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Mindsets Must Change to Stop Juvenile Crime

Assumptions that a citizen execution is appropriate for a property crime and that certain young people can't be helped and should be locked up are at the crux of our ...

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Chronically Absent: Is Quality Education in Juvenile Detention Possible in Mississippi?

Rankin County Youth Court Judge Thomas Broome told the Jackson Free Press with some pain that before 2006, juvenile-detention centers in the state didn't have to have school. With few ...

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Fighting the Lethal Injection

Immediately before a July 2015 hearing on the prisoners' challenge to Mississippi's use of pentobarbital, the Mississippi Department of Corrections changed its policy to include more drugs on its list ...

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Expert on Death of 17-Year-Old: 'Castle Doctrine' Needs Danger Threat

Yesterday, outside a business near the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center, a white employee shot a young black man who was allegedly breaking into a vehicle in the parking lot.

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Attorney: Reddix Alleged Bribery a 'Shakedown'

On July 19, Dr. Carl Reddix pleaded not guilty to seven counts of bribery, appearing in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Ball for the first time in the latest ...


Judge Delays Sentencing in Prison Contracts Bribery Case

Former Mississippi Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps and Brandon businessman Cecil McCrory will wait a little longer to find out their sentence after pleading guilty in connection to a prison contracts ...

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DA Smith Asks High Court for Reinstatement

Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shueler Smith filed a motion for the Mississippi Supreme Court to overturn an order barring him from participating in any of the duties of his ...


Obama Condemns Attacks on Police in Baton Rouge

WASHINGTON (AP) — The attacks on public servants and the rule of law "have to stop," President Barack Obama said Sunday after another shooting spree targeting police killed three officers ...

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Town Hall: Reduce Youth Crime with Less Incarceration, More Engagement

The room was nearly packed on July 14 at Millsaps College as concerned members of the community gathered for a town-hall meeting on preventing violence, gang interruption, and alternatives to ...


Man Charged in Burning Death of Woman Pleads Not Guilty

A 27-year-old man, who also faces a murder indictment in Louisiana, has pleaded not guilty in the 2014 burning death of a Mississippi woman.

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The American Child’s Reality Of Violence

To be raised in America, no matter your ethnicity, is to be subjected to countless images of violence that our society presents to us as justifiable acts. Violence and force ...

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Kids, Cops and Community Policing

In a nation that is noticing the high incidents of police killing, particularly of black men, public outcry from groups like #BlackLivesMatter and others insist upon police transparency and accountability ...

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Guilty Pleas, and a Hunt for Prostitutes, Johns and Child Predators

It's been a relatively steady summer of lower crime across the city, with major crimes coming in 17.6 percent lower than 2015 with violent crimes 15.4 percent lower than 2015 ...

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Mayor Yarber on Crime: Saw ‘7 or 8 Dead Bodies’ Before Age 13, All Must 'Get Out of Our Bubble'

Mayor Tony Yarber sat down to discuss crime with Jackson Free Press Editor-in-chief Donna Ladd on June 20 at Millsaps, sharing stories that showed that for him that the consequences ...

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Jackson Police Purchase 39 Tasers: 'Intended to Save Lives'

The Jackson City Council gave the Jackson Police Department week the go-ahead last to purchase 39 "conducted electricity weapons," or Tasers.