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Protect the Innocent: End the Death Penalty

Michelle Byrom is a textbook case of what is wrong with the state executions in Mississippi and the rest of the nation.

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Build an Army for Kids, Not Against Them

I was mortified, if not really surprised, to see some of the angry responses to R.L. Nave's excellent cover story last week about the killing of Quardious Thomas.

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Mississippi’s Flag: A Blow at Civilization

The state flag tells the world that Mississippi hasn’t changed.

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No Time to Fear

The grass isn’t greener, or safer, in another cow pasture or flood plain somebody wants to develop.

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From Nothing to Something

When I moved back to Mississippi 12 years ago, it felt as if the majority of people I met, especially younger ones, constantly had one foot out the door in …

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Anticipating the Best

Without the facts, people cannot make good decisions for themselves. They cannot come together in social or activist forums; they can't celebrate what's great about their community while tackling what's …

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Walking with Mr. Meredith

F*ck you, n*gger!" It was Oct. 1, 1962, and James Meredith was finally a student at the University of Mississippi.

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An Inconvenient Joke

If there is anything we now know here in Mississippi and in neighboring states, rising (or surging) oceans are nothing to belittle or use to score cheap political points.

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Flipping the 'Race Card'

I almost spewed coffee all over my screen. I had just opened a "Haley Barbour" news alert and read that our esteemed former governor had accused Democrats of playing the …

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Beating the Spread

When I think of my childhood, I remember love and drama, my alcoholic daddies, a hard-working mother and lots of football.


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