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Can you vote in the May 21 runoff if you didn't vote in the primary?

A local television report apparently has people confused about whether they can vote in the Democratic runoff for Jackson mayor and city council if they didn't bother to vote in the runoff. The answer is yes. Here is a statement from Jackson City Clerk Brenda Pree:

“ All registered voters are able to vote in their municipality’s runoff whether they voted in the first primary or not; however, there is no cross-over voting (i.e. if the voter voted in the Democratic Primary on May 7th, they must vote in the Democratic Runoff and vice versa for Republican—they cannot switch parties). A voter must be registered 30 days prior to the first Primary (May 7th) in order to vote in the Primary or Primary Runoff.”

Note that Jackson did not have a Republican primary this year, so it opens the door for any non-Democrats to flood the polls on Tuesday for the Democratic runoff.

That's the law, man.


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