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Hungry? Jackson foodies share dozens of favorite local dishes

Just in time for the spring food issue of the Jackson Free Press next week, we asked on Facebook: What is your favorite dish at a locally owned restaurant in the Jackson area? What and where? We've gotten dozens of responses so far—and some great suggestions! Here they are:

Nicholas Scott Whitehead EVERYTHING at CS'S!!

ReBecca Christine McDonald Beef Shwarma at Petra's Cafe

Christopher Alan Burrow Fish Tacos at The Islander ate great!

Leah Murry Mine is a "wish they were still here" - it was the GT's fries (and shrimp po-boy) at Good Time Deli. How I wish they were still around! No one has fries like that. Sigh.

Zachary Murphy Any and everything at Keifers!!!

Lindsey George Chicken & Dressing at George's Museum Cafe!

Melissa Burks Dearman Red fish and scallops at the Mayflower. And of course the comeback dressing!

Mandy Montgomery Mullen Hey Leah Murry, I am TOTALLY with you on that! We actually make em at home now just so I can 'get my fix' My Favorite dish tho would have to be the Pork Belly Taco at Babalu...I could eat those EVERY DAY! Or Shrimp and Grits at Table 100, which changed my view on Greens for life! Man, I could do this all day...

Sarah Asmus My favorite dish is grits and grillades at Steve's Downtown Deli & Bakery. Or the chicken salad. Or any of the cookies. Or the focaccia bread.

David Martin Buchanan Fried chicken sandwich with portobello fries at Julep

Richard Laswell Camerones al a Diabla from El Portrillo's in Flowood.

Marilynne Nelson Gyro with mushrooms, mozz, and feta dressing instead of tzatziki from Keifer's.

Savanah Perry Pimento and cheese at Brent's!

Bridgette Iupe Thursday lunch plate at walkers meatloaf with Mac and cheese. Just makes me feel good.

Tasha Grayson Bibb Short ribs with garlic potatoes and creamed spinach at Char! Oh! And that cornbread.....

Janice Hogan Grilled salmon and oysters at Eslava's on Lakeland

Pam Keith Dollar Shrimp and Grits and Creme Brulee at Bon Ami - and Peach Tea too - can't forget that!

Dorothea Brock Red fish Anna, Walkers

Lonnie Ford Lamb chops at Aladdins grille

Ashley Cummins Jolly PM burger at Parlor market.

Happy O'Quinn Shrimp pasta at Sugar's Downtown

Duan Carter Pho @ Saigon, Turkey Burger from Cool Al's, Chicken from Two Sisters, Rib Tips & Hot Links from E&L BBQ, Supreme Pizza from Pizza Shack, last but not least Steak Burrito from the Valdez on Old Canton! I know you said one - but those are my favs - just keeping it real.

Duan Carter OH - off the cuff - Saigon is moving into the old Fazzoli's on Ridgewood Road, they are supposed to be moved in and rolling by May - they closed the location on County Line road. Good for me, bad for Rankin county - yes indeed!

Leah Murry @mandy montgomery mullen - I don't think I could make them at home to taste anything like Good Time Deli! I miss those GT's fries SO much!!!

Tom Head Red curry at Thai House, I think.

Galean James Baked chicken at Sugar's Place Downtown Jackson

Deborah Blakeney Brisket plate at State Street BBQ

Vergie Redmond Carnivore Pizza Pizza Shack

Carl Black Keifer's Restaurant Pita Mozz

Jakob Clark Redfish Anna Walkers

Colendula Green Parlor Market's PM Burger.. This burger takes me on a journey of happiness. Every time I take a bite of it I smile & say to myself that PM is a juicy burger.

Greg Faiers · Fried pickles at Fenian's Pub.

Chico Harris Something at the Cherokee when Lance is bartending.

Colendula Green Congress Street shrimp & grits. That dish makes my stomach feel pleasant.

Max Edgar Renfroe Chicken Lula w/hummus at Aladdin.

Lucian Dixon Chicken Chef's Salad at Basil's Belhaven - or anything else from Basil's.

WC McClendon Chicken and waffle : mint

Diana Barnes I miss the lamb and hummus at Aladdin's!

Keisha Real Talk Varnell Seafood Bisque- Char (the best) hmmmm- that supreme at Pizza shack leaves me feeling some kind of way too ....

Kim Brown Robinson smoked pimento cheese at Parlor Market...mmmmm

Chip Sheppard Fried everything at Cherokee with a Cherokee Po-boy! On the topic (Po-boys), Sal&Phils is delicious! and In the area of Sal&Phils you could get some take home from La Guadalupe...

Carl Black Can I vote for two places? High Noon Cafe Seaside Cakes

Tyrone Hendrix smothered pork chops from Bully's Restaurant

Tom Allin I'll second Tyrone if I can get a side of the greens of the day.

Scott Essex Stacked enchiladas w/ extra cheese and onions @ The Elite.

