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EDITOR'S NOTE: All Those Crazy Jackson Ideas

When Mississippi Arts Commission Executive Director Malcolm White first moved to Jackson in 1979, he said it was a fairly straight-laced city where people went to work, church, school and ...

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Op-Ed: Entergy

In an op-ed filed by the CEO of Entergy Mississippi, he claims that the state's Public Service Commission has already approved the charges for electricity purchased by Entergy. That is ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Right, Left Must Work Together for Criminal Reforms

It is time that criminal-justice reform be on every candidate's agenda in Mississippi, regardless of party. The goal should be to lower mass incarceration, especially for drug and victimless crimes—which ...

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OPINION: Don’t Arm School Teachers

The Mississippi State Legislature is considering a bill to arm teachers in classrooms, but its passage and implementation would be a mistake.

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EDITORIAL: Stop Hurting Women as a Campaign Strategy

Constituents need to hold lawmakers accountable who are more interested in scoring political points than they are about ensuring women, especially black women, are protected.

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OPINION: Justice for Reggie Harper

For Reginald Harper, Jan. 4, 2018, is a day that will forever live in infamy. On this day Jackson Police Department officers shot at him.

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Civil Rights Museum Enjoys ‘Trump-less’ Grand Opening

Bryant hit a nerve with his invite last December after the racially tone-deaf president failed to disavow white nationalists during recent neo-Nazi demonstrations.

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EDITORIAL: Cheers to Senate, But More Ed Attacks Ahead

Bravo to the Mississippi Senate for actually listening to their constituents and killing the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula proposal.

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OPINION: Take Down the Flag

I was born and raised in the South. It's my home. I want it to live up to its potential. I am not a Democrat, nor am I a liberal. ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Parkland Teens Lead by Talking Back, Listening

The Parkland, Fla., teenagers who became activists against gun violence while locked in closets on Valentine's Day are giving many of us life during a dark period in our country.

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OPINION: Police Violence is Not Déjà Vu

In Jackson, police violence is not deja vu; it is real and systemic.

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EDITORIAL: JPD, Identify Cops Who Shoot Civilians

Mayor Lumumba's order does not address the glaring need for JPD to release names of officers who use excessive and/or fatal force on civilians—the progressive needle does not move without ...

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OPINION: Wakanda Forever

"Black Panther" is a depiction of the Africa that our ancestors knew could exist. Its portrayal of royalty and tradition is what we come from. It's in our DNA. It's ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Move On from ‘Antiquated and Useless’ Gang Bill

A very bad "gang bill" has died in the Legislature for the second year in a row. This death occurred after the Senate passed the bill to criminalize gang association ...

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OPINION: America, How Many More Innocent Souls Must Die?

We all have a great light beaming on the inside of us, but how are we using our influence to ensure we teach love to one another?

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OPINION: Art and Politics in Mississippi

This is a state justly proud of its contributions to the nation's musical, literary and artistic heritage.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Creatives All In It Together

Artists need community. We need other people who will meet with us face to face, and give us helpful advice and tips, offer constructive criticism or answer our questions.

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OPINION: Citizens Key in Fight for Security, Stability

Jackson has a youth-violence problem that has been unusually persistent for decades. In recent years, the problem has been well-evaluated.

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EDITORIAL: It’s Time to Re-Visit Mississippi’s Gun Laws

Current state law allows a Mississippian with an enhanced concealed-carry license to carry their firearms into polling places, government meetings, college athletic events, bars, elementary schools, airport terminals and college ...

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OPINION: More Transparency from JPD Needed

It has been more than two weeks since two Jackson Police Department officers extra-judicially killed beloved daughter, mother and Jackson State University student Crystaline Barnes. The community waits in suspense ...