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Loving in the Face of Hate

In a recent exchange on social media, a white woman criticized me. I'm assuming she tagged me as a racist because I stated that it is impossible for black people ...

Tease photo Civil Rights

Only One ‘Side’ in Fight Against White Supremacy

No quest for justice, equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all will "replace" people of any race or ethnicity, although some statues may well end up in ...

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Welcome to (All of) Jackson

With this being the start of a new school year, a lot of newcomers will be arriving in Jackson, some of whom already have an unfair notion of what they ...

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Sen. McDaniel’s Loyalties

It appears that Mississippi Sen. Chris McDaniel has decided to endorse the view that those deserving of support and by implication, rights, are only "white christian males."

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We Must Treat All Addiction, Addicts the Same

If addiction truly is an illness, like so many lawmakers are now saying, it is time to take a look at how we're treating potential addicts serving decades-long sentences behind ...

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Congress, Preserve the Special Rule for Model Aircraft

These days, drones are everywhere—in the news, on television and in the skies above Mississippi. This summer, especially, many people will be flying recreational unmanned aircraft, often referred to as ...

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Let’s Talk About Violence, Then Take Action

It's a problem when all cops are stereotyped, but it's also wrong that more law enforcement won't speak out publicly like that about bad cops and, too often, will defend ...

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Nissan: At the Union Crossroads

Poor ol' Mississippi, so poor it can't even keep its roads paved and bridges repaired, has thus far spent $1.3 billion on taxpayer subsidies to keep Nissan in Canton. Nissan ...

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Cheers to Bipartisan Common Sense

Both in Congress and on a state level, bipartisanship is critical to ensure that all Americans and Mississippians have access to affordable health care regardless of their ZIP code, income, ...

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Don't Be Too Nice'

At a New York event last week meant to bring awareness to MS-13 gang activities and his administration's efforts to eliminate criminal cartels, President Donald Trump encouraged officers to not ...

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PETA: Lumumba Setting Positive Example

In response to "Dear Pam: Stay in Your Lane" by Laurie Bertram Roberts, I think that by accepting Pamela Anderson's invitation to eat vegan meals, Mayor Lumumba is setting a ...

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Editorial Awards Encouraging for Our 15th Anniversary

Real solutions to violent crime start with understanding how we got to where we are—what's systemic about the problem—and what the best practices are for interrupting violence and setting young ...

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Dear Pam: Stay in Your Lane

If a so-called activist organization doesn't have the analysis to look at how their suggestions play out for people across income, race, disability and regional lines, then I suggest they ...

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Learning from Henley-Young’s Progress

Years after litigation and cutting way down on the number of kids behind bars, Jackson faces an interesting crossroads: Our juvenile-justice center might be the leader for rehabilitative treatment for ...

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Being Brave

We are scared of something, and one day we realize that if we want it enough, we will be brave and endure the pain for it. And then something even ...

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Grow Roots, Wings Where You’re Planted

Once upon a time, I was one of the young people who wanted to get out of this place. In early high school, I imagined that after college, I would ...

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Tilling Dreams into Reality

The value of creating something worthwhile from start to finish seems to have lost its steam. People want to go from idea to being rich, skipping the work in the ...

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Patching Potholes: A Metaphor for Jackson

Running a city for a four-year (or sometimes shorter) term is an admittedly daunting task, with the transfer of political strategies, staff and power.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Will Vote'

The odds of the Senate voting on health-care legislation are slim at this point.

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‘Great for Grove Park’

A couple of weeks ago, I watched in amazement during an acrimonious Jackson City Council debate regarding a proposed partnership with the Mississippi Roadmap to Health Equity & Urban League ...