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What inspires you?

For our Question o' the Week this week, we asked a simple question in social media. We got an amazing line-up of answers in 24 hours. Please feel free to log in and post your answers below as well.

Lindsey Lee My kids. So cheesy, but true...

Jason Stanfield Great music.

Stephanie Fondren Bracey My beautiful 8-year-old daughter who has the happiest most innocent spirit and a heart of gold!

Iam ScrapDirty Perfection.

Charles Walter Jett Other people's artwork. Makes me step up my game when I see really good work.

H Charles Johnson Failure.

Marc Rolph H Charles Johnson.

Narada Thijs Snyder Not being told to hurry.

John Agwazim The way ants live.

Shuntina Johnson Sunsets, right before the rain.

Nicki Findley Nichols The feeling of freedom, whether its being silly with my 4-year-old or country road riding with the windows down and the music cranked.

Jarrod Parker Conquistadors.

Jessica Erin Eubanks The positive energy of others expressing themselves! 

Terena Watkins Bell Being able to be an awesome single mom to my girls & showing them how to be strong, independent Christians.

Micah Smith Posters with animals that say motivational statements. Thank you, tiny cocker spaniel. I will "go for it."

Lisa Parenteau My mother. The strongest person I know.

Yasmeen Banu Sincere kindness.

Pam Greer What inspires me? I'm inspired each day that I am allowed to wake up in good health and right mind by God to tackle life. Most people do not live to see another day; however, I did today.

Gregory Smith Frank Zappa.

Tony Davenport People who celebrate unity.

Brandon Ainsworth Life, and the endless possibilities that it has to offer. So much to do, so little time.

Brittany Hammons Simmons Nature's beauty! I breathe it in and it is so serene.

Tom Head Finding human dignity in unexpected places.

Laurel Isbister Irby People who rescue animals and help them live new lives.

Andrew Forbes ·The cancer patients I work with at Batson Children's hospital.

Jarrod Parker · Curious people. 

Jill Conner Browne People doing good for goodness' sake—for people (and/or animals!) who can't "repay" the kindness.

Kass Welchlin When my elders live a life full of conviction, follow their dreams and not give up on life.

Nola Kay Pearson Gibson All of the above and lifelong learning.

Karole Sessums The Courage of Others.

Melissa Kelly Deadlines.

Ginger Williams-Cook Teachers.

Sabir Abdul-Haqq Dedication

Olga Lynette Henderson Hanson Seeing, listening, existing--all inspire me to continue trying, caring, doing.

Edward Peter Cole II To witness ... random acts of kindness!

Jehrod Alain What inspires me is the spiritual, that which is beyond our physical limitations. My dreams inspire me. Love inspires me.

Rachel Jarman Myers The Sonic Boom!

Don Allan Mitchell Mississippi.

Jan Michaels · My almost 83-year-old father who still runs his own business and is caretaker of his wife of 56 years who is battling Alzheimer's while caretaking for a handicapped 53-year-old son. He inspires me daily. I don't know how he does it!

Tate K Nations My own failures.

Langston Moore My 9-year-old son wanting to be a Salvation Army bell ringer. And we are going to do it!

Zira Washington When I see what I am doing is making a difference in someone's life!

Dierdre Payne My parents.

Deirdra Harris Glover The people who get up every day and quietly go about the business of making the world around them a bit kinder, better, and just.

 Cari Fowler People that don't apologize for who they are - right or wrong.

Jerry File Jr. · The quest to write a work of fiction that takes peoples' breath away and makes them walk around in a haze for several days.

William Spell Jr. People who not only carry on but create great art through adverse personal times, and whom you never knew were overcoming tremendous adversity in the carrying on of it.

Akami Graham A gorgeous beautiful sunny day, LOVE...old love....

Dvdj Reign My family and music.

Slyc Digi Dollas Biskut Love

Thabi Digitalindiegirl Moyo Real life, real people, real music.

Allison Thomas Rhodes My husband! CJ Rhodes.

Caroline Crawford Metallica. I'm also inspired by beautiful things like textiles with exotic patterns and rich colors, a brilliantly crafted sentence by a favorite poet, haunting art and photography, the scent of jasmine or magnolia flowers, and the dim, golden lights from the Christmas tree when all the lights in the house are turned off.

Thomas Roots Growth in all things.

Ed Payne Reading the music listings for the week ahead every Wednesday afternoon in the JFP.

Jason Meeks (locksmith) As odd as it may sound, burglaries/breakins. Every time I deal with the aftermath of one, I am further inspired to do everything in my power to prevent future occurrences.

ShaWanda Jacome My relationship with God, my family, my friends, books, music and the mountains and trees.

Paul V. Breazeale Robust economic growth!

Lucy Molinaro Seeing people from all walks of life come together to help further a common greater good.

Liz Cleveland The spirit of the season.


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People reaching back to help others.

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