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Fireworks on the Fourth of July

The Miss Firecracker Contest serves as the backdrop in Jackson native Beth Henley's play of the same name.

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Singalong Soiree

The Unframed series at New Stage Theatre offers quirkier, more controversial or offbeat modern fare to balance the selections in the Main Stage season, such as the recent “Musical of ...

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Opera in the City

"La Boheme" will show at 11:55 a.m. April 5 at Tinseltown movie theater, with an encore presentation at 6:30 p.m. April 9.

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A Creepy Christie Mystery

"And Then There Were None," a play based on the best-selling 1939 Agatha Christie novel "Ten Little Indians," is the newest offering from Brandon's Black Rose Theatre.

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Oh, Mr. Maxwell, Do you Write?

From his portrayal of William Faulkner in "Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do you Write?" to his southern interpretation of the biblical character St. Peter in "Fish Tales," John Maxwell is a ...

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Perspectives on a Tragedy

"The Laramie Project" is based on a community's reaction to the 1998 murder of 21-year-old college student Matthew Shepard.

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Showcase of Talent

The Actor's Playhouse will host its annual Showcase of Talent March 22. The event is open for participants, regardless of age and experience.

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‘The Whipping Man’: Anatomy of Freedom

Matthew Lopez wanted to expound on the fact that while Jewish Americans celebrated Passover the day after the Confederacy's surrender, a new exodus was happening around them.

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Dinner and a Murder

If your evening meals are starting to get boring, you might want to consider keeping company with The Detectives Mystery Dinner Theatre group, a troupe of local actors who perform ...

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Bite Into the Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit. The title alone conjures up red apples and serpents and all manner of biblical things, not to mention the worst of our state's race history.

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Morbid Curiosity

New Stage Theatre kicks off its 48th season with an intriguing story of mystery, magic and murder. But it's also a play full of dark humor and fun for the ...

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Clash of 20th-Century Titans

Sigmund Freud is the subject of the latest play on Fish Tale Group Theatre’s roster.

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A Door-Slamming Farce

What do two high-school teachers, a Crossfit trainer and a worker from Hederman Brothers Printing have in common? If you guessed they spend the evening pretending to be someone else, ...

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The Play of Their Youth

New Stage Theatre is taking a leap into the present with its production of "Disney's High School Musical, Jr."

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Role Playing

When it comes to "Hairspray," having the right actor in the right role is everything.