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A Place for Everyone

My husband Ray and I have been looking for ways to get involved in our community for quite some time now. It has not been an easy task. I am ...


JFP Knows How to Party

On the shelf in my closet, between my Nine West velvet, lace-up wedges and my favorite pin-up style, Mary Jane stilletos, is an empty space. This is where an undiscovered ...


My Big Fat Problem

At 6 every morning I awake to the sound of the alarm. Most days I groggily get out of bed and go about the daily routine of getting my son ...


Tattoo Me

Jason Thomas, founder of Heart in Hand Tattoo and The Ink Spot Gallery, is a Jackson native who supports a variety of artistic endeavors. In addition to providing exceptional tattoo ...


Strange Fashion

Sorry. I'm not wearing a cactus.

I tend to reside on the outer edges of fashion forwardness. I don't dress according to the norm I guess you should say, and the contents of my closet are ...


Painfully Pretty

Beauty can be dangerous for a clumsy girl who is willing to sacrifice a few moments of comfort for beauty.


Save the 4 Letter Words for the Afterparty

A stylish and sophisticated image can be shattered with bad manners and a potty-mouth.



Eat and Run

Lenny's Sub Shop in Fondren Now Has Wi-Fi


Unrealistic Proportions

Having a Betty Page body in a Kate Moss world

There is only one thing I hate shopping for:jeans. It seems that The Gap is the only place that caters to my body type. I have curves. I have a ...


My Father's Hands Have Style

Honoring my Dad's most impressionable quality for Father's Day

People say you can tell a lot about a person from looking into their eyes, but with my father it is his hands that reveal his history, his nature, his ...

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