Tom Freeland Broiled softshell crabs at the Mayflower, (or the broiled oysters... or the crabmeat salad...)

Tom Head (Runner-up: the Chirashi bowl at Sakura Bana.)

Tom Head (Honorable mention: Portabella po-boy at Capitol Grill.)

Colendula Green The Penguin Restaurant & Bar chicken neely.

Colendula Green Hal and Mal's-Jackson, MS red beans & rice

Colendula Green Sugar's Place Downtown breakfast

Carl Black Tom, we need to have lunch next time I'm in town, so I can try one of these places!

Chris Goodwin Three-flavor Red Snapper at Fusion.

ShaWanda Jacome Crab, Shrimp, and Andouille Gumbo at Char; Barbocoa tacos at Taqueria La Guadalupe

Andrea Smart Chick Thomas Bobby Flay Burger at Sal & Mookies!

Colendula Green Bruno's Adobo shrimp creole over rice

Eliza Garcia Delicious veggies (everything) at Roy Dixon's Country Kitchen.

Nicole Clinkscales Crawfish tails at CHAR!

Eliza Garcia Sweet potatoes fries, Shrimp & Scallop Skewers at Islanders (Maywood Mart Shopping Center)!

Rachel Jarman Myers Babalu Guacamole!

Jezabelle von Jane Babalu tuna ahi and slaw.

Jo B. Williams The fish tacos at Downtown Cafe are scrumptious.

Deanna Graves The fried dill pickle spears at Reed Pierces and the Comeback sauce at the Cherokee Inn. Oooh and Gouda grits at Julep. Great, now I'm hungry.

Elaine Talbott Amerigo's, caramel crunch cake

Dana Larkin Salmon at The Penguin 22 hours ago · Like

Laurie West McCarthy Shrimp tempura rolls at Sakura Bana. Yum!!!!

Thea Faulkner Anything at Koinonia. You just can't beat the atmosphere! It's like coming home.

Jackie Warren Tatum Guacamole at Babalu; vegetable quiche at Broad Street.

Amanda Margolis well, i love eating at Biaggis's and The Olive Garden, both of which are CHAINS. oops. i need to relocate i guess. or broaden my horizons, to say the least. oh wait!! there's BRAVO!!! AND SAL AND MOOKIES!! #ITALIAN FOOD!!!! yum.

Donny-bruce Browning · ... any hot -Pho- on a spring sunday morning @ Saigon, on Lakeland...

Amanda Margolis Petra Cafe is good,too. Thank you Ayman Al-Bataineh and Robin.

Philip Gaines Bravo's lasagna!

Sheila Holmes · Bread pudding with whiskey sauce at Two Sisters!

Barbara Mitchell Hilton · Felafel at Keifers

Judykay Jefferson Que Sera's gumbo

Mary Ann Hood · Scallops at Walkers20 hours ago via mobile · Like

Leslie Scott · Red beans and rice at the Islander!

Emily Goode humus with lamb at Alladin! yummy!

Miranda Lyn Garbacz ·Sushi platter in a hot sauce at Nagoya in Madison

Charles Hooker Broiled oysters at the Mayflower, of course! Why would you even need to ask?!?

Benjamin Bradley Chicken and vegetables with white sauce from Mr. Chens.

Whit McKinley A great gal named Inez at CS's. Err ... Thought that was a who.

Bernard Jones · 2 smokes / 2 ears at the Big Apple Inn on Farish Street.

Rashida Walker Ely's Salmon

Lucian Dixon These are such great suggestions that I just did a screen capture of this thread to print out so that I don't forget them. My only problem is I don't know where to start ! about an hour ago · Like · 2

Hillery Price Damn, y'all are making me miss home...#thanksdonnerkay

Sharla Bachelder · Pork chop at Amerigo's. It is amazing.Everyone thinks I am nuts when I tell them to order it, then agree it is the best thing on the menu. And the filet at Ely's. Melts in your mouth. So hard to narrow it down. Also love the goat curry or ribs at Taste of the Island.

Susan Voisin Seaside cakes at High Noon Cafe

Tselane Price · Chicken at Two Sisters!


donnaladd 6 years ago

Please add your own! Also, you can see menus and listings for many local restaurants in the http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/resta...">JFP Restaurant Guide. Eat local, y'all! I mean, why wouldn't you with the above list as a guide?


Rico 6 years ago

Can't believe that nobody has even mentioned the soft shell crab BLT at Heart and Soul in Brandon!


Duan 6 years ago

Does anyone know anything about the restaurant called "Miso" in Fondren? I've googled and looked on Yelp too, to no avail? We stopped at McDades after work and noticed the sign - then noticed noodle bar - they had me at noodles!!!!


donnaladd 6 years ago

Yes, it's Grant Nooe's new place. (As in Grant's Kitchen and, previously, Pan-Asia.) It's in the old Fatsumo spot on Duling. I hear it opens soon but not sure when.

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