know you, but I know you. You are me. You are my sister, my aunt, my friend. You are every woman, every mother who just wanted ...

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Top Dollar Pawn Shop Lives for Another Day

Tramaury Barnes walked into Top Dollar Pawn on West Street at about 10 a.m. on April 24, 2017, to retrieve his AR-12 he had pawned.

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Facing the Mirror, From Kingston Frazier to Karl Oliver

Little Kingston Frazier is our mirror. The brutal murder of this 6-year-old in Jackson last week reflected the absolute best and the abhorrent worst of our community.

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Families Explode in Emotion Over Child Murder Charges, Rumors Dispelled

Four families were distraught today as Judge Bruce McKinley denied bond to Byron McBride Jr.; Dwan Wakefield and D’Allen Washington, charging them with capital murder for the kidnapping and murder ...

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Sheriff Victor Mason: Stop Spreading 'Vicious' Rumors in Kingston Frazier Tragedy

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason is addressing the rampant rumors around the murder of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier last week, which were fueled by an early report that the baby wasn't ...

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Police: 3 Men Stole Car, Killed 6-Year-Old in Back Seat

Three young Mississippi men were arrested hours after a 6-year-old boy was found shot dead in his mother's stolen car and the suspects will be charged with capital murder, authorities ...

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Company Sued in Prison Bribery Scheme to Pay State $2M

A company that made drug testing cups involved in Mississippi's prison bribery scandal will pay the state $2 million.

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Coast Man Gets 49 Years for Anti-Transgender Hate Crime Killing of Sex Partner

A Mississippi man received a 49-year prison sentence Monday for the first-ever conviction on federal hate crime charges arising from the murder of a transgender woman.

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Man Indicted for Teen's Death Cites Self-Defense, Castle Doctrine in Lawsuit Response

Wayne Parish, the man a Hinds County grand jury indicted for the killing of 17-year-old Charles McDonald Jr. last winter, is denying that he shot the teenage.

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Address Racial Bias in Policing Now, Not Later

Discriminatory policing has always been a reality in Mississippi, where too many cops have long enforced deeply held racial stereotypes. The excuse from many people is that, well, more black ...

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Study: Mostly African American Inmates Serve Life Sentences in Mississippi

A new study from the Sentencing Project found that inmates serving life or virtual life (50-plus years) sentences in the United States are predominantly and disproportionately African Americans. Mississippi's prison ...

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Next Mayor Must Lead on Preventing Youth Crime

As I type, the polls for the mayoral primaries are still open, and the outcome is uncertain. What I do know is that Jackson must adopt a new attitude when ...