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Report: Brandon GOP Legislator Drafting Legislation to Take Over Control of Jackson?

WLBT is reporting that Rep. Mark Baker, R-Brandon, is "currently drafting legislation that would grant Governor Phil Bryant direct control over Jackson's city government," much as the Michigan state government did in Detroit and Flint.

“I’m working on it. This is something I’m looking at," Baker told WLBT.

The TV station, however, quotes Gov. Phil Bryant denying that he's part of such a plan: "I don't see any universe in which I would takeover responsibility for the City of Jackson."

Note, the Jackson Free Press has not confirmed any of this information, which WLBT is reporting tonight.

UPDATE: We're finding more information about this possibility. Rep. Mark Baker threatened to do this in a comment on Facebook: "Pete: if you think what we dos with the airport is so bad, you're going to really hate it when we pass a conservator law for municipalities like we have for school districts. Fair warning, they get it together or we will."

And then there is this screenshot of a Facebook exchange with Hinds County Republican Party leader Pete Perry (who is a member of the 1-percent sales-tax commission), so said he would help Baker with it, who responded: "I'm going to start drafting something this summer. I'll send you a draft for review."

See the longer exchange in the screenshot below.


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