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Leslie McLemore II

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OPINION: Serena Williams, Achieving Unboxed Wonders

For #BlackGirlMagic in the form of Serena and Naomi to dominate a sport meant for the white upper class is to rage against the mayo-flavored patriarchal machine.

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OPINION: ‘Star Wars’ and Blerds

In 2017, being labeled a black nerd, or a blerd, is seemingly a badge of honor. But a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, being labeled a ...

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Clockwork Gun Violence

It's like clockwork, at this point. There's a deadly shooting in this country, followed by an ocean of "thoughts and prayers," then a debate over whether more gun control is ...

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The Joel Osteen Transaction

Obtaining wealth through teaching the word of Jesus clash with each other. This clash is so violent that I ask how one who has gained so much wealth by teaching ...

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Democracy’s Third Branch in Danger

The Supreme Court has nine justices. Nine justices who are left to their own devices to interpret the constitution however they deem fit.

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Look Ahead But Stay Present in the Jackson Mayor’s Race

As I look back on the many years I spent living in the city of Jackson, romanticism sometimes begins to set in.

Tease photo City & County

Harsh Words (and Love) for Jackson and Mississippi

As a former Jacksonian looking into the city from D.C. with a powerful set of binoculars, I can't help but ask myself, "What the hell is going on?"

Tease photo Civil Rights

Russia Hackers Pale Beside Domestic Voter Suppression

Scary as this may sound, foreign Russian influence doesn't hold a candle to home-cooked voter suppression.

Tease photo Civil Rights

Obama and the Black Millennial

When black millennials witness such blatant ignorance parade its orange head on the national stage, we always ask ourselves, “Could Obama get away with this?” I contend that the average ...

Tease photo Civil Rights

Doing it for Black Culture

Believe it or not, some people still deny the undeniable influence of black culture. Unfortunately for those who still attempt to deny these influences, black culture is American culture, and ...

Tease photo Politics

On Post-9/11 Unity

When people recall the events of 9/11, they generally view it as a day of immense tragedy. Yes, heroic actions took place that no billion-dollar comic-book movie will ever be ...

Tease photo Civil Rights

Police Killings: Action, Reaction

I believe that everything doesn't happen for a reason. Sometimes, reason is thrown out the window, and one simply becomes afflicted with either fortunate or unfortunate luck.

Tease photo Civil Rights

Fighting the System

When America continuously witnesses the murder and harassment of black folks by those who are assigned to "protect and serve," one question pops up in my mind: Do they think ...

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Equal-Opportunity Bullets

If one peeked through the veil of gun freedom rhetoric, he or she may take issue with our gun culture and discover it to be a bullet-riddled illness that has ...

Tease photo LGBT

Blame Me for HB 1523, the New Jim Crow Legislation in Mississippi

I, along with many others, should receive part of the blame for this resurgence of discrimination and bigotry across our state. I left, I got educated, and I didn’t come ...

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WWJD: Many ‘Christian’ Political Leaders Don’t Care

The strategy of exclusivity from political leaders like Gov. Phil Bryant can be described as discriminatory, unrealistic, asinine and very non-Christ-like.

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My Coming Out Story

The LGBT community grows every year during National Coming Out Day. During this day of courage, "hidden" members of the LGBT community have a chance to reveal their true selves ...


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