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Strange Fashion

Sorry. I'm not wearing a cactus.

I tend to reside on the outer edges of fashion forwardness. I don't dress according to the norm I guess you should say, and the contents of my closet are anything but bland. With all the brightly colored shoes and clutches, the knee- high combat boots, t-shirts with racy comments, red and black vinyl pants, and a couple dresses cut down to my navel and requiring 'fashion tape' to keep everything under wraps, and all sorts of anything-but-conservative clothing in my closet, I can honestly say there are some things that are even a little too off the wall for me and will never be a part of my wardrobe.
First on this list are Sarah Hood Living Rings, $800. These are little living plants such as cacti or vine-type plants in tiny terra cotta pots atop sterling silver rings. When I see fashion such as this I can't imagine it being used for anything but a conversation peice or something for fashion photography. I would imagine walking down a crowded street would be considered rude if you were wearing a cactus.
Next are 'roach brooches'. These are actual living crawling roaches that are decorated with Swarovski crystals and connected to a thin chain that acts as a leash so that the roach can crawl around flashing its little crystals and not slither down your blouse. They were designed in Salt Lake City by designer Jared Gold and sell for $40 to a much higher price depending on how much bling the roach is wearing. They live for about four days with minimum care. I have lost jewelry but not ever due to its death.
I have also seen dresses made of bubble wrap, Ramen noodle packaging, and coin purses made of Skoal packages. These have no appeal to me though I would consider silver or black duct tape as possible fabric for an outfit or two.
I am definitely on Jackson's extreme end of fashion but wearing a 3 inch roach from Madagascar that actually hisses is where I draw the line.

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Roach brooches??? AAAAHHHHH that makes my skin crawl. I do not blame you one bit for staying away from that type of trend!!

music chick

I saw those brooches on TV. What a way to freak somebody else out! [img][/img]


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