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OPINION: Hello, Cindy, We See You on Women's Health and Abortion

These past weeks Cindy Hyde-Smith has done a great job of yelling "abortion, abortion, abortion" every chance she gets, but the truth is that abortion is not at issue here.

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OPINION: Factchecking Hyde-Smith, She Lied About Pre-Existing Conditions

U.S. Senate candidate Mike Espy has campaigned on protecting health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith has voted to destroy, repeal and deny that coverage in both the ...

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OPINION: Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Lives in a Bubble of White Privilege

"I recognize the advantages my white privilege gave me. It doesn’t define me. It gave me an opportunity to be successful in life that I had to take advantage of ...

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OPINION: Don’t Be the 'Good One’: White Supremacist ‘Jokes’ Are Call to Action

"Why aren't you laughing? Those are all jokes, right? Laugh, and join in the fun. After all, our national leaders just say these things to amuse themselves and their supporters, ...

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OPINION: Cindy Hyde-Smith's Words Are Unacceptable

When Cindy Hyde-Smith made the statement that she would attend a “public hanging,” her statements should have been universally condemned.

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OPINION: An Open Letter to Christians of Good Conscience: We Are Not 'Ridiculous'

Mississippi is a state steeped and stained with a dark history of racial prejudice and violence towards African Americans.

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OPINION: Why The History of Lynching Is No Laughing Matter

"A 'public hanging' solicited the worst images of black men and women swinging like strange fruit from sycamore trees while dozens or hundreds of white, mostly Christian, men and women ...

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"Demagogues have winning ways, especially with the man who has no one else to whom he can turn in his troubles," Mauldin wrote in his book, "Back Home," first published ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: GOP Leaders, Stop Disrespecting Black Mississippians

Dear Mississippi Republican leaders: Like much of the recent 40 years, your actions toward African Americans in our state in the last 10 days have been atrocious.

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OPINION: American Radicalization in the Roaming MAGA Mosque

How did we let it get to this point in our country? When did the loyal opposition become the enemy of the people? Why have hate and grievance drowned out ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Vote for Decency, a Better Mississippi on Nov. 6

As perhaps the most important Election Day in our lifetime looms on Tuesday, Nov. 6, I'm not going to tell you how you should vote.

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Finding the Lost Battalion

The stuff of legends! There are many books and movies about the six days of hell the Lost Battalion endured.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Of Breast Cancer and the Warrior’s Life

I feel like a warrior ready to turn the strength I’ve honed over my lifetime to my own health and spirit and that of my loved ones, especially my hero ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Breaking the ‘Bucket List’

If I cared to make a bucket list, then Oct. 1 would have checked off one item for me. I got to lead my first workshop, "Making the Most of ...

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OPINION: Rush to Install Kavanaugh to Save Trump from ‘Dual Sovereignty’ Laws?

Why the rush to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court? One possible answer to these questions may be a case that is pending on the October docket of ...

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OPINION: Huddled Masses Yearning to Break Free

The world's largest gulag today is in the United States, where a quarter of the world's prison population is behind bars, and Mississippi is at the heart of that gulag ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Change the Rape Culture for Women and Men Alike

Young men too often grow up in a toxic masculine environment where their friends and even fathers or uncles celebrate some level of abuse. Many are challenged to be macho ...

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OPINION: Time to Give Mississippians Access to Medical Marijuana

Given the current crisis associated with widespread opioid abuse, dependence and deaths, Mississippi’s leaders must find an effective and safer alternative to prescribing narcotic medications.

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OPINION: Serena Williams, Achieving Unboxed Wonders

For #BlackGirlMagic in the form of Serena and Naomi to dominate a sport meant for the white upper class is to rage against the mayo-flavored patriarchal machine.

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OPINION: Changing the Narrative of South Jackson One Project at a Time

More business partnerships are needed around this city to get things moving in the right direction. We plan to continue to make this happen.