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Mayor Yarber on Crime: Saw ‘7 or 8 Dead Bodies’ Before Age 13, All Must 'Get Out of Our Bubble'

Mayor Tony Yarber sat down to discuss crime with Jackson Free Press Editor-in-chief Donna Ladd on June 20 at Millsaps, sharing stories that showed that for him that the consequences ...

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Jackson Police Purchase 39 Tasers: 'Intended to Save Lives'

The Jackson City Council gave the Jackson Police Department week the go-ahead last to purchase 39 "conducted electricity weapons," or Tasers.

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Reducing Rape, Violence with ‘Engaged Bystanders’

The Mississippi Department of Health is working to bring domestic violence numbers down by implementing Green Dot training across the state to get communities to reconsider their role in preventing ...

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Attorney: Walnut Grove Prison Invested in 'Wrong Things,' State Punishes 'Unjustly'

An attorney for the organization that helped get juveniles out of the Walnut Grove prison is happy that it is closing, and wants the State of Mississippi to invest in ...

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Junior Jail: Surviving Mississippi’s Juvenile Justice System

Many juvenile "offenders" are routinely sent into a separate labyrinth from adult offenders in the justice system, one with its own complex problems, remedies and slowly changing standards.

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Henley-Young Must Release Kids After 21 Days; Some Disappearing?

Out of three children released under the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center's recent policy of not detaining young people after 21 days, one is missing, one is back in custody, and ...


No Death Penalty for Ex-Miss. Inmate in 2013 Vegas Slayings

A 32-year-old former Mississippi jail inmate won't face the death penalty in Nevada in a 2013 double slaying case.

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National Re-entry Month, Officer of the Month, Crime Down Across the City

Mayor Tony Yarber declared that the City of Jackson is participating in National Re-entry Month in support of citizens who have been incarcerated and are now returning to society.


Trafficking: An Ugly Reality in Mississippi

Human trafficking, a form of slavery, doesn't just happen overseas in prostitution rings or on television. It's a nasty, ugly reality—and it happens right here in Mississippi.

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Human Trafficking: Unseen and Unaddressed

Victims of human trafficking need a place to go in Mississippi. The Center for Violence Prevention in Pearl has an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, and Executive Director ...

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Hinds Youth Center Director: Major ‘Gaps’ in Juvenile Justice Feed Cycle of Crime

Johnnie McDaniels, the executive director of the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center, spoke softly to the assembled Justice Reform Task Force in Jackson's police headquarters about how in a decade as ...


Sentencing Delayed in Bribery Case Tied to Ex-Prison Chief

Sentencing has been delayed for a consultant who pleaded guilty to bribing the former head of Mississippi's prison system.

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Stokes to Circulate Police-chase Petition in Response to DOJ Letter

During a community meeting at Cornerstone Baptist Church Wednesday night, Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes and citizens decided to circulate a petition in response to a letter from the U.S. ...

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JPD Targets ‘Bandos’: A Different Kind of ‘Broken Windows’ Policing

JPD Chief Lee Vance is frustrated at the State for owning so much crumbling housing in Jackson but is glad that his department is helping to bring it down.

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Juvy Intervention Programs Losing Federal Funds

Pre-intervention programs are vital in the state's criminal-justice system and have the power to prevent young people from entering the criminal-justice system in the first place.